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WinDoza02Firmware BlackBerry Z30Thanks for untie from BBID Protect16.03.19, 19:23
reness111E OBD2 FacileFor the efforts08.10.18, 12:50
Mouse`6In the profileHelp08.10.18, 09:22
FORTUNA123E OBD2 Facilethank04.10.18, 06:02
GoulbakIn the profile//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=726424&view=findpost&p=7675284706.09.18, 11:18
jet_lenaIn the profileAnswered questions15.05.17, 00:28
sanyok.suminFirmware BlackBerry Z30...27.03.17, 14:54
SckironneBBM Groupsavagemessiahzine.comThank you, promptly :)26.01.17, 12:55
belyak222BlackBerry Classic FirmwareI am new to BB, very helpful in mastering.21.01.17, 09:35
agapit169Firmware BlackBerry Z30helped unlock the phone!08.01.17, 17:32
___NegatiV__In the profileIt's my pleasure))13.11.16, 11:10
DrEgSTER001In the profilethank12.11.16, 17:17
SkyroninBlackBerry Messenger (BBM)Helped to resolve the issue.02.11.16, 13:18
DrEgSTER001In the profileThank you for help!!!26.05.16, 10:39
Adelante $Firmware Blackberry Z10Thank!19.05.16, 13:30
DrEgSTER001In the profileThanks for the help! Blackberry z30!18.05.16, 12:34
pilotjurgenFirmware Blackberry Z10Thank you so much !!!15.05.16, 00:15
vladislavbykBlackBerry Q10 - Discussionthank14.05.16, 07:31
kakishBlackBerry Classic Q20Thank you so much11.05.16, 20:23
shulikov_iBlackBerry Z10 - Discussionz 1011.05.16, 20:02
sobol_krBlackBerry Classic Q20:)11.05.16, 16:37
tolzBlackBerry Classic Firmware+05.05.16, 10:21
muza9BlackBerry Passport FirmwareFor links to mirrors firmware.30.03.16, 18:32
hwuzBlackBerry Passport Firmwareza bb04.03.16, 08:36
Stealth12Firmware Blackberry Z10thank26.02.16, 13:41
IgIvanovBlackBerry Z3 FirmwareFor firmware and software Blackberry10.02.16, 20:33
MarkedoBBM Groupsavagemessiahzine.comFor the invitation =)08.02.16, 14:15
katarn88Firmware BlackBerry Z30Thanks for the Autoloader Z30, 16:19
andertBlackberry Q10 Firmware+29.12.15, 12:12
NagarjunaIn the profilefor help Blackberry Q10 (spare parts)23.12.15, 22:19
katarn88Firmware BlackBerry Z30Welcome back)21.12.15, 11:30
DarkFirmware Blackberry Z10for links, the cap went20.12.15, 23:06
Vigil_kzBBM Groupsavagemessiahzine.comFor a hint23.10.15, 10:42
katarn88BlackBerry Z3 FirmwareThanks for your hard work and help)))22.10.15, 13:26
Dag05ruFirmware Blackberry Z10for the Blackberry firmware15.10.15, 14:05
DarkFirmware Blackberry Z10for the link14.10.15, 15:18
DarkIn the profileFor a link to the topic01.10.15, 12:26
AndroHulkIn the profileFor your time and attention03.09.15, 16:45
andertBlackberry Q10 FirmwareThank!03.09.15, 11:14
LeftBBM Groupsavagemessiahzine.comoperational invite to the group24.08.15, 07:39
h0lly1995In the profileHelp in choosing16.08.15, 11:16
stereobroFirmware Blackberry Z10bb08.08.15, 09:46
sip1970In the profilePrevents you from getting lost13.07.15, 20:47
WinscomicBlackberry Q10 FirmwareFor the conversation11.07.15, 08:17
Fishing manBlackberry Q10 Firmwareortparpprvpavpapavrparamro10.07.15, 23:23
junoreaktorBlackberry Q10 Firmware+ by giorg_greece06.07.15, 10:51
sip1970In the profileFor navigational assistance05.07.15, 19:33
MPiratBBM Groupsavagemessiahzine.comThanks again.29.06.15, 22:54
max_orloffIn the profileThank!29.06.15, 19:04
MPiratBBM Groupsavagemessiahzine.comThank!22.06.15, 17:11
vetmedBlackBerry Messenger (BBM)+17.06.15, 21:06
S5660Blackberry Q10 Firmwarefor useful advice17.06.15, 14:20
cultrixIn the profilefor responsiveness09.06.15, 11:28
SerusBlackberry leap+08.06.15, 10:48
SerusBlackberry leapthank05.06.15, 08:28
niknitBlackberry z3Firmware04.06.15, 11:37
VKozarBlackBerry Z3 FirmwareThanks for the mirror for Z303.06.15, 08:40
snonameBlackBerry Z30 - DiscussionFor help (BB Z30)01.06.15, 14:26
algar5Blackberry passportThank)01.06.15, 08:51
Ser_LBlackberry passportFor helping newcomers!01.06.15, 08:38
ruslan.kakaevBlackberry Q10 FirmwareFound, catch +29.05.15, 16:27
Punk_KillerBlackBerry Q10 - DiscussionHelp with BlackBerry Q1027.05.15, 12:05
master_leeIn the profileFor advice on firmware Z3025.05.15, 20:58
didimozgBlackBerry Z30 - Discussionthanks for the help24.05.15, 11:12
destyniBlackBerry Z3 Firmware+23.05.15, 20:54
GLBuserBlackBerry Z30 - DiscussionFor responsiveness and continued support in the subject.23.05.15, 12:24
XaTTaB05Blackberry Q10 FirmwareI think no need to explain23.05.15, 02:22
S5660Blackberry Q10 Firmwareuseful info and help18.05.15, 10:46
NikolaiBlackBerry Passport FirmwareExhaustive answers to questions.17.05.15, 16:38
ArtemiyDemidovBlackBerry Q10 - DiscussionHelped in the choice of the phone, and the latest firmware)16.05.15, 21:39
Fishing manBlackBerry Q10 - Discussionararvvarpvapuyuyuyuyu16.05.15, 20:08
parnasmiFirmware Blackberry Z10For help with flashing!15.05.15, 08:43
Mik`sBlackberry passportfor the photo07.05.15, 16:42
muza9Blackberry passportThank you, I did not know about the folder name menu ...07.05.15, 12:32
mazurromaFirmware Blackberry Z10thanks for the help06.05.15, 12:04
algar5Blackberry passportHelp05.05.15, 19:23
NikolaiBlackBerry Passport Firmwareassistance in resolving issues05.05.15, 13:36
S5660Blackberry Q10 Firmwarehelp29.04.15, 16:40
aroumBlackBerry Q10 - DiscussionFor the answer; 028.04.15, 08:02
krik19Newbie QuestionsTHX27.04.15, 10:57
ruslan.kakaevBlackberry Q10 Firmwarefor a link to 10,3,2,50025.04.15, 21:08
ruslan.kakaevBlackberry Q10 FirmwareFor the answer to the question +23.04.15, 19:11
IronNikBlackBerry Classic Q20On the site blackberrys.ru I did not know. Thank.23.04.15, 12:44
Gamer48BlackBerry Z30 - Discussion+21.04.15, 16:56
Ariets82BBM Groupsavagemessiahzine.comthank20.04.15, 09:03
gumbiBlackBerry Classic Q20For help with BB17.04.15, 15:08
OlgertDiBlackBerry Z30 - DiscussionRespectful response15.04.15, 22:59
Mik`sBlackberry passportanswer by photo14.04.15, 16:53
ShinetBlackberry passportFor a hint09.04.15, 22:03
rostikkam92Firmware Blackberry Z10thank09.04.15, 13:59
ruslan.kakaevBlackBerry Q10 - DiscussionFor answers +08.04.15, 10:02
majesty34Firmware Blackberry Z10Helped07.04.15, 10:56
W2010Blackberry passportUseful information07.04.15, 06:28
ruslan.kakaevBlackBerry Q10 - DiscussionHelped + deserved06.04.15, 10:00
muza9BlackBerry Passport FirmwareFor guidance on copying bbru ...02.04.15, 13:49
junoreaktorFirmware BlackBerry Z30+ from "Ukhar"01.04.15, 11:38
junoreaktorBlackBerry Passport Firmware+ by Zlv_Rus01.04.15, 11:36
palevabezIn the profilebailed out ...31.03.15, 00:13
alex666111Blackberry Q10 FirmwareFor an explanation on PTA30.03.15, 20:35
kuz18rusFirmware Blackberry Z10Thank you very much28.03.15, 16:27
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