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gogogo1996Beejiveimthanks for the instructions for configuring ICQ in BeejiveIM30.08.13, 08:57
plazmaticsNokia N9 - DiscussionI agree, he himself discovered Wi-Fi networks that are on the machine, therefore, he will monitor them to connect.26.03.12, 10:01
B.C.M.bl.C./|.EBeejiveIM GTthank you friend08.11.11, 18:32
Capitan_Morgan666SimpleIMtell the truth19.09.11, 20:01
TvoygospodinIn the profilethank)11.06.11, 18:09
CapricornyBeejiveIM GTFor a hint about the possibility of connecting ICQ.22.04.11, 21:23
I do not knowIn the profilefor help in small programs19.04.09, 14:55
manzaHTC Diamond - Flashing [Part 2]Thanks for the help with the camera on the 49th firmware, it really helped.14.04.09, 10:40
orkorolevHTC Diamond - Flashing [Part 2]For advice !13.04.09, 18:53
SergionisHTC Diamond - Flashing [Part 2]Thank you very much for the help with the camera! What would I do without your advice ??? Thank!13.04.09, 16:19
polkpolkTopics for TouchFLO 3D - Discussionany help, especially permanent, should be rewarded with gratitude!)16.03.09, 20:04
mixanHTC Blackstone, HTC Diamond - Yota-softMonster! I like your Yota. I will try!13.03.09, 23:32
BassergiHTC Diamond - DiscussionFor cool news on contact manager from Resko04.02.09, 13:07
zaricIn the profileFor Resco Contact04.02.09, 10:24
BassergiHTC Diamond / HTC P3700 - Discussion (archive)for an efficient and quick answer on the bluetooth icon on the Diamond09.12.08, 23:43
aloxTopics for TouchFLO 3D - Discussionhelped fix TouchFlu (freezes due to a bug program)08.12.08, 18:47
rayden2004Topics for TouchFLO 3D - DiscussionFor transparency in everything!04.12.08, 12:54
JackeHTC Diamond / HTC P3700 - Discussion (archive)for help20.11.08, 16:47
conyaHTC Diamond / HTC P3700 - Discussion (archive)thank18.11.08, 14:17
PNCHTC Diamond / HTC P3700 - Discussion (archive)thanks for the links!17.11.08, 11:10
AndreeeHTC Diamond / HTC P3700 - Discussion (archive)You +1 from Disca for the tip ...17.10.08, 22:21
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