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VERGIL777In the profileThank you bro!Today 01:12
RekembusIn the profileFor a detailed explanationYesterday 21:39
Vetka3In the profileActually, thanks just to you.Yesterday 00:31
evgenboris11Help in finding programs for Android OSThank you28.08.19, 08:40
VERGIL777In the profileThank you brother!25.08.19, 01:29
VERGIL777In the profileThanks for the help!23.08.19, 22:13
Nanda parbatPower shortcutsAwesome dark mod!21.08.19, 00:28
master1274In the profileThanks for Power Shortcuts 1.1.0 (dark).20.08.19, 23:22
Nanda parbatFluid navigationthank19.08.19, 19:40
Lord_OdenFluid navigationThanks for the answer!19.08.19, 15:29
276951438Nova LauncherNova Launcher Pie MOD (android 5.0+)19.08.19, 13:56
serov_VVivid Navigation Gestures (formerly OnePlus Gestures - Gesture Control)+18.08.19, 16:16
MAOQPower shortcutsThank.18.08.19, 00:42
svo3dikIn the profile👍17.08.19, 12:38
Al.ChehoffNova LauncherSimple, great! Thank you for your work and efficiency!16.08.19, 16:36
>root<Club Mod APKFor AE☝️16.08.19, 15:06
smailov_constantineIn the profileThanks for the icons15.08.19, 13:18
gridanIn the profilefor black mod gestures14.08.19, 17:16
master1274In the profileCool fashion Nova doing. I respect you.13.08.19, 21:27
Al.ChehoffNova LauncherThanks for the mod!13.08.19, 20:36
EzhikNilsIn the profileQuick notepad13.08.19, 19:53
VechLawnchairLawnchair13.08.19, 12:45
Nanda parbatVivid Navigation Gestures (formerly OnePlus Gestures - Gesture Control)Thank you +13.08.19, 11:47
ms15011975In the profileGestures 2.0.11 (black) .apk13.08.19, 11:10
* AlexZ *In the profileThanks for the answer in PM.12.08.19, 06:27
RobertDeNiroIn the profileThank you. Very nice07.08.19, 19:27
MCMXCIINova LauncherNova Launcher Pie MOD07.08.19, 12:26
Vigi.74Nova LauncherThank you great mod !!!05.08.19, 06:23
Mihail417In the profileThe man !!! :) I recommend - a good person :)03.08.19, 01:34
corolaIn the profileScreen_Dimmer_1.8.2_Rus02.08.19, 17:03
corolaIn the profileSplit_Screen_v2.13.0_Rus_AdFree.apk31.07.19, 15:46
AlexPechkinUFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy with Unlimited+29.07.19, 07:55
A-Z-HIn the profileThanks (FluidNG).28.07.19, 13:57
Vetka3In the profileFor instructions.28.07.19, 08:53
KatafraktUFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy with UnlimitedUFO VPN 3.0.0 (dark) .apk26.07.19, 07:54
Vetka3In the profileThanks for the help.23.07.19, 19:44
FoFa56UFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy with Unlimitedthank23.07.19, 18:53
Mihail417In the profileHappy belated birthday!!! :) GOOD LIFE! Health, love and happiness in general! :)23.07.19, 00:03
Vetka3In the profileThe ingenious decision. Heartfelt thanks. Tell me what to edit?22.07.19, 08:39
logix1312More Shortcuts//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=836660&view=findpost&p=6928117322.07.19, 00:56
InvisibotFluid navigationFluid N.G.21.07.19, 20:59
AlexxVpIn the profileUFO VPN BLACK is the best option!21.07.19, 12:41
Torento / 737UFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy with UnlimitedGood mod21.07.19, 11:23
GeranimUFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy with UnlimitedMod black21.07.19, 09:29
qansUFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy with UnlimitedThank you for your work21.07.19, 06:19
Alex.OgnevUFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy with UnlimitedIt turned out very well!21.07.19, 04:27
MeglosderIn the profileYes, I didn’t immediately understand why the icon does not change20.07.19, 12:37
dron985Vivid Navigation Gestures (formerly OnePlus Gestures - Gesture Control)Thank!19.07.19, 10:54
MAOQFluid navigationThank.18.07.19, 20:44
LuciferLCFIn the profileFor responsiveness17.07.19, 21:24
armen_avClub Mod APKThank. +15.07.19, 13:20
KaMuHaFluid navigationFor help13.07.19, 17:36
Antipode®CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)+ for a hint12.07.19, 19:52
RobertDeNiroIn the profileFor help12.07.19, 04:42
AlexAlex2222In the profileYeah !!! : yahoo:12.07.19, 00:50
✪ Online ✪In the profileLol, for which again in the emergency, everything is clear.11.07.19, 04:27
GalyginIn the profilemy_layout.xml is a great method! Thank!08.07.19, 15:36
>root<Club Mod APKGoode08.07.19, 15:02
ludo1Club Mod APKthank08.07.19, 15:00
Toshik_zolVivid Navigation Gestures (formerly OnePlus Gestures - Gesture Control)Good prog.07.07.19, 13:36
GalyginIn the profileFor helpful advice.07.07.19, 13:18
qansUFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy with UnlimitedThank you for your work07.07.19, 12:31
AlexeykamenskClub Mod APKThanks for the help and lesson.07.07.19, 00:57
CMAPTOCClub Mod APKGolden words brother!07.07.19, 00:08
MrCrossover42Nova Launcherthank06.07.19, 14:12
nonamer1990In the profileBlack notebook - beauty! Thank!04.07.19, 00:33
AlexAlex2222Club Mod APK: thank_you:03.07.19, 02:15
bmv1510In the profileFor instructions. Thank you!02.07.19, 06:01
sasha9182Nova LauncherGood luck in the development of the mod!01.07.19, 18:45
AlexAlex2222Club Mod APKBlack background: thank_you:01.07.19, 11:19
bmv1510In the profileThanks again for Omnia01.07.19, 05:57
cooler.nvkzXiaomi Mi A2 Lite - Discussioncaught)))30.06.19, 11:02
bmv1510Omnia Music PlayerThank you very much for the mod.!30.06.19, 05:07
Nanda parbatOmnia Music PlayerOver mod30.06.19, 01:19
AndreyZoVivid Navigation Gestures (formerly OnePlus Gestures - Gesture Control)Updated mod29.06.19, 20:28
ms15011975In the profileRequest28.06.19, 21:02
Alimkhan_95In the profile+28.06.19, 10:44
FSB In Irkutsk RegionUFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy with Unlimitedthank28.06.19, 04:16
zementVivid Navigation Gestures (formerly OnePlus Gestures - Gesture Control)Thanks for Gestures (MOD)28.06.19, 01:26
LeyzymoyIn the profileSyab ^ _ ^27.06.19, 21:47
* MYXA #Vector Asset CreatorI have been looking for this for a long time.27.06.19, 19:59
dam108Vector Asset CreatorThank you for creating a vector icon, and acquaintance with the Vector Creator)27.06.19, 15:48
>root<Vector Asset CreatorPerfect27.06.19, 15:41
VildanoffVector Asset Creator+27.06.19, 15:32
AEBVector Asset Creator+ !!!27.06.19, 15:25
corolaClub Mod APKGreat instruction27.06.19, 15:08
misuri78Club Mod APKUseful information, thank you.27.06.19, 14:53
ALEX6301In the profileThank you from the heart!27.06.19, 02:30
Ska11eRNova LauncherFor the mod on Nova Launcher.26.06.19, 21:01
noyhayIn the profileThanks a lot for your help26.06.19, 01:14
lyubodelevClub Mod APK+25.06.19, 14:44
>root<Club Mod APKFor UFO VPN graphic modes: good:25.06.19, 13:18
DimassonClub Mod APKFor UFO VPN25.06.19, 05:28
uropek7337Club Mod APKTHANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP25.06.19, 05:20
ALEX6301Club Mod APKThank you! ☺24.06.19, 03:49
gray volkIn the profileThank you very much for Nova.23.06.19, 16:30
>root<Nova LauncherVery good!23.06.19, 02:53
CMAPTOCNova LauncherBoth versions took! From the heart of brother! For the works of fat ➕22.06.19, 23:10
Cobra111111In the profileThank you for new topics and suggestions on topics.22.06.19, 23:05
Ruslan AbramichNova LauncherMaud22.06.19, 13:49
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