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NobotMeizu Bong 3 HR - Discussionthanks for the answer01.04.17, 13:07
AndreyZoXiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI firmwareglobal 6.9.1518.09.16, 17:09
FRust79Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI firmwareLink to global18.09.16, 16:53
FRN12Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI firmware+18.09.16, 16:35
pu29In the profileFor attentiveness07.09.16, 07:03
Alex.DmXiaomi Mi5 - PurchaseThank! For help.21.07.16, 10:28
gtt13Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwarehelpful advice05.07.16, 17:05
Denis_MDMeizu M3 Note - Official firmwareThanks, the script helped!24.06.16, 08:07
Frankenstein_GTIn the profileKrasafchig! Like the script!23.06.16, 13:11
local1Meizu M3 Note - Official firmwareThank you! Clearly and to the point!20.06.16, 11:38
pomawka881Meizu M3 Note - Official firmwareThank!18.06.16, 09:45
zerx78Meizu M3 Note - Purchase+02.06.16, 01:19
Ilyich 89Meizu M3 Note - PurchaseDo not write your tracks, they nafig no one but you did not give up!31.05.16, 11:25
Glushko DmitryMeizu M3 Note - Discussionfor inadequate reviewer. Grigoriev Down probably)16.05.16, 18:44
trubach64In the profilehttp: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=648353&st=13680#entry4954502012.05.16, 01:20
AndX77Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareThanks for the link to the bat10.05.16, 11:26
Ilyich 89Meizu M3 Note - Purchasethank08.05.16, 20:41
renat2000Meizu M3 Note - PurchaseUseful advice03.05.16, 19:10
albert-84In the profilehere you write about suckers, he himself is something like that. This store has heated you25.04.16, 09:44
zurielMeizu M1 Note - Official firmwarethank28.03.16, 19:33
First bloodMeizu M1 Note - Official firmware+ turnip28.03.16, 14:17
yys1Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwarethank01.02.16, 18:13
svarnoy59Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareFor the news29.12.15, 11:52
HELL_IS_MY_HOMEMeizu M1 Note - Official firmwareFor the "fucking" edge. Also burns.26.12.15, 15:50
svarnoy59Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareFor the "edge". I would have added notifications to the "fucking" list)))26.12.15, 12:50
Topcap-nnMeizu M1 Note - Official firmwareFor the link15.12.15, 18:47
trubach64Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareFor efficiency!)15.12.15, 17:39
sannedMeizu M1 Note - Official firmwareThanks for the link15.12.15, 17:38
svarnoy59Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareThank!15.12.15, 17:35
svarnoy59In the profile!!!10.12.15, 12:06
SerferjkeMeizu M1 Note - Official firmware+08.12.15, 19:39
sveegupovMeizu M1 Note - Official firmwareaccording to information from the Chinese08.12.15, 16:19
Topcap-nnMeizu M1 Note - Official firmwareFor info08.12.15, 15:31
Bor! ZkaMeizu M1 Note - Official firmwarefor the good news08.12.15, 15:15
byrui1Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareInstructions on how to make an international phone from Chinese11.11.15, 19:47
gen01In the profileThanks for modifying the M1 from Chinese to the international version!11.11.15, 13:57
plemyash24Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwarethank you for the instruction30.10.15, 16:41
Oleg MikhalychMeizu M1 Note - Official firmware+ by Puhhi (helped Flyme OS roll back with Flyme OS 4.5.7)30.10.15, 13:41
svarnoy59Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareThanks for the support!20.10.15, 14:12
sveegupovMeizu M1 Note - Official firmwareThe Chinese have found a way to roll back from 4.5.6A through recovery from 4.5.506.10.15, 10:59
svarnoy59Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareUseful! Although also completely satisfied.06.10.15, 10:39
Oleg MikhalychMeizu M1 Note - Official firmwareThanks for the source.15.09.15, 18:25
trubach64Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareThank!)15.09.15, 16:51
asking2008Meizu M1 Note - Official firmwareThank!15.09.15, 16:46
megardacLG G2 - Cloudy Firmware+06.06.15, 12:56
kompressor10LG G2 - Firmware+ by kulyk6630.07.14, 01:43
SimplyBestLG G2 - FirmwareSorry :( but thanks)24.06.14, 20:53
andy71LG G2 - FirmwareThank. It all worked17.06.14, 13:07
vipCODeLG G2 - Firmwareyou are speaking the truth. nobody cares how Eugene took cloudystock as the basis for the firmware, and tells everyone that this is his base.06.06.14, 12:29
Egorov020388Google Nexus 4 - Official firmwarethanks) helped03.10.13, 11:58
Pittie777Xiaomi Mi-2A - MIUI Firmware (OS 4.1)+28.08.13, 15:06
yonodmcXiaomi Mi-2A - MIUI Firmware (OS 4.1)for the amendment about MIUI.su27.08.13, 23:14
Gadget1905ActivatorThank!23.06.12, 15:12
jumhaHTC One S - DiscussionFor the successful video that calmed me about the 1S screen.10.04.12, 02:40
edmundoActivatorThank you for your reply.05.04.12, 14:56
XUTPbIU ^In the profileAccurately noticed)01.04.12, 23:44
levshasavagemessiahzine.comIn the profileexactly12.02.12, 01:24
alxsimbaSaving SHSH for all iDevaysFor "sidia has long saved shsh machine when it starts"09.02.12, 14:05
vbrvOperator lock bypass using adapter+24.01.12, 05:20
kushnir-aIn the profilethanks for the answer23.01.12, 02:33
..DoTs ..Saving SHSH for all iDevaysFor answer12.01.12, 15:04
alkhbisIn the profilefor answer31.12.11, 20:24
IcecreamerSbsettingsAnd from the wife plus.24.12.11, 22:30
IcecreamerSbsettingsThanks for the advice, I'll try tomorrow.24.12.11, 22:26
groom7In the profile5.0.1? if you roll back from 5.0.1 to 4.1?01.12.11, 17:06
groom7In the profileUp to 4.1, it is still possible, Apple will issue shsh for it01.12.11, 15:50
Vetal777iPhone Backup Extractorvery necessary thing, very on time30.11.11, 14:36
Mr_RomanovIn the profilehelped update15.11.11, 23:31
mab66iPhone 4 - DiscussionGrateful for the help !!!12.11.11, 21:49
Vito65Operator lock bypass using adapter5.0 - 4.11.08 and no hevei do not decompose this modem12.11.11, 16:14
NeokeshiPhone 4 - DiscussionHelp in question04.11.11, 19:11
perturbatorIn the profileread the first message in this thread, completely, to the end, and pass to the rest to do also20.10.11, 19:16
Su11enIn the profileSettings - Basic - Universal Access - Enable your vibrations. Thank you! :)13.10.11, 13:42
PACTAMAHIn the profile+1 by kirn8611.10.11, 18:50
freeuserModem 06.15.00veeence is not from the devties, but is friendly with them21.09.11, 22:26
devilhardIn the profilesupport10.09.11, 11:15
vterminatorIn the profilehelp02.09.11, 10:00
LAndrew[FAQ] On firmware devicesATP for help20.08.11, 19:42
Rang3rSaving SHSH for all iDevays+19.08.11, 10:26
GriffkaIn the profileFor active help forum users.18.08.11, 17:06
grainIn the profilethanks for the advice!18.08.11, 16:40
Naik-YIn the profilethanks for the information14.08.11, 02:44
NickRuKuaidialFor a hint in the search files.23.07.11, 23:58
thetaraIn the profile+23.07.11, 21:41
Mew2In the profilethank. Your post deleted, you can also22.07.11, 11:32
droid2.1Saving SHSH for all iDevaysthanks for the answer07.07.11, 08:18
haymoskowiPad, iPad 2 - Discussionthank03.07.11, 18:13
thetaraModem 06.15.00!30.06.11, 00:05
skydemonIn the profilefor helping to resolve the issue of the impossibility of loading after Ultrasnow22.06.11, 16:13
salmonsalmon[FAQ] On firmware devicesanswer15.06.11, 18:51
rtimoff[FAQ] On firmware deviceseverything is already working))12.06.11, 12:00
rtimoff[FAQ] On firmware devicesEverything works, thank you12.06.11, 12:00
andreirIn the profileFor pointing the way to the faittime12.06.11, 11:33
LoPeSs[FAQ] On firmware devicesfor answer on iphone11.06.11, 10:41
Rider09[FAQ] On firmware devicesThank you!) I want to just clean the firmware but I didn’t think that it was so smart!)))21.05.11, 14:02
Su11enIn the profilefor help with setting up the iphone!19.05.11, 23:14
olegrazIn the profilethank12.05.11, 11:58
cooper superIn the profilethanks \ helped07.05.11, 18:14
snersIn the profileuseful advice!07.05.11, 14:48
ASGIn the profilethank03.05.11, 22:54
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