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Karavan 32In the profilethanks for the help27.05.19, 04:52
Sega @ 1IPTV HD mini from Promsvyaz (Rostelecom) [Other OS]help25.05.19, 16:57
ozksferaDiscounts for Android ProgramsFor the flood13.05.19, 03:08
stenlyipkensIn the profileFlood13.05.19, 02:46
AgitDiscounts for Android ProgramsFlood13.05.19, 02:30
OlegVirikXiaomi Mi 5X / Mi A1 - AccessoriesTHX11.05.19, 11:29
Ersten"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)thanks for the consultation01.04.19, 06:51
AndrewP_1CH341A ProgrammerThanks from dkv66627.02.19, 21:06
ZdikIPTV HD mini from Promsvyaz (Rostelecom) [Other OS]ZDik, 1. problems with the return will be uniquely (there is a sticker torn from opening)23.02.19, 20:54
3448689Raspberry Pi - discussionthank21.02.19, 06:55
Catch31181Bypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaZavorot points in vpn20.02.19, 17:22
Major7"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)ATP for advice, I can only check in 2 weeks, accomplish your goal20.02.19, 16:10
russar83"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)russar83,
Show the output of the command:
ls -al / dev / sd *.
15.02.19, 23:19
Andrik7997In the profileFor help in restoring the work of the router NEXX WT302013.02.19, 14:23
russar83"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)There is no firmware “all at once” and never will be13.02.19, 12:31
boar-hooliganCH341A ProgrammerFor software01.02.19, 08:13
Nikulyar49CH341A Programmer+ for the "link" to the latest version of Ch341Programmer_v1., 00:30
SHIKULJACH341A Programmerfor the link to the author of the programmer15.01.19, 13:18
wwkuzcat"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)Thanks, helped27.11.18, 09:22
blockhead"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)helped find information that is missing from the nexx wt3020 topic header22.11.18, 05:36
John13_"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)very useful post!05.11.18, 14:08
graleksej"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)For help!03.11.18, 12:28
dimon19722CH341A ProgrammerThank!21.10.18, 23:01
KillsleepCH341A Programmerthank15.10.18, 18:29
NoAdOBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaFor ideas with dns07.10.18, 18:32
Destinydim"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)Thanks for the information on the manufacturer's website.05.10.18, 21:18
Shtush"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)For working (although not detailed enough) instructions.04.10.18, 22:19
vusal.maestro"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)Advice for firmware under 16MB01.10.18, 10:45
igrmas"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)For a hint30.09.18, 10:39
DarkmonIn the profileGood luck in setting!)21.09.18, 16:54
Stranger001Search for a networked charger with Qualcomm QC 3.0 (2.0) + MTK Pump Express PLus supportThank!21.09.18, 14:53
Compiller"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)Thank!17.09.18, 14:30
mr.jambo71In the profileWell done helped31.08.18, 18:18
ferhad.necefBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaThanks from YukiNoHana17.08.18, 18:10
megapro17Xiaomi Mi 5X / Mi A1 - Accessoriesthank02.08.18, 17:50
Uncle fester"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)For help with the firmware of the router24.07.18, 15:43
fox-nsk"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)thank22.06.18, 15:42
SDevil454000Bypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaThanks for the way to circumvent the restrictions Yota!15.06.18, 13:41
SmoothothinisBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaMany thanks for the normal way to distribute VPN11.06.18, 21:31
rdhjamxo"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)Thank you for not leaving me ....10.06.18, 19:09
rdhjamxo"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)Is it possible? - what to put or take turns ...?09.06.18, 17:10
rdhjamxo"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)Thank you. And if no HDD, then enough phone charging?06.06.18, 16:38
Freize"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)I agree, but does not want24.05.18, 18:22
serkhayIn the profilethank03.05.18, 07:45
_kentavr_"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)ATP, for advice21.04.18, 22:59
ElXrenoBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaFor manual20.04.18, 23:00
YuYa"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)for advice with tmux16.04.18, 07:24
thebonixBuild OpenWrt / LEDE from sourceshed light on my questions13.04.18, 23:08
QuattronXiaomi Mi A1 - Official firmware+13.04.18, 06:22
pyshistik3193Bypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaThanks, helped13.03.18, 21:20
Hunter1986"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)Search yuzal, for some reason did not find such posts, maybe I did not write "speed". I know about the nuances with the bottlenecks, the IT specialist himself, I almost understood that the iron doesn’t cut the speed much, that's enough for me. Thanks for the posts =)20.02.18, 10:40
yuriy-008"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)for help18.02.18, 19:06
GenotsvaliFlood UnikovodovWith new clothes and up to a round number :)18.02.18, 13:14
- = www = -Bypass Internet distribution restrictions Yotathanks for the instruction about vpn, the incentive speed immediately increased, i.e. restriction in 1 Mbit lifted !!!30.01.18, 00:17
Maksim fruitPower consumption (autonomy) Galaxy Note IIBattery changed. For two days, the smartphone did not turn off spontaneously.19.01.18, 10:59
ShooreBypass Internet distribution restrictions Yota+ from SSL_256: “for your VPN setup method.”14.01.18, 17:34
Ersten"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)for answer!05.01.18, 05:03
Ersten"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)For answer03.01.18, 19:13
Serge-wormIn the profileUseful post on VPN. Hold +20.11.17, 19:56
ctichBypass Internet distribution restrictions Yota+ from vitaloren18.11.17, 23:27
ErojserIn the profileFor information06.11.17, 11:26
sashok1761987Bypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaBy configuring vpn31.10.17, 20:53
godraxeBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaThanks, helped31.10.17, 16:59
xor80Bypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaRespect It all worked.21.10.17, 09:49
racht"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)for mtd_rw16.10.17, 21:30
djars"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)THX)16.10.17, 13:25
vladdvuBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaInternet distribution via VPN12.10.17, 17:27
_Danila_Master_"NEXX WT3020 (A / H / F revisions)(+1)07.10.17, 11:08
TheDevilIn the profilethank04.10.17, 14:47
SergeyAndSmartRaspberry Pi - discussionFor help04.10.17, 10:28
TjkBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaThanks for the willingness to help!30.08.17, 11:31
zevkunBypass Internet distribution restrictions Yotathank you friend13.08.17, 10:38
Roc-7Leagoo M8 Pro - Discussion:-) Good luck and good!11.08.17, 15:00
par_metraBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaThanks for the article "Wrap Internet distribution over WiFi in a VPN connection on a smartphone"11.08.17, 10:20
sonimaliteIn the profile;)02.08.17, 05:32
romario056Bypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaWrap Internet distribution over WiFi in a VPN connection on a smartphone
(145GB pumped out for 3 weeks through the mobile)
27.07.17, 13:26
eexeenBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaWrap Internet distribution over WiFi in a VPN connection on a smartphone27.07.17, 10:50
MIKEINSIDEIn the profileThanks for the help .27.07.17, 06:58
bleach15Bypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaThank! Now the distribution goes with a bang! Previously worked on TTLMaster.24.07.17, 21:05
nerixfineBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaWrap Internet distribution over WiFi in a VPN connection on a smartphone20.07.17, 19:45
WaRon4ikBypass Internet distribution restrictions YotaThanks for the VPN via Wi-Fi, well, you understand)18.07.17, 15:34
~ Dipper ~Bypass Internet distribution restrictions Yotathank17.07.17, 00:24
39elbartoBypass Internet distribution restrictions Yotafor an excellent instruction on the distribution of an Internet on yota!11.07.17, 15:17
Vegos3Bypass Internet distribution restrictions Yota//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=596728&view=findpost&p=6309631911.07.17, 15:05
J108i93EIn the profile+28.06.17, 14:42
AlterbrentIn the profilethank28.06.17, 07:06
Barin-onSamsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II - Custom firmware (OS 4.x)Thanks for the most valuable hint, now I know how to quickly restore the device07.06.17, 13:16
dibrovIn the profile+) Galaxy Charging Current Pro23.04.17, 09:51
boss47Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II - Official firmware (OS 4.xx))))30.01.17, 22:16
mbecoolHuawei E3372 (MTS 827F / 829F, MegaFon M150-2, Beeline E3372 / E3370, TELE2 E3372h-153) - DiscussionThank you28.12.16, 09:29
KOTC6Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II - Official firmware (OS 4.xx)thank24.12.16, 19:08
GamnyuG"Yota" - Discussion of the mobile operatorThank.22.12.16, 17:07
flichIn the profile+ :)14.12.16, 09:52
traipl_sIn the profileFor rasёsnenie21.10.16, 15:09
IStlYrStckPower consumption (autonomy) Galaxy S IIIBy the way, the network also disappeared. But I knew that the battery was dead. Just thought that the controller was drizzling14.10.16, 23:17
TomCat16In the profileOops! Obhibsya.22.07.16, 20:21
shumic078Call informerfor advice on the program20.05.16, 12:08
DocTyn3akPbITSamsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II - Discussion+)28.03.16, 00:49
SelSTAFFSamsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II - DiscussionLet's try mobo09.03.16, 22:15
KUGGAPower consumption (autonomy) Galaxy Note IIAdded by01.03.16, 14:21
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