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ksl07FlashtoolFor a hint
It was decided by installing version
23.07.19, 21:46
gaichBetterBatteryStatsThe script should come in handy for someone!28.12.17, 20:40
Mike_HammerRealm Defense: Hero Legends TD [3D]Good bro tips! According to the game Realm Defense! Raising a reputation is cool15.10.17, 03:47
shtykRealm Defense: Hero Legends TD [3D]for breaking Tower Defense crystals08.09.17, 14:27
qwpakIconBIT Toucan SMART - DiscussionATP for the image for digma60023.01.17, 21:27
BarsukvadJbak keyboardThank!03.08.16, 23:36
true_blackHandcent Next SMSI don’t remember where exactly I got this information from, but I am grateful for the answer anyway! It is the letter destinations that are blocked.23.05.15, 16:39
edius11chomp SMSthank02.02.15, 09:46
DegemonOnyx Boox C63ML Magellanfor the help!31.01.15, 15:22
edius11chomp SMSTaking off my hat.28.01.15, 14:22
CRUMBLHandcent Next SMSThanks for the help!26.12.14, 11:57
Touareg07Call recorderThank!01.12.14, 15:12
yuri_k33chomp SMSThanks for the tip!17.11.14, 01:35
masterlistchomp SMSTooting !11.11.14, 20:27
TomCatBoyHandcent Next SMSThanks, I'll wait :-)10.11.14, 22:14
Kramar111In the profileThanks again for the blog08.11.14, 08:35
Dr.GigglyIconBIT Toucan SMART - DiscussionNetwork settings explanation27.10.14, 10:43
serey97Barnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwareThanks so much for the clarification!09.10.14, 11:29
cornetsterchomp SMSThanks for the answer.08.10.14, 14:02
LbifES File Explorer File ManagerAnd I didn’t notice the “elephant”. And where were you yesterday, when I threw files over the broomstick?13.09.14, 03:49
azamath81AlReaderthanks for the tip on Alreader04.09.14, 21:33
kot28AlReaderVery useful for eInks.04.09.14, 10:18
wiz85AlReaderThank you, cheered up :-)28.08.14, 21:14
sin-coBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwareyou can connect a flash drive with the command24.08.14, 23:41
sin-coBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwareresources.arsc is stored there without compression14.08.14, 14:56
ezh23Handcent Next SMSThank!11.08.14, 12:23
AlexnaxBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwarefor the link to this https://github.com/doozan/NookTouchPatches
Himself does not need to dig into these obscure smiles! awesome patch (but I did not find it in the header)
10.08.14, 12:19
Kramar111Barnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmware"apparently similar to the dump you get with Noogie." - Absolutely similar, only this compression level of the archive could not be achieved.06.08.14, 11:17
sin-coBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwarewith crossed squares sort out NOOK04.08.14, 16:40
Hjhrew535Angry Birds Epic [Online]10015.07.14, 13:09
Alex CrossAngry Birds Epic [Online]+ from ditrovich11.07.14, 17:14
tolyapinskDiscussing all issues related to discounts and promotions in the Android Market and Amazon AppstoreGTA - for coins)26.05.14, 17:16
SotikDiscussing all issues related to discounts and promotions in the Android Market and Amazon Appstorethanks for the tip26.05.14, 16:33
man'yakIn the profileThank16.05.14, 12:04
ivana96222In the profileThanks !!!)06.05.14, 10:19
ZhekA®IconBIT Toucan SMART - Discussion+17.04.14, 10:46
Kramar111In the profileThanks so much for helping taming Nook Glowlight 201307.04.14, 16:06
Lissyushachomp SMSthank )26.03.14, 15:42
Yuk11® Xposedfor answer18.03.14, 10:30
Yuk11In the profilefor help15.03.14, 11:20
Yuk11In the profilethank13.03.14, 20:48
Yuk11® Xposedfor answer12.03.14, 18:12
ugwyveDiscussing all issues related to discounts and promotions in the Android Market and Amazon AppstoreFor junior :)04.02.14, 10:54
urixlBarnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight (2013)For durability19.12.13, 13:37
smsisIconBIT Toucan SMART - Discussionfor the link to the digma firmware14.11.13, 09:48
hellxIconBIT Toucan SMART - Discussionfor advice13.09.13, 18:23
ZhekA®IconBIT Toucan SMART - Discussion+11.09.13, 18:42
botox38IconBIT Toucan SMART - Discussion+05.09.13, 19:06
Ol_alexBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwaregood advice30.08.13, 11:43
kompressor10Zopo ZP950 Phablet - Firmware+ from tver28.08.13, 00:38
egorertHandcent Next SMSfor the sane answer without "scientific" show-offs ...26.08.13, 21:44
AlanAlReaderthank26.08.13, 10:11
UNS4Zopo ZP950 Phablet - FirmwareFor help23.08.13, 20:42
UNS4Instructions for editing system resourcesFor operational assistance.22.08.13, 10:12
UserrrIconBIT Toucan SMART - DiscussionThank.01.08.13, 00:13
Mentos htcIconBIT Toucan SMART - DiscussionThanks for the tip)30.07.13, 14:04
SeilenosIconBIT Toucan SMART - Discussiontooltip with com.google.process.gaps29.07.13, 13:01
puresinAlReaderGood advice24.07.13, 08:10
Leff69Barnes & Noble NOOK - programsThank.15.07.13, 21:35
anjey2908IconBIT Toucan SMART - DiscussionFirmware 2.0.3, just in case I posted all the nice programs ...12.07.13, 12:29
NatachaIconBIT Toucan SMART - Discussion+ from Grob66610.07.13, 13:10
Antony_KlIconBIT Toucan SMART - DiscussionBehind the Mele Launcher from 2.0.305.07.13, 22:11
Jack_vongBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwareHelp27.06.13, 09:21
maksydysZopo ZP950 Phablet - FirmwareATP for advice.25.06.13, 10:55
ChausIconBIT Toucan SMART - DiscussionFor info about the Frenchman and experience with recovery25.06.13, 08:25
appraiserrchomp SMSThanks chompSMS-5.59-mdpi_mod_signed.apk23.06.13, 19:27
heartbeat_Barnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwarethanks for the tip17.06.13, 14:34
GmenyaSwype - keyboardI will try to pacify the swipe.10.06.13, 15:07
SandrxSwype - keyboardthank! Despite 2 gig of RAM, svayp occasionally unloaded.03.06.13, 20:22
ukitakiSwype - keyboardfor the way not to unload the subject from memory (there remains switching between languages ​​with a swipe by space).28.05.13, 13:03
kengur2006IconBIT Toucan SMART - Discussionthank!24.05.13, 14:05
JtrayIn the profileThanks for the manual "patch system files and expand functionality with NookTouchPatches" It is written clearly and accessible. It turned out to patch and install NookTouchModManager. Respect!17.05.13, 06:25
Vatrushkinchomp SMS+10.05.13, 18:13
Vatrushkinchomp SMS+30.04.13, 18:43
Red☭guardchomp SMSThank you for the answer)22.04.13, 18:43
SanyafBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmware+17.04.13, 19:36
tosha65AlReaderFor a simple and sensible offer on skins. It is ready-made, well-made skins, and not just a picture. And yes - it does not cancel one another.16.04.13, 15:43
AlexHKInstructions for editing system resourcesThank. Powered by Huawei U8850 Vision.05.04.13, 16:33
Jem_KaIn the profileI almost forgot)) For help02.04.13, 15:07
AUS1Handcent Next SMSFor the desire to help.01.04.13, 12:04
ka81ES File Explorer File Managerfor help with encoding !!!15.03.13, 11:41
killmedozerBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwareATP for Old about sections14.03.13, 12:55
serraxerInstructions for editing system resourcesThank you, though there are no errors, but widgets did not appear.09.03.13, 22:27
nnmkaJbak keyboardskin08.03.13, 21:07
nextuser001Barnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwarefor a hint27.02.13, 17:32
maxsurjudo® Reverse Tetherinstruction04.02.13, 14:48
misterg1Barnes & Noble NOOK - programsfor help and adequate answers01.02.13, 20:58
misterg1Barnes & Noble NOOK - programsfor help and adequate answers01.02.13, 20:58
holopytBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwareoke12.01.13, 20:37
AbrrMobilefoxThank you, dear! There is no time, but I will definitely try it!10.01.13, 08:11
FrenzzyIn the profileWell, what if? Anyway, thanks :)09.01.13, 12:47
FrenzzyBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwarehttp://humanoid-at-android.blogspot.ru/2012/10/nook-glowlight-clockworkmod.html and does this work with a hook without highlighting? just saw that this method leads to brick ...09.01.13, 12:10
tru2008Barnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwareI have been looking for this patch for a long time, thanks. It is only desirable to add the NookTouchModManager-0.4.0 file to the apk post07.01.13, 21:32
Reader1Barnes & Noble NOOK - programsThank you very much!30.12.12, 21:21
keightBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwareThanks for the help, you explained well, even I understood))27.12.12, 21:37
RysenokBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwarefor NookTouchPatches26.12.12, 20:05
grishkatzchomp SMSFor help24.12.12, 14:50
edius11chomp SMSthanks!22.12.12, 00:57
MCSEBarnes & Noble NOOK (The Simple Touch Reader) - firmwareFor help in installing the patch.21.12.12, 14:14
grishkatzchomp SMSFor a short and clear answer on the merits20.12.12, 12:02
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