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KitSlavaIn the profilethank21.07.19, 14:46
SSL © MENU MT ®® AdAway+ for the reference))20.07.19, 21:43
borsh_mvd® AdAwayFor the information provided.20.07.19, 19:12
Afternoons3D mode on DLP projectors (DLP-Link)Valuable information12.07.19, 13:04
qvazar1987YouTube Vancedthanks for the advice07.07.19, 19:10
+ Gennady +Huawei MediaPad M5 - DiscussionFor a good question01.07.19, 01:24
psfvWhat is the best Windows in your opinion?For sure!19.04.19, 09:29
psfvWhat is the best Windows in your opinion?All right04.04.19, 21:39
weldHuawei MediaPad M5 - DiscussionThank.06.03.19, 16:15
StiogunINTEL & AMD processorsthank25.02.19, 13:29
sxe_mobPC problemsFor assistance in resolving audio issues18.02.19, 20:38
kuzmapk2In the profileThanks for the tip12.02.19, 20:45
Alex220298INTEL & AMD processorsBullshit, rudeness, bad advice22.01.19, 13:56
Speed_29SSD - flash-based drivesI agree20.01.19, 00:36
azlazCOWON J3 - Discussion+19.01.19, 19:34
JerjayBuild a gaming PCThank!29.12.18, 14:45
Sam_LibertyIn the profileDetailed answer for choosing a video card20.12.18, 08:23
druzhkin87Windows 7For the bad advice - absolutely not update Win19.12.18, 20:12
antonwantstosleepIn the profileFor help with Xim18.12.18, 19:43
Amika78In the profileFor information15.12.18, 11:06
peligrosoWindows 7I will support 3/430.11.18, 22:37
dmitrimalik77In the profileThanks for the info18.11.18, 20:00
ninja88In the profileFor the mini review, curatorial thanks.09.11.18, 10:49
ChernovVlad16Selection and discussion of PC power suppliesBad advice: “Take a power supply of 800 watts. A better kilowatt. In short, the more the better).”06.11.18, 12:23
alex941In the profileTHX18.10.18, 12:56
LimakSony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim - Discussionthanks for the answer12.09.18, 15:30
Cook81ASUS RT-N16 - DiscussionFor the answer on asus04.09.18, 17:33
4mopda® AdAwayOK30.01.18, 01:16
Petrovich2010Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - DiscussionI wanted to ask everything about Boat. I thought maybe a daw where there is. It turns out that everyone has03.02.17, 20:37
Ivan NefedovXiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - Discussionadvice on using Kate mobile instead of VK20.12.16, 22:24
vatelIn the profile+ so that there is no minus. And I agree about the prices, I also bought black an order of magnitude more expensive than other colors.17.12.16, 15:44
fastchipIn the profilenonsense about color. obstinacy. flood.17.12.16, 09:21
rebelotakuIn the profilereligious fanaticism03.12.16, 23:15
a.n.kopytovIn the profileMoushniki flew and put down the minuses01.12.16, 08:53
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