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gabbyArchos Arnova FamilyPadThanks from sergpmsk31.03.19, 19:12
@exodusArchos Arnova FamilyPadRaised arnova femili after bootlup22.02.19, 00:30
loginymjokIn the profilespasibo za ssylki better touchwiz02.02.19, 18:08
MegaVoltXPiPO Max-M6 Pro - FirmwareThank!!! I myself would not have found. I will try further myself :)15.01.19, 00:29
tigerindigoPiPO Max-M6 Pro - FirmwareReply to the topicPipo M6-ProMax13.01.19, 19:34
djxa2In the profileHoliday greetings31.12.18, 16:15
DenisGritsunovIn the profileFor the works and subsection of LeEco30.12.18, 00:34
sulik625In the profilethank28.12.18, 12:00
shapgenPiPO Max-M6 Pro - FirmwareFor help03.12.18, 12:41
karchikIn the profile701. )) But seriously, thanks for what we did for our LeEco.19.11.18, 13:05
LeogryphDEXP Ixion ES1050 - Discussion70010.11.18, 08:12
DenisGritsunovIn the profileWaiting for return: 304.11.18, 20:43
WhiteapfelIn the profilethank22.10.18, 17:02
Serwantes02In the profileFor help with my mistake. Thank!22.10.18, 15:53
destroyer71In the profileThank you for your help03.10.18, 10:08
macrockIn the profilethank28.09.18, 06:50
DannyShook ™In the profileThank you, good post but he is not the place))26.09.18, 08:36
andrey.medweIn the profileTHX )24.09.18, 16:57
dimelody78Xiaomi Redmi 4X - MIUI firmwarethank19.09.18, 10:27
S_asIn the profileThanks for the help with the mi6 firmware header15.09.18, 17:23
destroyer71In the profileThank you for your help13.09.18, 10:52
TurboDizel2012LeEco Cool1 - Unofficial firmwareGood moder!12.09.18, 14:56
DenisGritsunovIn the profileThanks for the clarification.04.09.18, 15:26
shypaIn the profileFor the update caps.22.08.18, 12:22
DannyShook ™In the profilethank20.08.18, 14:23
vad1m morozovIn the profileFor information16.08.18, 16:48
Dymitr kozakSamsung SM-J710FN Galaxy J7 (2016) - Official firmwareFor cleaning slag in the subject. Thank! =)11.08.18, 23:00
PASSer @Samsung SM-J710FN Galaxy J7 (2016) - Official firmware.11.08.18, 11:14
WhiteapfelXiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Unofficial firmwareFor help08.08.18, 20:00
nu11edIn the profileThanks for editing the post.05.08.18, 12:10
kabal686LeEco Cool1 - Unofficial firmwareThanks for sharing the discussions!02.08.18, 12:25
MarkSovaIn the profileHelped troubleshoot)26.07.18, 10:44
alex6446In the profileThank you very much for the help in the design of the topic!25.07.18, 21:19
ZlobryjIn the profilethanks for the help25.07.18, 11:48
iluyxa59LeEco Le Pro 3 - Unofficial firmware+13.07.18, 12:20
vaa1978In the profileFor humor. ) "Elections" gee10.07.18, 19:27
Archi007Doogee X5 Pro - Firmware+09.07.18, 22:21
asergeIn the profileThanks for the work.04.07.18, 15:24
karchik[ARCHIVE] LeEco Cool1 - FirmwareThank!!!!25.06.18, 12:48
Archi007Doogee X5 Pro - Firmware+19.06.18, 17:19
dilnixLeEco Le Pro 3 AI - Firmwarefor efficiency))18.06.18, 09:28
DarkShaperIn the profileThank you11.06.18, 00:42
alex6446LeEco Le Max 2 - Unofficial firmwareFor the survey!10.06.18, 13:08
frostsoultIn the profileThank )10.06.18, 05:08
PanKotIn the profilePolitely and accurately answered questions on the firmware and moderation08.06.18, 21:25
roswell19In the profilefor keeping hats on leeco s303.06.18, 08:58
DenisGritsunovIn the profileFor help27.05.18, 13:23
GARIKGOGAIn the profileFor help with the applicationsavagemessiahzine.com20.05.18, 16:39
iodine71In the profilerespect13.05.18, 01:16
4.4.2-KitKatIn the profileFor efficiency!08.05.18, 10:01
gabbyIn the profileFor helping colleagues!07.05.18, 17:09
xamelion1108In the profileThanks for the survey!06.05.18, 14:58
cherva70Cube U65GT Talk 9X - Firmware (OS 4.4.2)Thank you for efficiency23.04.18, 23:13
MannurIn the profileThank you for your response and important link in the header of the topic "Xiaomi Mi5S Plus - MIUI Firmware"22.04.18, 00:48
GARIKGOGAIn the profileFor help18.04.18, 20:03
GARIKGOGAIn the profileFor a quick solution to the problem.17.04.18, 18:51
DenisGritsunovIn the profileResponsiveness13.04.18, 05:55
dj jezzIn the profilethank11.04.18, 01:11
BollexIn the profileThanks for the help and support!09.04.18, 15:42
Bogdan_adIn the profileFor help04.04.18, 19:41
snektIn the profileGreat job! Thank!28.03.18, 17:51
kAlbAsA.allIn the profileHe's just a great guy!26.03.18, 22:48
DenisGritsunovIn the profileFor diligence, help and everything in this spirit)21.03.18, 09:48
ewgesha89Dexp Ixion XL155 - FirmwareThank!13.03.18, 18:00
Too-TooPiPO Max-M6 Pro - Firmwarethank08.03.18, 17:14
BollexLeEco Le Max 2 - MIUI FirmwareFor keeping those in order! Thank.02.03.18, 13:46
alex.mskIn the profileThanks for the help.01.03.18, 13:05
Beliy19813PiPO Max-M6 Pro - FirmwareOfficial beta 4.4.2 KitKat from 02/20/1428.02.18, 17:18
bryxoIn the profileThanks for the order in the topic Leeco Le Pro 319.02.18, 21:05
Direx55LeEco Le PRO 3 - EUI FirmwareBravo! Thanks for sharing the firmware16.02.18, 13:00
DenisGritsunovIn the profileJust well done. Excellent moderator15.02.18, 21:38
FAR.LeEco Le Pro 3 - Unofficial firmwarethanks for the topic +15.02.18, 21:03
ZlobryjIn the profileFor a new hat13.02.18, 20:55
AntiSectorLeEco Le PRO 3 - EUI Firmware)12.02.18, 21:13
DenisGritsunovIn the profileFor help12.02.18, 16:48
oshandroidIn the profileError I apologize for the vehemence10.02.18, 21:05
camerabadLeTV One Max - FirmwareThank you and I apologize (did not write there)08.02.18, 19:39
kaito373In the profileFor a quick answer to my question07.02.18, 13:58
IzmenMenUltiIn the profileAs always, everything is at the highest level) Thank you)07.02.18, 12:00
Igor BornIn the profileThank!06.02.18, 12:42
DadSamsung GT-i8552 Galaxy Win Duos - FirmwareThank.06.02.18, 11:14
pe4enka2302In the profileHelped to edit the post04.02.18, 22:20
DDDTKIn the profileFor the message!04.02.18, 20:27
nnmkaIn the profileThank!03.02.18, 22:54
DanRub1995In the profileThank)03.02.18, 22:18
AlexPashenkoIn the profileFor clarification and work29.01.18, 13:52
SherhitIn the profileThanks for the spoiler reminder!29.01.18, 01:40
aksinDoogee X6 - Firmware+28.01.18, 14:58
dionnissElephone S7 - FirmwareA quick, accurate, short answer that helped to sort out the topic of the question.21.01.18, 12:29
vitoriusssDoogee Mix - FirmwareImmediately and did not notice this item, I looked that there is not in the firmware) only there it is necessary to register the same in the mega application (20.01.18, 09:01
Alexey LachinovIn the profilethank18.01.18, 23:27
FAR.In the profileThanks for the help in the topic Leeco le pro 314.01.18, 20:44
DanRub1995In the profileThank)14.01.18, 12:23
draiv88In the profileI sincerely wish all the best for the New 2018.31.12.17, 21:02
SelSTAFFIn the profileHappy New Year!31.12.17, 20:31
* Akella *In the profileHappy 2018 Year! Best wishes!31.12.17, 18:42
klich007In the profileHappy New Year 2018! Best wishes!31.12.17, 18:35
DDDTKIn the profileFor the message!27.12.17, 21:43
snektIn the profileThanks for the help in the design!26.12.17, 23:32
Archi007In the profilefor a clear answer to the questions arising from the stupid inconsistent action ...24.12.17, 12:45
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