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CyborgCatTotal commanderThanks for the excellent Total Commander for Pocket PC
version 2.52 beta 3
01.01.14, 21:32
Kikujiro_SPbTotal commander+ from x-piter09.08.13, 08:09
The_ImmortalIn the profileThank!28.12.12, 03:31
mozhovyiWeather info+02.04.12, 08:19
SimplexDumplexWinmobile torrentfor a useful program12.02.12, 10:15
RazzlomPencil Box DeluxeFine!!! Exactly what is needed17.11.11, 06:05
levivPocketDjVuThank!!!26.10.11, 10:02
CH_VInClose MobileInClose Mobile Express Edition version 6.6 Class !! The menu would stretch under her finger ... Thanks14.07.11, 21:37
ReyterCE Registry EditorMobile Registry Editor08.07.11, 12:54
specx2EzDownloadthanks for EzDownload04.07.11, 23:12
DenisPAPHM Registry EditorPHM Registry Editor is free ....25.06.11, 12:20
Kikujiro_SPbIn the profile+ from Vladimir2012 for http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3441&st=0#entry3328621.06.11, 22:36
mdm161164PHM Registry Editorphm registry20.04.11, 15:15
mdm161164File dialog changerbehind FileDialod17.04.11, 08:05
feduzaSkin color change<- Joy prof. flooderthank!)01.03.11, 04:05
Dimon2028PocketDjVudjvu27.02.11, 15:46
dima199SKHexEdThank you for the program02.01.11, 18:32
kzvsCE Registry Editor+1 by DayGOOD04.12.10, 21:17
wadka36Total commanderTotal Commander for Pocket PC05.11.10, 02:21
Popov GennadyPencil Box Deluxecool program01.11.10, 12:55
wadka36Pencil Box DeluxePencil Box Deluxe:07.10.10, 20:53
kuzicynFile dialog changerbehind File Dialog Changer06.09.10, 12:03
Salavat1777Free pongThank you for playing Free Pong.19.07.10, 07:48
Andrew59Nyx hex editor+1 from mark8306.07.10, 21:28
Andrew59Xguru+1 from Nersners per program.16.05.10, 02:47
igorcaCE Registry Editor+1 from stas-bj30.04.10, 11:36
Andrei from SamaraPocketDjVuplus for an excellent reader23.04.10, 07:23
sergey volkovFile dialog changerBehind the File Dialog Changer25.03.10, 10:46
KalemasWinmobile torrentfor supporting the topic15.02.10, 21:36
Suburban_ASP TimeSyncSP TimeSync14.02.10, 22:27
RespaNyx clockGreat watch, thanks07.02.10, 19:02
Dark_MonsterFlashassistgood medicine09.01.10, 15:48
deniklEditing the top barthank04.01.10, 16:40
RespaPencil Box DeluxeThank!23.12.09, 17:22
DenlarikSP TimeSync+17.12.09, 16:23
NialonTodayAgendaFor kulnoy prozhku.12.12.09, 19:08
<JokeR_40>Total commander+23.10.09, 09:50
K @ T @ L @FlashdashFlash dash11.10.09, 20:52
sergus50Editing the top barfor ideas and first post08.10.09, 16:09
aaz999BaseHue Expresssuperprog27.07.09, 15:26
ChieftechTotal commander+1 by SiriuS2Star24.04.09, 05:55
papamullerPocketDjVu+1 from vra_roman3 per per DJVU17.04.09, 09:43
EkaterinaLgsmclose+ from cyclop_one16.04.09, 16:09
KenterPocketDjVuDjVu file reader05.03.09, 22:55
lex1210SKHexEdSKHexEd21.02.09, 20:52
urpekXnView PocketThanks for the cab'ik XnView Pocket :)21.02.09, 20:49
renovatio-searchTotal commanderThank you useful program Total Commander for Pocket PC, the truth accidentally erased a lot of things))06.01.09, 00:34
EVROLUXURYIn the profile+ Happy Birthday !!!07.12.08, 22:58
SPIRT1akaWinmobile torrentWinMobile Torrent Latest Version, 11:15
dojidikPocketDjVu 28.05.08, 09:22
Dr.PavlovFile dialog changerFor the right program!16.04.08, 14:58
ra1doFile dialog changerFor the uploaded File Dialog Changer - respect.15.04.08, 16:06
dark saberIn the profile 08.01.08, 18:57
gralexeyFree programsAlyosh, happy new year! :)01.01.08, 17:37
s_markPortable versionfor the link)))11.12.07, 22:28
7777smcloseAlteras requested a raise for a clear explanation about smclose07.12.07, 17:13
FootballNyx clockFrom slimest, for help :)14.09.07, 20:44
klon226Nyx clockFor responding to a request for help12.09.07, 09:53
firneSQL !11 07.09.07, 17:46
tabDevishnik - girls gather heresavagemessiahzine.comPlus you from Chumburka! Not for this topic and not for this message! But for the right thoughts! :)29.08.07, 19:02
roma555Free programsFor the topic "Free software, descriptions and links" you really tried.10.08.07, 14:20
roma555Free programsDr. Okim ... 8)10.08.07, 14:17
TylerDCalendar +Calendar +08.08.07, 20:21
jxxx1970smcloseFor a small but necessary program smclose
04.08.07, 22:32
lsurinTodayAgendaToday agenda04.07.07, 10:46
* ~ SeT ~ *Free programsThank!08.05.07, 14:42
mzonderCE Registry Editorthank you01.05.07, 14:01
Alexey ValerievichIn the profilefor constructive support (with respect)23.04.07, 09:00
mc_21In the profilethanks for the help...12.04.07, 23:19
ZipunIn the profileSenks for understanding! Will be studying!10.04.07, 11:02
LSQIn the profile 24.03.07, 22:19
V-S-KLetters in bracketsFor assistance in solving the problem.19.03.07, 16:29
LensoIn the profileThanks Sof16.03.07, 01:06
kochrobPhotos of device ownersIn, big-eyed15.03.07, 23:34
MadPriestPocketDjVufor PocketDjVu12.03.07, 00:28
SchumacherWeight trackerFor help without BBZh!10.03.07, 23:20
Outcast-d.o.bIn the profile"Well, finally a man has appeared who can be trusted with a translation without a doubt"
In general, I've been Russifying programs for a long time here. you know me =)
in general for support.
08.03.07, 15:04
areiIn the profileFor Promt 6.0;)01.03.07, 12:53
MarleneIn the profileCongratulations on the first day of spring! Happiness to you, smiles, warmth and just spring mood :)01.03.07, 05:54
SlovenPocket rarFor a simple exe of the latest PocketRAR24.02.07, 22:33
MarleneIn the profileWhite and fluffy :)18.02.07, 01:40
FormatC5Pocket Informant Calendarfor the correct design of my topic about Pocket informant Calendar17.02.07, 22:40
Sergey33Xgurufor XGuru14.02.07, 18:44
LogoIn the profilePasib08.02.07, 09:13
EugenerHTweakCFor HTweakC01.02.07, 13:47
MrgontsmcloseThank you for SMClose01.02.07, 12:57
** novichok2008 **Cellular Phone and Network Connection Monitorthanks for cab22.01.07, 21:31
Kostja_VIn the profileFor solving an unsolvable problem :)19.01.07, 01:06
SchumacherPocket rarHit the point: D14.01.07, 06:07
SchumacherGSFinder +For the icon08.01.07, 23:47
SchumacherGSFinder +For responsiveness!07.01.07, 01:42
itexzIn the profileFor the video)01.01.07, 21:06
Evgeniy1986psShutXpThank you, helped out, just asked, but there is no time to set, understand! :)01.01.07, 18:06
MarleneIn the profileDays are melting like snowflakes on a warm palm
And turns, and turns their quiet dance.
Enchanted Spruce Frost Crowns
Rumbled, started singing - the New Year is coming!
May he bring with him both joy and happiness,
Let good luck reveal its secrets
May there not be hope from now on vain,
I wish smiles, warmth and love!
30.12.06, 01:34
MadPriestFree programsFor free :)29.12.06, 19:59
areiIn the profileFor prompt assistance :)05.12.06, 23:21
Alexey ValerievichLoox 718 =>Qtek S200 - only freeware!I understand that the topic was created a long time ago, but well done anyway! There is something to try!03.12.06, 18:43
ShendarIn the profileThanks so much for Screamer Radio for BB! :)30.11.06, 15:14
e-ch!In the profilefor nfs lay out more carbon13.11.06, 13:53
Alexey ValerievichIn the profileWell done! I respect!06.11.06, 07:21
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