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Veteran NKVDUnlocking XIAOMI bootloadersActually. Pasib
Yesterday, 10:21
SomethingToldMeUnlocking XIAOMI bootloadersbenefit25.07.19, 13:20
-SLL-Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareThanks friend, brought the phone back to life according to the instructions -
FAQ on "scratching" Mi4C as a result of firmware containing lock (lock) bootloader
09.07.19, 00:26
usenkov999Unlocking XIAOMI bootloadersoffset)06.07.19, 00:48
MiLorDrsXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwarefaq02.06.19, 02:08
NeXySssssUnlocking XIAOMI bootloadersCreator of Suit23.05.19, 18:16
dutch_T95Q [Android]++23.04.19, 13:24
serega1985gIn the profileThank you so much!18.04.19, 16:29
CuproomIn the profileHello my dear friend! 100500 to you for the bootloader verification program!
I heartily rejoiced!
29.03.19, 18:29
• Best •Unlocking XIAOMI bootloadersUnlocking XIAOMI bootloaders20.03.19, 15:50
XeengXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareMi4C firmware via FASTBOOT13.03.19, 01:42
sir339Unlocking XIAOMI bootloaders+-+11.03.19, 18:11
AwertSpIn the profileFor responsiveness)))27.02.19, 12:06
ad205T95Q [Android]For answer25.02.19, 17:08
ksierraBeelink GT1 Mini [Android]+125.02.19, 14:53
KELUiNXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareHelped revitalize Mi4C24.02.19, 22:44
olsamuraiT95Q [Android]Thanks for the help!20.02.19, 14:12
AndoNooBUnlocking XIAOMI bootloaders//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=721838&st=27140#entry7701518320.02.19, 12:59
elvis574184In the profileThanks for the help!18.02.19, 20:03
nafranXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwarenafran15.02.19, 18:43
Evgen2507In the profileFor tips on unlocking boot.10.02.19, 14:51
aik366T95Q [Android]Thank!!!08.02.19, 14:52
QiDzIn the profileThanks for the firmware08.02.19, 09:59
koks02Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareIt helped, thanks.07.02.19, 20:56
dmitri-cXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareThank you for the correction!02.02.19, 17:20
vel2582Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareMultiRom V9.5.2.0 stable02.02.19, 13:04
DOKTOR32Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareThank you so much for the instruction.29.01.19, 18:19
_Sarge_Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareI agree24.01.19, 11:56
dmitri-cXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareFor valuable advice! )12.01.19, 20:18
SoulkissXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareMi4C scraping FAQ11.01.19, 13:02
hardstuleUnlocking XIAOMI bootloaders+10.01.19, 16:46
Lucky_BastardIn the profileThank you! Happy New Year!31.12.18, 16:19
gasto333In the profileA huge contribution to firmware25.12.18, 23:09
storm1970Unlocking XIAOMI bootloadersThanks for the help in unlocking! everything is clear and accessible reflected in the posts19.12.18, 23:52
4adskiXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwarefor guide19.12.18, 19:28
Mr. BlackstarXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware+10.12.18, 19:35
_Sarge_Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware+01.12.18, 12:12
7Shadow7Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwarehis post helped)23.11.18, 00:55
Sasha GrayIn the profileFor the post with firmware for Mi 4c: thank_you:14.11.18, 10:00
serg7500In the profilefor firmware for xiaomi.eu fastbu for mi631.10.18, 22:57
GolotaXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware8.9.13 Xiaomi.eu (for any bootloader state)29.10.18, 05:55
bakzzXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwarefor instructions29.10.18, 01:23
Clauszn5Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareThanks for the instruction "Mi4C firmware via FASTBOOT (without using MiFlash)"14.10.18, 16:38
thhorUnlocking XIAOMI bootloaders+06.10.18, 21:54
AleXXXeiUnlocking XIAOMI bootloadersThank26.09.18, 10:10
koldungsmXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareGave the right link25.09.18, 12:37
LeogryphUnlocking XIAOMI bootloaders+24.09.18, 12:34
RusmXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareThanks for the collection of firmware for different boot20.09.18, 15:15
myravei 39In the profileNetwork type20.09.18, 13:14
ViTaZZaRXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareTHX19.09.18, 18:32
KAA-77Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware+19.09.18, 14:50
RusmXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware8.9.13 xiaomi.eu for any bootloader14.09.18, 12:49
emptyxxxXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareTHX)14.09.18, 09:52
grigoriy1299In the profileXiaomi12.09.18, 20:03
RusmXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareXiaomi.eu 8.9.6 for any bootloader state09.09.18, 12:15
KAA-77Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware+09.09.18, 10:48
CuproomIn the profilefor help in flashing the phone07.09.18, 09:04
stepan75Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwarethank20.08.18, 16:54
slava7221Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareFor clear firmware instructions18.08.18, 13:08
stepan75Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwarethank!18.08.18, 12:35
Almaskhan88In the profileFirmware17.08.18, 20:08
misteryxXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareEarned!))) Thank you.15.08.18, 21:34
giggs2020Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareplus14.08.18, 00:12
shiftalt55In the profileFor the firmware.13.08.18, 16:17
DAR_kIn the profileFor Xiaomi Mi6 firmware for installation via MiFlash from Xiaomi.eu localizer13.08.18, 14:56
Dworkin.ImXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwarethere is no problem repacking, but I'm a bummer :)12.08.18, 22:04
Lucky_BastardIn the profileThank ;)12.08.18, 10:20
KAA-77Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware+11.08.18, 14:59
RusmXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareFor patched boot.img11.08.18, 12:09
CuproomIn the profileFor help and firmware for fastboot08.08.18, 16:00
kompressor177Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareATP for info01.08.18, 17:52
zloy_ukrXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware8.7.2601.08.18, 11:24
• XENOS •In the profile: D Thank you very much! : thank_you:29.07.18, 17:17
vigristXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareThanks for the link28.07.18, 18:48
RedgeneXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareThank!28.07.18, 16:59
wantonXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareLink on 8.7.2728.07.18, 13:01
max127328Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware+28.07.18, 12:49
roman.kaskadXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwarePretty boy!24.07.18, 22:35
vaalfUnlocking XIAOMI bootloaders+ from bara2808: "For help in unlocking the phone. Thank you!"19.07.18, 11:35
vaalfUnlocking XIAOMI bootloaders+ from bara2808: "for help with unlocking the phone. Thank you!"19.07.18, 11:21
vaalfUnlocking XIAOMI bootloaders+ from kmv_atlant: "For help!"18.07.18, 20:02
alex-koffXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmware!14.07.18, 19:22
Vlad J.S.Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK - MIUI FirmwareThanks from nemezkii10.07.18, 10:18
VolkoffsteinXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareThanks from zloivitalik08.06.18, 14:39
tizak89In the profileFor the firmware!03.06.18, 10:54
matroskin444Xiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareexcellent instruction, very good. helped02.06.18, 16:52
officer hejgoIn the profileFor firmware27.05.18, 18:58
TEKKEN 6Unlocking XIAOMI bootloaders+25.05.18, 15:13
st.larrIn the profileFor the efforts17.05.18, 09:10
dyrkenIn the profileThank you so much for the 13 instructions!09.05.18, 15:25
polenokIn the profileHands working08.05.18, 15:06
CuproomIn the profile+1, for help with firmware for miflesh07.05.18, 15:39
Galaxy AcerXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareHello!
Your instruction on rolling back the phone to the firmware with an unlocked bootloader really helped. I put myself of. Global firmware - I realized that I only added hemorrhoids to myself. I don’t want to leave my number in China, so I started looking for a workaround. Thank!
05.05.18, 02:27
★ Sirius ★Unlocking XIAOMI bootloaders+04.05.18, 17:54
CuproomIn the profilehealth! And so on the life of all blessings!01.05.18, 21:36
1ferrariXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwaresteep19.04.18, 21:15
BeokillIn the profileXiaomi.eu for mi 6. Thank you!19.04.18, 09:50
Last_astrologerXiaomi Mi4c - MIUI firmwareMIUI MI4C MultiRom Miflash19.04.18, 08:17
av83Unlocking XIAOMI bootloadersFor the topic "Unlocking XIAOMI bootloaders."15.04.18, 16:03
mugaevIn the profileHelped13.04.18, 17:14
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