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zappahBlackBerry KEYone - Discussionthanks for the answer24.05.19, 20:43
URI-SAMOLETBlackBerry KEYone - DiscussionFor the detailed answer)24.05.19, 07:58
Black-mcBlackBerry KEYone - DiscussionFor help with checking the application +16.05.19, 16:06
PriizmIn the profileSuch details did not know, thank you.16.04.19, 18:31
axoloIn the profileRecommendation for android on BB02.04.19, 15:06
dennatIn the profilethank13.04.18, 23:06
cynvoxIn the profileCorrect things you say06.02.18, 21:50
cynvoxIn the profileWelcome)16.01.18, 18:28
Tomsmith777In the profileHappy New Year!01.01.18, 01:37
cynvoxIn the profileAll right, you say.01.12.17, 16:04
hValleIn the profileToo monotonous trolling, tires.01.12.17, 10:59
HtcshitIn the profilenjlt vjue crpfnm b j n, t29.11.17, 15:48
Heiden88In the profileWorthy answer in the comments08.11.17, 14:30
I_am_HaterIn the profile//savagemessiahzine.com/ 2017/10/26/347639 / # comment429324326.10.17, 13:27
cynvoxIn the profileGorgeous man, smart plus =)12.10.17, 19:52
contraartemIn the profileinadequate06.10.17, 12:30
xwatitIn the profileNout is not for games!05.10.17, 23:18
Noctis novaIn the profileCredit :)05.10.17, 21:44
Jedi-svIn the profileThere are 3 notes in the family, t430 t420 t220 and they are beautiful. Do not argue with shkoloty, it is empty.05.10.17, 21:36
X-Hunter777In the profileSiri seems to be equal to the average intelligence of Apple users05.10.17, 21:16
FederalnspectorIn the profileShare your reputation))05.10.17, 18:37
skynet.dimIn the profileIntellect05.10.17, 16:18
ostrovandrey72In the profileTo the point of Apple)05.10.17, 16:15
zoxankcIn the profileFor games not for shkololo05.10.17, 15:31
cynvoxIn the profileUp25.09.17, 18:10
Gst1298In the profileFor the house for the duck.18.09.17, 18:32
cynvoxIn the profileRaise the turnip)16.09.17, 08:01
El yanquiIn the profileAnd suck?11.09.17, 14:54
xwatitIn the profileInadequate05.09.17, 16:13
TheKotTVIn the profileWe return the stolen reputation04.09.17, 10:02
TheKotTVIn the profileBad joke01.09.17, 02:35
adasikoIn the profile"shkolota, shkolota" - too frequent use of such words hardly paints this resource.24.08.17, 14:01
cynvoxIn the profile+ Raise bro)21.08.17, 16:29
El yanquiIn the profileAnd what kind of behavior? Counter unreasonable dislikes are punished by moderators! It turns out that the dirty word then you.29.07.17, 18:51
El yanquiIn the profileAnd one more minus you put me?18.07.17, 18:21
El yanquiIn the profileTo have something to do in the evening!07.07.17, 11:58
hobbossIn the profileFor epl pen memas)23.06.17, 18:27
cynvoxIn the profile+ For active console protection22.06.17, 10:56
El yanquiIn the profileToo "Smart"!21.06.17, 20:06
PacifirstIn the profileTry to figure it out before writing crap.20.06.17, 14:01
impressionnantIn the profilecomment trolling, unreasoned disputes, product hight epl09.06.17, 20:05
iRobocopXbox One \ One S \ One Xfor a detailed answer26.05.17, 18:24
SemicudaSony Xperia XZ / XZ Dual - DiscussionMinus02.05.17, 07:01
Paninar0In the profileMutually.15.04.17, 06:04
HtcshitIn the profile- for inappropriate comments in the news posts13.04.17, 14:42
konyahinIn the profile-13.04.17, 14:39
l0owIn the profileCome on, bro. Swamp for console.06.04.17, 19:38
InstaniuxIn the profileYou hurt the bakers)03.04.17, 22:01
login125Xbox One \ One S \ One XReputation for help30.03.17, 19:39
Wild_HolodIn the profileToo much16.03.17, 17:24
mr fixedIn the profile//savagemessiahzine.com/ 2017/03/14/337870 / support. Dumb trolls can't think.14.03.17, 19:57
kopb123Xbox One \ One S \ One XFor assistance in obtaining the required information about codecs10.03.17, 09:29
ava1arBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionDo not speak on behalf of "everyone" and consider your opinion the only correct one.09.03.17, 18:02
cmdfidelBlackBerry Priv - Discussion+03.03.17, 13:47
Rudboy161Xbox One \ One S \ One XFor the deep disclosure of topics02.03.17, 15:59
Dark_TimurIn the profileFor explaining 84 percent about tractors and foreign agents02.03.17, 14:44
kotvmeshke008In the profilefunny about the time))10.02.17, 23:25
MAKICIn the profileposh post:
"commentators onsavagemessiahzine.comdivided into two categories: which can use an intellectual resource, and in which the intellect is absent in principle. The second ones write "witty" and "crushy" comments, while the first ones try to at least somehow correct their innate stupidity. "
09.02.17, 17:51
MAFi0Z0Discussion of games and service PS + for Sony PlayStation 4, Pro, SlimThanks for the warning about buying the "naked" version of Destiny.09.02.17, 14:19
aspertBuying PS4, Pro, Slimfor a discount!07.02.17, 13:32
Tomsmith777Buying PS4, Pro, Slimthank07.02.17, 12:32
Andryukha-X650Buying PS4, Pro, SlimThanks for the links on ebay!03.02.17, 15:20
SemicudaBuying PS4, Pro, Slim-03.02.17, 12:53
KondakovIn the profileThank ! For help with QMS.02.02.17, 14:02
makcimka88Buying PS4, Pro, Slimthank31.01.17, 10:15
DyussBuying PS4, Pro, Slim+ by Volandemar30.12.16, 23:24
savagemessiahzine.comULIn the profileFor the love of Star Wars! I share this emotional state, even in the details (which are essentially unimportant), we may disagree =).28.12.16, 18:34
Neizvestniy2222In the profileAdequate in communication person21.12.16, 15:42
cynvoxIn the profileAnd you all the best.21.12.16, 15:03
RusyabrrIn the profileI know that feel bro19.11.16, 13:53
HazrikIn the profileGood comment25.10.16, 16:16
lego123BlackBerry Priv - Discussionuseful theories)))19.10.16, 22:07
ChgmelIn the profileBears complete nonsense in the comments in the news feed12.10.16, 13:48
ArevSony PlayStation 2 - discussionThanks for the educational program11.10.16, 11:13
VSiberBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionOK10.10.16, 21:43
konovalovrgBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionFor unreasonable and open insult.
Any forum member can express their thoughts about the devices without offending anyone openly.
10.10.16, 17:26
thunderresistantIn the profile20)08.10.16, 02:15
MaximillianBlackBerry Priv - Discussionfor a link to the charger!27.09.16, 11:45
jandenIn the profileFor koment about karma20.09.16, 16:29
r_kantIn the profileConsole troll.19.09.16, 13:48
Black_VelvetIn the profileBlizzard slander and StarCraft 2 games in particular.13.09.16, 17:22
nineteenthIn the profileFor the code on the Battlefield 1 beta.30.08.16, 15:07
ArevSony PlayStation 2 - discussionThanks, I will think23.08.16, 19:03
roamwolfIn the profileI fully agree and support11.08.16, 23:15
VSiberBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionI agree03.08.16, 20:59
TIER_FOREVERBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionThanks for the advice!03.08.16, 13:31
win7_1BlackBerry Priv - Discussionthank03.08.16, 11:40
roamwolfBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionOh, how about a brick in the top 10! Neither could express the idea, but here it is just super!03.08.16, 00:10
antrus4Sony PlayStation 2 - discussionOK29.07.16, 15:27
roamwolfBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionMany thanks for the review!26.07.16, 23:01
lrpioBlackBerry Priv - Discussioncover review26.07.16, 09:18
AdvvokatBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionFor review26.07.16, 08:23
NagarjunaBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionTab productivity and overlay18.07.16, 11:06
ava1arBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionProductivity tab for permissions management16.07.16, 10:47
lrpioBlackBerry Priv - Discussionfor info about the experience of using priv11.07.16, 10:33
VSiberBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionOK07.07.16, 00:43
AdvvokatBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionThanks for the advice.15.06.16, 22:18
vetmedBlackBerry Priv - Discussion+15.06.16, 21:07
VSiberBlackBerry Priv - DiscussionOK14.06.16, 19:44
specx2Newbie Questionshttp: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=147272&view=findpost&p=464972906.12.10, 19:05
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