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micromax500In the profileTWRP on many devicesYesterday 14:58
Shadow0609Xiaomi Redmi 6A - MIUI firmwareRecovery for Redmi 6A29.04.19, 21:13
Iddqd228BQ-mobile BQ-5035 Velvet - DiscussionNot the first time I see your works, thank you, you are a legendsavagemessiahzine.com!17.04.19, 13:47
grandfather NikiforTele2 Midi - Discussion+117.04.19, 01:04
esleerLeagoo Z6 - DiscussionTWRP 3.2.1 for Leagoo Z6
04.04.19, 12:28
asdenzOrder table of custom recoveryWhy did you block27.03.19, 18:15
NorashennorashenIn the profilethank you24.03.19, 21:20
Archi007HomTom HT7 PRO - Firmware+24.03.19, 04:37
TASiCoIn the profile+++23.03.19, 15:38
iGusseOrder table of custom recoveryThank you for your responsiveness and advice, thank you!23.03.19, 09:57
FreeZMaNAlcatel Pixi 4 (4.0) OT-4034D - Firmware (OS 6.0. *)help21.03.19, 22:04
NuclearRootPocketBook SURFpad 4 L / S / M - Discussion+13.03.19, 18:34
onmittOrder table of custom recoveryThank you for the useful work.08.03.19, 20:37
dart77In the profileOK08.03.19, 13:20
LeogryphCreating / Porting CWM / TWRP+06.03.19, 08:37
snzhadanIn the profileBehind //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/14609147/recovery-9500PRO-TWRP.img04.03.19, 14:20
oscar.izhevskHOMTOM S8 - Discussiontvrp 321 for komtom c8 all the rules!03.03.19, 15:09
TASiCoOrder table of custom recoveryfor tvrp02.03.19, 11:55
luthenkoOrder table of custom recoveryThank you with + ..!01.03.19, 19:37
ArtemiyCherkaskaLenovo IdeaTab A3300 - FirmwareThank you for the recovery!26.02.19, 08:07
ShAntAgeCubot X18 - DiscussionFor excellent work and sensitive attitude to the requests of the suffering! ))25.02.19, 08:50
SamoonoIn the profileFor all the good: D25.02.19, 00:09
oil1846Creating / Porting CWM / TWRP➕ important information17.02.19, 22:01
Dyadka_BodkaIn the profileAndroid 8.1 firmware oukitel k1016.02.19, 20:09
hakermasterOukitel K6000 Plus - FirmwareThanks for the detailed instructions! It all worked out for her!14.02.19, 19:26
GalaxyZBlackview BV8000 Pro - FirmwareFor the direction. Gemini as a weather vane shows where to dig, where is the way out. Already it is worthy of a good evaluation. Can I immediately 5+?13.02.19, 18:04
Bodya-kolibassCreating / Porting CWM / TWRP+ for practical advice13.02.19, 08:48
vitches69Creating / Porting CWM / TWRPThank. Useful info.13.02.19, 01:06
presstigioIn the profilethanks for the help13.02.19, 01:01
Lonely28Highscreen Tasty - DiscussionThank!12.02.19, 09:55
CoctailIn the profileFor help with twrp Oukitel K810.02.19, 21:12
DichloropaneAlcatel OT-6044D Pop Up - DiscussionI wrote down the recovery for my phone01.02.19, 00:55
chipa76Order table of custom recovery+ Many people have envious eyes on pictures (I can not): D28.01.19, 20:21
makler_dneprVernee Thor - FirmwareTWRP 3.0.2 for Vernee Thor: Attached file recovery.img (11,96 МБ)28.01.19, 10:31
gennadiy.maximovIn the profileHello, could you sifle tvrp for lenovo k5 play?25.01.19, 10:56
washerronIrbis TZ55 - Discussionthank22.01.19, 11:37
JB E.ZORGIn the profilehere you are! When only time you find, all this?21.01.19, 22:51
TOXATOXA123In the profileGood19.01.19, 10:29
AndriykooooIn the profile+ for unlock instructions for bootloader m2 mini16.01.19, 22:34
BoT123587Order table of custom recoverythank12.01.19, 17:21
slavikivanovOukitel K4000 Lite - Firmware+ for recovery10.01.19, 21:43
faidienVKworld F2 - DiscussionVkWorld recovery08.01.19, 14:12
V.A.G.R.A.N.T.In the profileFor performed TWRP08.01.19, 12:51
Dolginalexander88HOMTOM HT26 - Discussion+ for twrp and merry christmas!07.01.19, 10:57
Pa_ $ ha[ARCHIVE] LeEco Cool1 - Firmware+06.01.19, 22:34
kirilovskoe28In the profile//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=789936&view=findpost&p=8082657505.01.19, 15:09
V.A.G.R.A.N.T.In the profileFor the ability to fulfill an order for recovery for, 20:23
ustas.73In the profileFor work01.01.19, 23:51
V.A.G.R.A.N.T.In the profileFor useful things!31.12.18, 16:45
ArtzamHOMTOM S8 - DiscussionThanks for HOMTOM-HTS8. My body is still on the way) Will it be possible to update Magisk in the future?27.12.18, 08:45
VadynikXiaomi Redmi Note 3 - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.0.2)TWRP 3.1.0 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 321.12.18, 11:36
room324In the profileTWRP for redmi 6 pro19.12.18, 22:35
.supersur.In the profilefor recovery under m2 mini19.12.18, 21:07
khorinsk03In the profileFor TVRP18.12.18, 21:44
ArtemiyCherkaskaZTE Blade A510 - FirmwareThanks for TWRP recovery.img and scatter file! Everything turned out, thank God!18.12.18, 16:27
DroidMacIn the profileRecovery17.12.18, 22:11
PELYAFORPrestigio PMT3787 (3757/3767/3777) 8Gb 3G - DiscussionThe instruction helped me17.12.18, 16:41
wzu7Order table of custom recoverygood16.12.18, 09:30
BoT123587In the profileFor help15.12.18, 16:12
pytexIn the profileThanks for TWRP for sakura_india15.12.18, 15:52
chipa76Order table of custom recovery+ For advice and recommendations!15.12.18, 15:26
StalkeryugaPrestigio Grace 3118 3G - Discussion+ for rekavri on 3118ge15.12.18, 08:36
kluch7ZTE Blade A510 - FirmwareFor recovery from firmware Zte A510 B01, suitable for B07.14.12.18, 23:19
= Dendy =In the profileThanks for TWRP for Redmi 6 pro: sakura_india! Low bow! +++14.12.18, 18:42
Kaysen1704In the profilefor helping to create TWRP for sakura_india14.12.18, 16:17
lileilIn the profilefor tvrp india14.12.18, 14:01
D_GodunovIn the profileThanks for the new recovery for testing.13.12.18, 22:19
~ VADOS ~In the profilethanks for the recovery13.12.18, 21:10
cure72Order table of custom recoveryFor a huge contribution to help the forum!13.12.18, 20:32
i_v_gOUKITEL K4000 Plus - FirmwareFor TV 1.711.12.18, 18:36
habikoinIn the profile+ for recovery to many devices!10.12.18, 23:34
veraanIn the profileFor the recovery of the sample.09.12.18, 08:07
eXCoreIn the profileFor a great way to install recovery on meizeu m2mini08.12.18, 03:44
BurtonhiSP Flash Tool is a flash driver for MTK smartphones.Very rescued instruction how to make a copy of flash memory. thank07.12.18, 13:36
EastRanesBlackview BV2000s - DiscussionTWRP05.12.18, 15:33
supernemecIn the profileFor help05.12.18, 07:52
alexLANBlackview BV9600 Pro / Plus - Discussionfor TWRP03.12.18, 00:14
Lomaster_SergIn the profilefor TWRP02.12.18, 21:49
gabbyBlackview BV6800 Pro - Discussionfor TWRP 3.2.3 for Blackview BV6800 Pro02.12.18, 20:02
ndreev5In the profilefor twrp tvrp for dogge t530.11.18, 19:54
YorgmanLenovo IdeaTab A3500 - Firmware+28.11.18, 16:01
gluk_O_ODEXP Ursus KX370 - DiscussionTWRP 3.0.3 for DEXP Ursus KX37023.11.18, 17:08
ErtuIn the profilePasib for recovery :)22.11.18, 17:33
olegfazaIn the profileHappy anniversary!22.11.18, 11:39
Dobr7Ulefone S7 - DiscussionFor the works.21.11.18, 21:54
miragge-nnUlefone Power 3 - DiscussionRecovery21.11.18, 21:46
kassper-xxIn the profilefor TWRP21.11.18, 18:51
KolbasIn the profileHello!18.11.18, 08:34
Freeman564Irbis TZ777 - DiscussionMegarespect, for the efforts!16.11.18, 11:04
gotherionLenovo Tab3 A8 850M - Firmwarethank15.11.18, 14:52
sokolov_vlIn the profileFor a great build TWRP for Ulefone Power 3 _ Android, 12:07
SNDavydenHOMTOM S16 - DiscussionThanks for twrp ported to homtom s1607.11.18, 19:18
allemIn the profileRefinement Vernee T3Pro to Project Treble06.11.18, 10:20
vanyashutko1234In the profileTWRP05.11.18, 16:00
rusya77Blackview P2 Lite - Discussion+04.11.18, 14:28
F_23Order table of custom recoverytable30.10.18, 17:17
nikitka12xdDEXP Ixion ES950 - DiscussiontWRP Worker!27.10.18, 06:30
Doogeex5In the profileHelped to create a recovery26.10.18, 20:59
schibekiIn the profileFor the assembly TWRP))26.10.18, 20:45
= TiMon =In the profileWe are looking forward to the recovery on Oukitel k725.10.18, 11:33
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