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misha0465How to make from your device Android 9.0 (Pie) & MIUI 10 - Modification and decorationsThanks for the selection.Yesterday, 00:21
Emil77Appeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsThe forum itself is good, but moderators here create complete tin and lawlessness. I understand you, I have repeatedly come across their unreasonable actions.05.08.19, 18:29
uehlshIn the profileFor the wallpaper.04.08.19, 20:06
SlavaIvXiaomi Redmi Go - DiscussionThank you for TWRP 3.3.1-0!03.08.19, 09:03
schibekiHow to make from your device Android 9.0 (Pie) & MIUI 10 - Modification and decorations+++++++03.08.19, 07:57
ED97In the profileThank you very much!03.08.19, 02:32
aftograf2Xiaomi Redmi Go - Discussionuseful patch02.08.19, 08:43
sany.svensonIn the profileBoard02.08.19, 03:38
QwertysypCPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)for mod on cpl31.07.19, 12:57
ANDROID9PIEHow to make from your device Android 9.0 (Pie) & MIUI 10 - Modification and decorations30.07.19, 10:21
Product0rIn the profileFor decoration30.07.19, 05:23
* MYXA #How to make from your device Android 9.0 (Pie) & MIUI 10 - Modification and decorationsIn principle, everything is on the shelves, it is a pity that many in this thread do not have an neighbor)30.07.19, 05:21
AdombGallery Go by Google Photos+26.07.19, 06:48
CronprogMicrosoft Launcher (Arrow)Hey. Please do mine with the Ukrainian language, graphics xhdpi or xxhdpi for the latest beta version. I will be very grateful if you do ❤️. From me then another plus ..26.07.19, 02:18
Mihail417In the profileFor IconPackVersion2.apk !!! Simple, convenient and useful !!! THANK! :)23.07.19, 17:43
VLADMIX ✓Oukitel C10 - DiscussionYou talk a lot.22.07.19, 20:00
ramdolpixOrder table for compiling and editing system resources and applicationsThank21.07.19, 16:06
artpaderXiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwareUseful advice!18.07.19, 21:14
thend1405Oukitel C10 - DiscussionThanks for the hard work!15.07.19, 13:11
Dimr8848In the profilereally helped, thanks for that!15.07.19, 06:09
ZaratulNova LauncherWithout video / screenshots - slander. Do not use12.07.19, 17:58
Dmitry LaasIn the profileFor help04.07.19, 15:26
RewolfIn the profileTried to help, thanks;)30.06.19, 14:30
SamoonoOukitel C10 - DiscussionPost Project treble29.06.19, 03:38
= NIKAS =Oukitel C10 - DiscussionFor the labors! Strong!29.06.19, 02:17
KSMTOMSKClub Mod APKCool order! : D27.06.19, 05:23
uehlshIn the profileUpgrade 114 aosp26.06.19, 23:59
MRIZLIn the profileFor help with dti25.06.19, 02:46
DasmenIn the profileFor fresh xos23.06.19, 07:51
Product0rXiaomi Redmi Go - DiscussionFor instructions22.06.19, 05:48
XopmoH97In the profileFor help with building the GSI :-)22.06.19, 01:57
• Best •In the profileBoard22.06.19, 00:13
bohik222In the profile+++16.06.19, 03:46
SlavkatrolIn the profileThank)15.06.19, 03:21
BOP_B ZaKoHeIn the profilethank14.06.19, 23:22
FarthahCPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)Thank. And Happy Holiday12.06.19, 16:30
sunk851In the profile+10.06.19, 16:05
artpaderXiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwarePlus in turnips)06.06.19, 20:20
• Best •Xiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwareThanks, I'll try later05.06.19, 18:56
Nver "NKR"CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)🔥✊31.05.19, 23:41
Artyom-44In the profile+31.05.19, 17:22
• Best •In the profileAEX31.05.19, 12:49
• Best •Xiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwareRR26.05.19, 12:12
uehlshIn the profileFor efficiency17.05.19, 23:40
SheldonIEADevelopment and porting of GSI firmwareThank you kind man.
Have a good mood
10.05.19, 13:48
MrObZoRkA1In the profileHomeless09.05.19, 20:19
EXgolginIn the profilethanks for the help05.05.19, 20:10
vadukXiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwarefor info05.05.19, 19:08
QUvityokDevelopment and porting of GSI firmwarehelped03.05.19, 05:11
vadukIn the profileussd fix02.05.19, 14:27
TurksadIn the profileThank you try30.04.19, 22:51
ilya-tarasovDevelopment and porting of GSI firmwareThanks for the answer)29.04.19, 23:33
KrodovichIn the profilethanks for ussd29.04.19, 01:33
boyko31In the profileThank you for the launcher!28.04.19, 15:34
ZaratulIn the profilePer site +28.04.19, 11:59
Pirojok DeviantXiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwareI like.28.04.19, 08:08
vadukXiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwarefirmware28.04.19, 05:47
cergnik65Xiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwarePixel27.04.19, 22:52
SinbadxXiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwarethank27.04.19, 22:39
Warezz37Xiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwarePixel27.04.19, 22:01
• Best •Xiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwarePixel27.04.19, 21:57
• Best •In the profilethank24.04.19, 18:32
bohik222In the profileFor tvrp21.04.19, 20:52
Dmitry LaasIn the profileFor "Assistant Pie"21.04.19, 12:38
error4404notfoundIn the profileAosip20.04.19, 12:00
oSMOGoIn the profilethanks for the information19.04.19, 23:20
Shadow0609Development and porting of GSI firmwareFor USSD fix on MTK67 **19.04.19, 21:27
nemcov4POCO LauncherThank you for the video18.04.19, 16:29
StrangeClub Mod APKHow would the game work through the server so this will not work17.04.19, 23:19
vasihDevelopment and porting of GSI firmware17.04.19, 04:47
GrizzlybloodIn the profileHelp14.04.19, 14:45
GrizzlybloodIn the profileHelp12.04.19, 02:37
nice111In the profileThanks for the link10.04.19, 00:03
uehlshAlcatel OneTouch Pixi 4 (5) 5010D - FirmwareFor altruism and a tip on fresh ideas09.04.19, 23:08
vasia1371In the profile+! For the help with the patch.07.04.19, 20:14
uehlshIn the profileFor help with the vendor on Treb firmware07.04.19, 18:49
DannyShook ™Shade launcherBehind the Shade Launcher07.04.19, 12:26
vitches69Development and porting of GSI firmware+++07.04.19, 08:41
bukenvalIn the profileingratitude07.04.19, 03:14
andrey167Development and porting of GSI firmwareGg07.04.19, 02:09
TynTygydynIn the profileFor your time.05.04.19, 12:53
tarusa3Development and porting of GSI firmwareFor USSD on Redmi 6A03.04.19, 22:02
vitches69Development and porting of GSI firmwareThis is awesome, thanks.03.04.19, 18:21
error4404notfoundIn the profileFix03.04.19, 17:03
Andrik_GIn the profilethank02.04.19, 20:41
Over228Xiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwareThank!02.04.19, 19:48
mik_iIn the profileATP for help! I didn’t, okay)31.03.19, 14:25
Kuzya Kuz'minEvie launcherOK28.03.19, 01:54
Andrik_GIn the profilebeautiful! helped with the player! I have long wanted to finish it!27.03.19, 21:40
Hrych43In the profileAOSIP27.03.19, 20:19
smotarasXiaomi Redmi 6A - Unofficial firmwareKnow yourself-deserved27.03.19, 01:13
kychera22In the profilethank26.03.19, 10:00
Qwert_3366Development and porting of GSI firmwareThanks for perezaliv24.03.19, 07:44
S * kIn the profileFor wifi +23.03.19, 17:46
andrey.medweDevelopment and porting of GSI firmwareATP - I'll try) +23.03.19, 12:46
keri05In the profileFOR FIRMWARE HELP OF THE OWL23.03.19, 10:28
Roman_i_g_r_o_kBQ-mobile S-5020 Strike - Firmware+22.03.19, 23:03
CoctailIn the profileFor editing the Settings.apk file for the Oukitel K821.03.19, 08:14
Andrik_GIn the profileFor your efforts, do not pour shit on what you praised19.03.19, 22:27
CoctailIn the profileFor editing the framework-res.apk file for Oukitel K819.03.19, 21:14
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