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denmedicusBootanimationThanks for the Bootanimation "GreenRobot."29.04.19, 23:06
urasolderSamsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 - Official firmware (OS 4.x)Thanks for the firmware28.02.15, 00:03
metalheart90Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 - Official firmware (OS 4.x)for the link11.02.15, 19:28
dem0naIn the profileFor active participation in the life of Trepalki and help in the development of the section!31.12.14, 21:23
masterlistOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S IIIMutually, with a beginner.31.12.14, 19:28
zedtOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S III+ to the New Year's mood :)21.12.14, 20:22
lozaSamsung GT-S7562 Galaxy S DUOS - Official firmware (Android 4.x OS)+ by BizonUAUA16.09.14, 11:54
bob3kCommunication owners Samsung WituThanks.03.09.14, 21:02
Artur ovcharenkoSamsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 - Official firmware (OS 4.x)Thank you for your help! :-)30.08.14, 21:31
aljonushka_Kotovody and koshkovodyThanks you. : daisy:19.08.14, 14:26
CT.DAWIn the profileThank!16.08.14, 09:38
kanefron5In the profilefor help13.08.14, 05:44
Werewolf_Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 - Official firmware (OS 4.x)thanks for the help12.08.14, 23:16
NersnersSamsung Galaxy S III (Samsung GT-I9300) - setup and problems with Wi-Fi+++23.06.14, 15:49
kompressor10In the profile[color = red] [i] [b] Congratulations on International Women's Day !! [/ b] [/ i] [/ color]08.03.14, 18:04
CyberbobIn the profileLet the winter glow still fade away
But the air becomes unsteady.
With the Women's Spring Holiday you,
With the first spring smile!
08.03.14, 11:02
bob3kCommunication owners Samsung WituThank.14.01.14, 08:52
[Tin] FierceCommunication owners Samsung WituHappy New Year))))02.01.14, 22:50
CyberbobIn the profileLet the icy cup be put on the icy tray, on New Year's Eve, Santa Claus, pour it to the brim of golden health, add fun to the snack!30.12.13, 14:16
barxOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S IIIthank21.11.13, 21:19
bob3kCommunication owners Samsung WituThank you for your time.16.11.13, 19:26
MarinkaOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S III+10.11.13, 20:52
nonlocalBootanimationClass !! Thank!20.10.13, 23:09
assasaIn the profileThe most wonderful: daisy:21.09.13, 20:49
Sergey IvanovichPearls of Our Forum: rofl:04.09.13, 19:02
Zenon zOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S III"... I'm so fucked up ..."04.09.13, 07:54
AndreyAB79Communication owners Samsung WituThank!03.09.13, 16:54
XalmerSamsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 - Official firmware (OS 4.x)ogrino, thank you very much for the guidance on three points! :)21.08.13, 09:54
zedtOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S IIIFor a pleasant chat at the club :)16.08.13, 19:45
lyaxeyka_73Communication owners Samsung Witu"whale" - "sperm whale", almost ZORRO !!! )))06.08.13, 01:54
Sea_shellZopo C2 - DiscussionOh, what a people! Greetings04.08.13, 17:43
artem1701In the profileFor the attention and help!29.07.13, 18:12
Vovano64Communication owners Samsung WituOn holiday leave busy was to congratulate you Len! I'm sorry!28.07.13, 09:37
Noble johnIn the profileHappy birthday, Lena!18.06.13, 00:09
art999ron999In the profileI sincerely congratulate you on your birthday! Health, happiness and good in everything!12.06.13, 20:44
AntiNubIn the profileHappy Birthday! Let everything always work!12.06.13, 20:16
KOT-BE3DEXODIn the profile[color = red] [b] Happy Birthday! [/ b] [/ color]12.06.13, 15:27
lyaxeyka_73In the profileDIRECTLY !!!12.06.13, 14:29
lyaxeyka_73In the profile: congratulate: [color = red] [SIZE = 3] Happy VICTORY !!! [/ SIZE] [/ color]: congratulate:09.05.13, 06:09
unmenschIn the profileFor the transfer to the DevFAQ FAQ for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Thank you.05.05.13, 18:04
CyberbobIn the profileWith warmth! With hopes! With mimosa! With a wonderful holiday of spring! Let your eyes shine with stars And forever will be in love!08.03.13, 18:23
art999ron999In the profileWith all my heart a happy holiday !!!08.03.13, 17:03
AntiNubIn the profileI congratulate the beautiful ladies With the spring sun, the birds singing And with the blue high, clear. Let the decoration of your faces A gentle smile serve, Shine a tender eye. Trifle is my gift - the whole postcard. But, sign, what do you think about you!08.03.13, 14:09
- Serge -In the profileHappy Holidays, Lena! : daisy:08.03.13, 06:40
lyaxeyka_73In the profile[CENTER] [SIZE = 3] [color = crimson] [b] HAPPY SPRING, JOYING, ... [/ b] [/ color] [/ SIZE]: congratulate: [/ CENTER]07.03.13, 13:36
hikaru068In the profile123.02.13, 20:50
ChngzSamsung Galaxy S 3 SCH-R530 / SGH-i747 / SGH – T999 / SPH-L710 - DiscussionFor an intelligent hat for SGSII (modifications) and for the works.18.02.13, 12:34
Dr @ ko_nKotovody and koshkovody:)17.02.13, 22:37
ArmaghOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S IIIHappy Sv.Valik)))14.02.13, 05:25
erivnocmcSamsung Galaxy S 3 SCH-R530 / SGH-i747 / SGH – T999 / SPH-L710 - Discussionfor support l71013.02.13, 23:59
- Serge -Owners Club Samsung Galaxy S III"The world through the eyes of animals."13.02.13, 21:37
DJIn the profileHappy Valentine's Day!13.02.13, 21:34
Co6skullBootanimationI really liked butanimation, thank you very much.09.02.13, 00:46
TolmudIn the profileFor trying to help!08.02.13, 22:15
Dikman5Communication owners Samsung Witu... neighing))05.02.13, 20:01
- Serge -Owners Club Samsung Galaxy S III+ Long deserved! Thanks for all... :)04.02.13, 19:46
GreenGoblin911In the profileThank you for the clarification04.02.13, 16:15
Vovano64In the profileATP for the film!04.02.13, 15:16
Vovano64Owners Club Samsung Galaxy S IIIFor info! [quote name = 'Vovano64' date = '03 .02.2013, 17:03 'post = 19236078] By the way, show me how he looks! [/ quote]03.02.13, 09:08
Sergey IvanovichPearls of Our Forum:)28.01.13, 21:49
lexey77Pearls of Our Forumbig village ... stunned28.01.13, 17:51
eenPearls of Our Forumwe have a big village ...28.01.13, 17:51
svworkPhilips Xenium W832 - Firmwarethanks for the help! Many thanks!27.01.13, 13:35
evgbsamModification of software and decorations for Samsung Galaxy S III (Samsung I9300)for stock answer23.01.13, 22:16
GJIUXAPbIn the profileThank!!!22.01.13, 11:29
allexxzIn the profilefor advice :)18.01.13, 21:07
Sergey IvanovichPearls of Our Forum:)18.01.13, 20:41
lyaxeyka_73In the profilewith baptismal !!! ;)18.01.13, 15:45
Vovano64In the profileAnd then! THX!16.01.13, 21:18
ajrczOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S IIIHappy final New Year!14.01.13, 09:33
sned72In the profilehappy holidays !!!14.01.13, 06:06
8ballcatIn the profileThanks for the support))13.01.13, 18:09
bob3kCommunication owners Samsung WituThank you, gorgeous12.01.13, 23:37
leolysenkoPearls of Our Forum: D12.01.13, 16:08
SobermanIn the profilegallery setup help11.01.13, 18:03
snow_man_86Philips Xenium W832 - FirmwareFor the help! BUT do not relax, not all otmuchali)))08.01.13, 09:41
lesha25Philips Xenium W832 - DiscussionFor the avatar !!!! Which pleases the eye.07.01.13, 21:49
- Serge -Owners Club Samsung Galaxy S IIIMerry Christmas! Though I didn’t want to “smash” 777! ;)07.01.13, 17:19
KOT-BE3DEXODIn the profile[SIZE = 3] [color = blue] [b] Merry Christmas! [/ B] [/ color] [/ SIZE]07.01.13, 10:36
art999ron999In the profileMerry Christmas!!!07.01.13, 01:44
vmaximPhilips Xenium W832 - Discussion+ by mobyks05.01.13, 13:33
AndreyAB79Communication owners Samsung WituWith NG!04.01.13, 11:59
vovanoff78Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - DiscussionHelped04.01.13, 09:39
THREE6MAFIAIn the profileThank you very much ))))03.01.13, 20:27
Hidalgo7Samsung Galaxy S3 - GamesAvatar cute)))03.01.13, 18:58
zhoganSamsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 - Official firmware (OS 4.x)+ "And then the newcomers believe that this is the ultimate truth"02.01.13, 22:29
Kom-siOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S IIIgorgeous drawings. Thanks for showing ...)02.01.13, 20:18
nickniceIn the profileTHX02.01.13, 17:19
Enemy777Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 - Official firmware (OS 4.x)Mutually!!!02.01.13, 16:36
TargitIn the profileATP for +, and you happy new year!02.01.13, 15:21
sm151058Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Discussionfor the help. But alas ...02.01.13, 13:03
webscomSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - Official firmware+ for BTU02.01.13, 12:34
darkforwardIn the profileHappy New Year! I wish it to be better than the past :-)01.01.13, 20:27
Enlightened grandfatherIn the profileThank. And you happy New Year.01.01.13, 13:42
PositifkaIn the profileC NEW YEAR. Let the new year all dreams come true!01.01.13, 09:06
art999ron999In the profileLet the coming year be the happiest in life! What you completely forgot us?01.01.13, 02:33
HroftIn the profileHappy New Year:)!31.12.12, 19:39
NIKOLAI71In the profileHappy New Year 2013 !!!31.12.12, 16:49
lyaxeyka_73Communication owners Samsung WituNew year greetings from Ogrino ... thanks and with the upcoming !!!31.12.12, 12:47
whdocOwners Club Samsung Galaxy S IIIholiday greetings!31.12.12, 11:13
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