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Val'o'venilXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmware+Yesterday, 15:43
MrShadeXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarefor answer16.07.19, 09:39
SpeedZoneXXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareHelped by advice05.07.19, 19:08
EugeniksIn the profileThanks for the tip on the Voice. Screwed up.05.07.19, 14:53
AforanXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethank04.07.19, 16:25
Val'o'venilIn the profileNo problem03.07.19, 18:54
TTe4oPuHXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareIt can be seen!)02.07.19, 22:54
v.starinskyXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethank02.07.19, 22:36
TTe4oPuHXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareThis is not a moose base, this is an Omni base ...01.07.19, 21:41
AforanXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareWith updates should be true. thanks for the advice01.07.19, 14:14
olegan63In the profilethank25.06.19, 23:02
AforanXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethank19.06.19, 19:41
kchkLenovo Legion Y530-15ICHexplanation11.06.19, 21:45
JagermmeisterIn the profileFor the camera and everything else (catch a plus, just do not dream me more with such questions, please)25.05.19, 09:00
elektrikonsIn the profileI'm sorry. Wrong arguments in the team wrote. Fixed22.05.19, 14:48
Kot8102Xiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmware+19.05.19, 12:28
maxpeyn10In the profileFor a tip on havoc))14.05.19, 20:48
predators 2In the profileFor information!13.05.19, 16:48
JagermmeisterXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmware+06.05.19, 21:15
VisualsDrugsXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareFor the good words06.05.19, 21:07
MultiRWLenovo Legion Y530-15ICHCharming!05.05.19, 15:50
fizar15Xiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethank04.05.19, 11:06
ZzukanLenovo Legion Y530-15ICHFor answer02.05.19, 12:05
Xplay47In the profile+30.04.19, 18:34
serg561432Xiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethanks for the advice24.04.19, 14:23
yegooorXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareMany thanks for the replies.23.04.19, 23:44
sauronruXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmware+23.04.19, 10:59
Val'o'venilIn the profileEvo x20.04.19, 20:03
_MARAZM_In the profile.18.04.19, 23:52
Val'o'venilXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareFor advice18.04.19, 15:14
freetushkanXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareThanks for answers. I will smoke and think, think and smoke)14.04.19, 14:46
roma_34Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICHthank13.04.19, 14:28
mita030918In the profileThanks11.04.19, 07:29
fizar15In the profileThank you very much05.04.19, 21:34
JagermmeisterIn the profileper file05.04.19, 06:40
ura23Xiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmware+02.04.19, 07:07
kazah90Xiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethank31.03.19, 17:56
petyan644Xiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareThank you for your responsiveness.27.03.19, 16:15
Faew7Xiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareFor help27.03.19, 15:42
pomawka881Xiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmware+26.03.19, 19:55
LukachXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareFor a quick and accurate answer22.03.19, 07:46
fizar15In the profileCognitive conversation20.03.19, 17:09
fizar15In the profileI am glad to help19.03.19, 16:13
madheadoIn the profile+18.03.19, 00:18
fizar15Xiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareFor answer16.03.19, 22:59
JagermmeisterIn the profileReference)05.03.19, 21:57
GameplayXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethank24.02.19, 16:55
Alexandrovi4In the profile+21.02.19, 17:01
JagermmeisterIn the profileAdvice about canting15.02.19, 14:14
dilasoirIn the profileFor responsiveness11.02.19, 22:32
JagermmeisterIn the profileThank you so much for the cameras.09.02.19, 14:56
ShadowoolfXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethanks for the help07.02.19, 08:51
Benzino.GazoliniXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareFor help.31.01.19, 15:14
pastuh2In the profile+30.01.19, 18:50
JagermmeisterXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareI will believe and will not waste time. Thanks for the test!17.01.19, 18:54
gunter_wolfXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarehelp14.01.19, 23:42
TinkXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethank10.01.19, 20:19
Droid_GuruXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwareVery clearly!) Even the stock does not need to be set, everything works perfectly as it is)10.01.19, 18:16
KirillIashinXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarePlus, because I agree - this is not PE01.12.18, 22:34
Mr.MarvinXiaomi Mi A1 - Unofficial firmwarethanks for the help01.12.18, 19:02
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