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MWasabiDoogee BL7000 - Discussion+ for help21.05.19, 20:03
lexakrotHomtom HT37 - FirmwareThe best instruction! everything is clearly and clearly painted !!!20.05.19, 20:46
FantomatHomtom HT37 Pro - DiscussionHelp on the forum.18.05.19, 15:23
gam-kisIn the profileFor a useful program10.05.19, 09:23
21matador89Homtom HT37 Pro - DiscussionThanks from all my heart for the feedback and support of the topic.07.05.19, 13:59
odinokiy_monaxIn the profileFor a hint. I did not want to climb through the browser. ))18.04.19, 22:03
cube5472In the profile+12.03.19, 17:30
gam-kisIn the profileFor a good secret;)08.03.19, 13:24
torba andreiIn the profileThank!...03.03.19, 01:01
arbuzabruzIn the profileFor perks02.02.19, 17:03
ctwoonShadow Fight 3 Players Club+112.01.19, 12:45
setup722In the profileHoliday greetings!31.12.18, 14:29
Mr IksoShadow Fight 3 Players Clubyeah25.12.18, 18:31
marzykIn the profileThank you +15.12.18, 11:08
ua.poshtaIn the profileThanks for the hint in sf3 "throws"14.12.18, 09:37
marzykIn the profileThank you +10.12.18, 23:20
gam-kisIn the profileThanks for the tip with total04.12.18, 12:39
mr._SmileShadow Fight 3 Players Clubactive member03.12.18, 07:05
Bubalex88In the profilethank02.12.18, 20:13
wilkHTC Wildfire S - Discussionthanks for the advice27.11.18, 06:49
mr._SmileShadow Fight 3 Players ClubFor constant activity in the club and help for new ones))25.11.18, 10:03
Mr IksoIn the profileTHX22.11.18, 14:50
Bubalex88Shadow Fight 3 Players ClubThank!20.11.18, 12:12
Father of two childrenShadow Fight 3 Players ClubGood man)17.11.18, 22:10
Xp3d5In the profileContinues to help with HTC Wildfire S14.11.18, 17:57
Xp3d5In the profileThanks, I will try.13.11.18, 16:34
Mr IksoIn the profilehelp10.11.18, 13:57
Mr IksoIn the profilethank01.11.18, 23:09
kara puzAre compact smartphones gone?almost come to this
22.10.18, 15:26
Mr IksoShadow Fight 3 Players Clubfine19.10.18, 22:08
krakin_Homtom HT37 Pro - DiscussionThanks for the clear explanation!17.10.18, 17:38
Mr IksoShadow Fight 3 Players ClubI agree15.10.18, 17:41
Mariec517Shadow Fight 3 Players ClubGood advice.15.09.18, 09:51
makc2364Homtom HT37 - Firmware+13.09.18, 13:15
WhitegrizzlyIn the profileFor links are literal.12.09.18, 13:21
ChisoftSP Flash Tool is a flash driver for MTK smartphones.Thanks for the response, and information11.09.18, 13:48
snektHomtom HT37 - FirmwareThanks from jolik10.09.18, 14:23
marzykIn the profileThank you buddy ✌️09.09.18, 20:59
CotfuceSP Flash Tool is a flash driver for MTK smartphones.Got it. I'll take note.08.09.18, 21:19
SkorpmShadow Fight 3 Players ClubFor a positive mood08.09.18, 18:22
arbuzabruzIn the profileFor hertz. I remembered how I started playing on the EGA monitor through a protective screen.06.09.18, 10:32
potap1881In the profile+04.09.18, 07:15
sashawww1976Homtom HT37 - FirmwareThank25.08.18, 17:08
marzykIn the profileCleverly +++++24.08.18, 09:48
Mr IksoShadow Fight 3 Players Clubfor help23.08.18, 11:51
marzykIn the profile"... that you can still spoil the game." Nicely said +++20.08.18, 21:18
mad6Shadow Fight 3 Players ClubYes Yes ;))20.08.18, 12:31
kot9468Oukitel C8 4G - Discussion+++18.08.18, 13:04
Black-hOukitel C8 4G - DiscussionThanks for the clarification on the types of firmware choices in FT.
For me, useful information.
18.08.18, 10:00
VOZMOGNOQuestion to questionFor questions, answers and just for the company))08.08.18, 07:53
romarak95HTC Wildfire S - DiscussionHelped02.08.18, 21:01
yuras-melHOMTOM HT37 - DiscussionThank you for your help.01.08.18, 14:04
Pinka.In the profileFor attention: D20.07.18, 20:01
marzykShadow Fight 3 [3D, Online]Explanatory reasoning +++20.07.18, 14:54
dennis_ruIn the profilethanks for the help20.07.18, 14:17
Kiev!In the profilefor responsiveness16.07.18, 11:04
artemius70In the profileHuge and gratuitous, please note, help in reflashing Homtom 37 pro12.07.18, 20:51
artemius70In the profileGood advice about the direct connection of the brakes in the phone and the curve of the SD card09.07.18, 20:32
olgbHOMTOM HT37 - DiscussionFor friendly help in solving problems17.06.18, 17:29
alter egoIn the profile.16.06.18, 22:37
setup722In the profileStriving for the best14.06.18, 17:25
setup722Homtom HT37 Pro - DiscussionHelp people08.06.18, 16:41
snektHomtom HT37 - FirmwareThanks from Re1ncarnat1on02.06.18, 23:51
depp67Homtom HT37 Pro - DiscussionFor a great manual for beginners02.06.18, 11:06
ivan_petrof14Homtom HT37 - FirmwareFor labor30.04.18, 16:13
pindikHomtom HT37 - FirmwareInstructions for beginners !!09.04.18, 09:12
AlexanderLHomtom HT37 - Firmware+ from lexakrot: "Very good instruction"30.03.18, 12:48
AlexanderLIn the profile+ by lexakrot Very helpful with the firmware and tvrp!25.03.18, 17:25
Djon_88In the profilethank you very much21.03.18, 12:31
lekarsIn the profilethank28.02.18, 21:27
bessarab85In the profileFor instructions for beginners14.02.18, 12:32
JLuBeHbHomtom HT37 - FirmwareFor instructions!11.02.18, 15:34
ond24rIn the profileYes, that's right, stop blinking, keep your count on the turnip)))09.02.18, 23:41
lyyHOMTOM HT37 - Discussiona plus09.02.18, 15:44
ond24rIn the profileWell done, finished off the same. Respect08.02.18, 14:44
sosa1HOMTOM HT37 - DiscussionWriting instructions for flashing the phone08.02.18, 12:00
Kiev!In the profilefor the work on the instruction01.02.18, 08:52
sologuitarist88In the profile+29.01.18, 18:04
ond24rHOMTOM HT37 - Discussionto each newcomer with the same questions, let ond24r, keka666, sosa1 work as an answering machine? - VOT !!! VOT !!! no ne kazhdyi eto poimet28.01.18, 13:27
Juriy1989In the profileThank you for the firewall18.01.18, 19:56
svat-v-reaieHOMTOM HT37 - Discussionthank16.01.18, 14:10
Juriy1989In the profilethank15.01.18, 08:02
cahta1122In the profileThanks for the nice feedback!26.12.17, 21:57
jdutucgazx584In the profilefor tips;)26.12.17, 09:52
ivan_petrof14HOMTOM HT37 - DiscussionClear25.12.17, 19:33
LadynadinHOMTOM HT37 - DiscussionFor torment with me)20.12.17, 18:53
ond24rHOMTOM HT37 - Discussionfor a sense of humor at a crucial moment)))04.12.17, 19:27
igoreha1994HOMTOM HT37 - DiscussionFor understanding the situation19.11.17, 21:05
ond24rIn the profileATP for clarification, right.17.11.17, 14:34
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