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Jeiti72In the profileYou are completely right!03.09.17, 07:31
KitomanIn the profilethank26.03.15, 14:12
Gillette_757Pearls of Our Forum:)09.03.15, 14:11
alien 75Philips Xenium V816 - DiscussionPhilips Xenium V816 registry tweaks.07.09.13, 14:42
vadimdalenPhilips Xenium V816 - Discussionhelped revive the trackball06.04.13, 12:15
navigator930Philips Xenium V816 - DiscussionYes. Reinstalled, everything works fine. Thank.28.03.13, 08:19
hiflexIn the profileAnders Breivik. (oh, spoiled such a beautiful figure in reputation)29.10.12, 01:10
ValeryFVV2002Philips Xenium V816 - DiscussionTHX. Added a link to the header09.10.12, 13:34
FUNTOMPhilips Xenium V816 - Discussionfully agree!03.10.12, 08:13
ValeryFVV2002Philips Xenium V816 - DiscussionI agree 100% But the post then erase .... Flood, however;)02.10.12, 12:43
AndreeePhilips Xenium V816 - Discussion+1 from capoeristos ...20.09.12, 13:14
Kreator-2Philips Xenium V816 - DiscussionFor finding tvikov increase the sensitivity of the sensor on the v816!07.09.12, 08:16
preezzzPhilips Xenium V816 - DiscussionThanks for the registry tweaks06.09.12, 18:18
AfanasPhilips Xenium V816 - DiscussionFor tweak sensor06.09.12, 13:40
Max NuttShellIn the profileThanks27.08.12, 02:37
DroneIn the profilefor "To find out what time it is on the phone - I think it is ugly" :)13.07.12, 22:19
KardiniIn the profileFiercely, furiously plus, brother.22.04.12, 18:06
HalmburgIn the profile121.01.12, 16:15
kpripperGlofiish X800 - DiscussionTHX21.01.12, 11:57
micklesPearls of Our ForumI agree to all 100!12.01.12, 20:15
chipsonsikIn the profilethat's for sure)12.01.12, 12:18
ValeryFVV2002Philips Xenium V816 - DiscussionAs a curator: for active participation and real assistance in the topic. (Thanks for the congratulation)10.01.12, 22:38
vnsmirnvPhilips Xenium V816 - Discussion+1 from madmax33310.01.12, 18:13
zusicks438In the profileIn general, I agree with many things.08.01.12, 15:09
anax!Philips Xenium V816 - DiscussionI fully agree with the opinion about the body08.01.12, 12:05
ValeryFVV2002Philips Xenium V816 - DiscussionThe theory without practice is nothing! So, the dug out GPS data did not lie;) Thank you.04.01.12, 22:24
freddyhackerAll the Funniest: D17.10.11, 23:56
katala97In the profileYeah, “trying out” is something.04.10.11, 19:27
alroAll the Funniestbeautiful story, thanks!09.09.11, 11:49
Dragon masterAll the Funniest: rofl:09.09.11, 08:22
RoastingPearls of Our ForumxD26.08.11, 14:39
RoyelIn the profileWell done, that stood up for eten!21.08.11, 12:50
RoyelIn the profileWell done21.08.11, 12:24
pasha_550In the profile: D11.08.11, 16:35
Kikujiro_SPbPearls of Our Forum: D05.08.11, 20:09
cinobeerPhilips Xenium V816 - DiscussionCourtesy for the courtesy ;-) And you with the initiative!02.08.11, 12:27
AndreeePhilips Xenium V816 - DiscussionFor the beginning.02.08.11, 11:04
AndreeePhilips Xenium V816 - DiscussionThank.01.08.11, 16:15
bulldozZzerPhilips Xenium V816 - Discussionright!09.07.11, 04:07
MrCrossover42Android and cons.Guy, you sho? What kind of dulling people? Why then even advanced mobile industry? Buy a Nokia 1100 and enjoy life. He said just complete nonsense!06.07.11, 22:24
BespectacledFifth prizesavagemessiahzine.comThank you for your congratulations! well said :)08.06.11, 06:38
KOT-BE3DEXODIn the profileThank! For trust and appreciation!07.06.11, 18:40
ShokingIn the profileThank!05.06.11, 14:49
MilIn the profileThanks for the support ;)02.06.11, 20:19
vita-minkaIn the profileThank!!! :)02.06.11, 19:43
ShokingIn the profilethanks for the support25.05.11, 19:59
vita-minkaIn the profileThank!!! :)25.05.11, 18:38
vita-minkaIn the profileThank!!! :)25.05.11, 18:36
baldushejkaIn the profilethanks for the support25.05.11, 10:03
pasha_550Android and cons.so them! : D17.05.11, 13:02
pasha_550Android and cons.: D13.05.11, 15:28
mak2simIn the profileHappy Victory Day!08.05.11, 18:24
Southern fruitIn the profileThank you very much!26.04.11, 21:53
Southern fruitIn the profileThanks for the help in choosing.21.04.11, 06:05
mgeeeIn the profileI fully support31.03.11, 13:33
BIG HORGY ™In the profilefor the "piston of the Kremlin gang"14.03.11, 15:44
zusicks438In the profileNishtyak.12.03.11, 13:00
freddyhackerIn the profileshort and to the topic06.03.11, 23:52
freddyhackerIn the profilePositive profile)20.02.11, 11:43
DanilVIIn the profileuseful info)01.02.11, 19:33
freddyhackerIn the profile+28.01.11, 16:35
Nemo.tecIn the profileAnd thank you.27.01.11, 21:45
KIDIn the profileThere's something about it)26.01.11, 19:19
ZzigaIn the profileHappy New Year!31.12.10, 21:08
freddyhackerIn the profile+27.12.10, 21:09
alroIn the profileDuc all right!23.12.10, 20:34
klondokIn the profileThank! Good luck to you too!07.10.10, 09:44
Black fishIn the profileAlaverdi. I have a holiday, I treat17.09.10, 06:06
vass_kAll the Funniestfor the good news :)28.08.10, 08:32
Dragon masterAll the Funniest: good:27.08.10, 20:12
leha862In the profileraised mood27.08.10, 00:48
LogoAll the FunniestCheered up :)12.08.10, 10:43
BespectacledAll the Funniestthanks, neighing: D12.08.10, 10:13
DenageSWatches, their choices, everything related to them.Thank you for your advice10.08.10, 13:30
carpetIn the profile"thank"08.08.10, 14:58
BuranekIn the profileToo critical08.08.10, 14:50
BuranekIn the profileThank you for making your profile happy!04.08.10, 18:44
NEONODAIn the profile104.08.10, 00:31
freddyhackerIn the profile121.07.10, 21:56
HutsAll the Funniestuzhos29.06.10, 10:53
Impress1veIn the profilethanks for the advice13.06.10, 22:05
MilIn the profileThanks for the voice in the category Creator 2009.18.05.10, 11:32
MilIn the profileI want to express my gratitude for the attention to my works. Thank you.07.05.10, 12:00
rokrIn the profileWell, live as an occupied, but do not attribute others. My Great-grandfathers, in the name of freedom, died at the front not so that their memory would be offended by people like you.05.05.10, 17:13
KOT-BE3DEXODIn the profileAnd you, too, with the anniversary of the forum! : D13.04.10, 21:23
papamullerIn the profileAnd you with 5 years oldsavagemessiahzine.com!13.04.10, 21:08
wandererbkIn the profile+ Congratulations! For the new PDA.13.04.10, 16:23
MarviIn the profilefor a symmetrical answer!10.04.10, 18:33
freddyhackerIn the profileGoblins in overcoats - killed: D01.03.10, 18:13
mak2simIn the profileFor participation in the topic "Alternative History"28.02.10, 21:01
papamullerIn the profileThanks for the books Shishkov for Bookstore!27.02.10, 15:03
papamullerIn the profileThanks for the book by Yuriy Sergeev for the Book Depository!27.02.10, 13:14
mak2simBatteriesBattery repair. Used in the digest http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=64541&view=findpost&p=1302109Thanks!24.02.10, 09:59
Dr @ ko_nAll the Funniest:)20.02.10, 10:36
dra6aIn the profileI also thought to ask for a long time18.02.10, 23:12
Dragon masterAll the Funniest: rofl:18.02.10, 22:47
bol123All the FunniestWow! Shock!15.02.10, 01:20
freddyhackerIn the profilefor some reason it seems to me very real ...12.02.10, 23:10
freddyhackerIn the profiletotal no: DDDDDD03.02.10, 14:20
R0iZIn the profile[Quote] And what about a club without a big name? Mailless? [/ Quote] :) mocked03.02.10, 07:31
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