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Mr RobotParallelmatte word 100% saglasen completely !!!!!!!!24.08.19, 16:14
denislawyerIn the profileFor professional opinion23.08.19, 19:19
ss441Microwear L5, GreenTiger L5 - DiscussionThank. Reassured).19.08.19, 22:20
muzzmaniacIn the profilethank19.08.19, 14:06
Salman4444In the profileEeee18.08.19, 22:01
SferusUMIDIGI A5 Pro - DiscussionStupid Flood.18.08.19, 21:06
TeambutchersUMIDIGI A5 Pro - Discussion+17.08.19, 23:47
Vladimir_JSUMIDIGI A5 Pro - DiscussionWorthless advice. Trolling17.08.19, 17:10
Petrovich72UMIDIGI A5 Pro - Discussionflood and provoking conflicts in a technical forum.
The person is inadequate, he does not have the smartphone in question!
05.08.19, 19:15
HexoposhesClub lovers overseas shoppingfor charging and Sasha17.07.19, 20:34
Robot_01In the profileTHX16.07.19, 17:17
JzicheXiaomi Pocophone F1 - DiscussionYou wrote it right11.07.19, 21:01
Maxvit5Apple iPhone XS Max - Discussion+10.07.19, 16:31
RayanIn the profileThis is yes.30.06.19, 17:19
reness111Honor 8X Max - FirmwareInteresting dialogue30.06.19, 15:20
kabal686In the profileFor help with HCU23.05.19, 11:27
nii + RoverPC R5Guns of Boom [3D, Online]thanks for the answer18.05.19, 00:01
alex_ander11In the profileTHX)16.05.19, 17:48
BobarHonor 8X Max - Discussion+ well done!12.05.19, 21:38
KolegaiIn the profileTrotting Link12.05.19, 15:12
Commandor50In the profileHappy Victory Day, brother08.05.19, 21:01
SankaShuraIn the profileFor Understanding +07.05.19, 13:11
kabal686In the profileFor advice!06.05.19, 13:52
Leksa1Apple iPhone XS Max - DiscussionBullshit about redex brightness measurement. The photo clearly shows that the ripple change mode is selected23.04.19, 15:46
mr.gasHonor 8X Max - DiscussionTHX17.04.19, 14:05
yegresk1Club lovers overseas shoppingnice knocked out glowing roses, thanks, also ordered)14.04.19, 21:47
yegresk1Club lovers overseas shoppingThanks for the advice, I did something like that)12.04.19, 21:09
s_n_o_o_pXiaomi Mi Mix - Firmwarefor 8.3.2610.04.19, 22:55
syn noyaXiaomi Mi Mix - FirmwareThank you bro!09.04.19, 00:07
aubekir-2-09In the profilethank05.04.19, 23:14
UnicornClub lovers overseas shoppingThank)05.04.19, 12:01
Ne fenomenIn the profileOscar05.04.19, 00:34
TigragHonor 8X Max - DiscussionIt never occurred to me that there are only 2 contacts in the magnetic cable.02.04.19, 21:30
DimaNeroda® GLTools+01.04.19, 22:48
shahmustafaHonor 8X Max - DiscussionVery accurate remark01.04.19, 15:34
makskerch0In the profile)))31.03.19, 18:23
s_n_o_o_pXiaomi Mi Mix - Firmwarefor efficiency.30.03.19, 20:48
kabal686Guns of Boom [3D, Online]Apple !!!28.03.19, 21:06
aftariosIn the profilefor sure ... it was necessary to pay28.03.19, 16:35
ermol33Honor 8X Max - FirmwareFor responsiveness28.03.19, 14:34
Yuri11076Honor 8X Max - FirmwareMuravtuy xi attach, you made my evening27.03.19, 19:23
wangzhangdongdingClub lovers overseas shopping+27.03.19, 14:59
dmzamHonor 8X Max - DiscussionFor the truth!))25.03.19, 18:14
venomramPUBG: Mobile [3D, Online]thank25.03.19, 05:53
makskerch0In the profileJust))))24.03.19, 21:26
geogsmHonor 8X Max - Firmware+ for development22.03.19, 18:59
Ship500Honor 8X Max - FirmwareFor the link22.03.19, 17:47
shao2004Honor 8X Max - Firmwarefor useful info22.03.19, 17:38
sergeram26In the profileFor help in smart.20.03.19, 01:20
Wazapp74Xiaomi Mi Mix - FirmwarePlus in karma)19.03.19, 18:17
Yuri11076Honor 8X MAX Owners ClubFor opening the eyes of the blind19.03.19, 16:57
vitexesHonor 8X MAX Owners ClubFor the link for LL19.03.19, 15:23
RoccuyanunHonor 8X Max - DiscussionFor helping others19.03.19, 12:37
alexandercfcfcfIn the profileCompetent people, what can I say ...18.03.19, 20:04
BigfishczyClub lovers overseas shoppingAppreciated17.03.19, 22:03
yurasik48Xiaomi Mi Mix - DiscussionTHX17.03.19, 18:04
Andrey422In the profileWell, yes, the phone))))16.03.19, 20:58
Happy EvilIn the profileFor advice.15.03.19, 22:11
makskerch0Honor 8X Max - PurchaseThank)))15.03.19, 12:15
gevavetiqyanIn the profileFor willingness to help15.03.19, 00:53
1024BiTIn the profileAhaha thank you brother))13.03.19, 22:41
CMAPTOCIn the profile:)13.03.19, 22:04
nyorketsGuns of Boom [3D, Online]thank12.03.19, 22:23
RedeleteIn the profileFor clarifying information12.03.19, 11:29
555sergeyhunterHonor 8X Max - DiscussionThanks for the tips!11.03.19, 13:58
hill72Honor 8X Max - DiscussionFor answer11.03.19, 10:45
CMAPTOCIn the profile:)10.03.19, 17:51
sxalolaIn the profilethank10.03.19, 00:54
KulinojPUBG: Mobile [3D, Online]Adequate answer09.03.19, 12:04
AndreydidIn the profilethank09.03.19, 00:34
gumaoHonor 8X Max - DiscussionHelp07.03.19, 22:14
INFINUMHonor 8X Max - DiscussionWorking way!07.03.19, 14:22
Yuriy-1964Honor 8X Max - Discussionthanks for the answer04.03.19, 22:53
SlidegunHonor 8X Max - DiscussionFor a lightning fast response01.03.19, 20:55
dsavkHonor 8X Max - DiscussionWell done! He clarified everything, otherwise he already got the monotonous posts to read.27.02.19, 16:23
alechaluninHonor 8X Max - FirmwareThanks for the lightning fast response. I will torment further27.02.19, 15:12
mike_uralIn the profileFor understanding!27.02.19, 14:51
Den4ikiiPUBG: Mobile [3D, Online]+27.02.19, 00:50
yurasik48Xiaomi Mi Mix - DiscussionAnd I was already scared that I was wrong)
I’m very rarely mistaken in people
I'm talking about gambling)
26.02.19, 22:56
solo_7777777Honor 8X Max - DiscussionFor the post26.02.19, 14:31
hill72Honor 8X Max - DiscussionFor answer.26.02.19, 13:06
Yuriy-1964Honor 8X Max - Discussionthank)25.02.19, 21:14
solo_7777777Honor 8X Max - DiscussionFor the curator, edit25.02.19, 14:15
1024BiTIn the profileI read the review, very interesting! Yes, stereo is a cool thing)) Well, the screen is in 7.2, well, here without options - top!)) I want this diagonal myself))24.02.19, 22:59
yurasik48Xiaomi Mi Mix - FirmwareYes Yes21.02.19, 14:17
nii + RoverPC R5Guns of Boom [3D, Online]Thanks for the tip21.02.19, 11:16
MOSESSSHonor 8X Max - Accessoriesthank19.02.19, 20:47
farmXiaomi Mi Mix - Firmwareabout firmware19.02.19, 20:00
LENZ1Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite - DiscussionHelped19.02.19, 08:13
NordwestmanHonor 8X Max - AccessoriesThanks for the tips))18.02.19, 21:02
Yuri11076Honor 8X Max - Discussionthanks for the idea18.02.19, 17:22
immortaleagleIn the profileHelped avoid ban and unnecessary purchase17.02.19, 02:41
Gawrik77In the profileUseful advice}16.02.19, 20:34
Mi.HonG.GBXiaomi Mi Mix - FirmwareATP for help,16.02.19, 12:42
No_Name_69Honor Play - DiscussionAn excellent post, but the NSF is like a gel to shave after the foam: since I tried to foam, you won’t return. Very handy thing.16.02.19, 10:05
nii + RoverPC R5Guns of Boom [3D, Online]Thanks for the quick response15.02.19, 19:29
RedEarthIn the profilethank15.02.19, 14:14
CMAPTOCIn the profileThank!14.02.19, 23:47
1024BiTIn the profileClinic: D Not in the eyebrow but in the eye!)))14.02.19, 19:42
999nik999PUBG: Mobile [3D, Online]Help14.02.19, 17:59
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