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aga75® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceTHXToday, 21:10
ShadowoolfXiaomi Mi A1 - DiscussionthankToday 18:32
master1274In the profileThank you for the clarification.Today 11:14
raketa_01Google Pixel 2 XL - Unofficial firmwareThanks for the help!Yesterday 22:09
Vip.ShaperClub owners Xiaomi Mi A1Great newsYesterday 21:48
HunterIn the profilethank28.04.19, 20:13
Jeronimo imagingXiaomi Mi A2 Lite - DiscussionThanks for the tip28.04.19, 19:57
Balu73Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite - Official firmwareTo go nuts. How can you know everything28.04.19, 15:09
_twsunset_Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite - Official firmwareDaisy instructions28.04.19, 14:38
JURA25® Mobile Odin / FlashFire+28.04.19, 14:31
own_sunrice® BusyBox - meefikThank you very much28.04.19, 09:07
jeanek® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interfacethank27.04.19, 21:33
bzfoxIn the profilethanks for the answer27.04.19, 18:47
daniellosCustomer discussionThanks for the clarification.27.04.19, 10:37
Merzkaya gnida® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceThank you for the completeness of the response and efficiency.26.04.19, 22:50
master1274In the profileThanks for the answer - dark mode in the Google application.26.04.19, 19:40
JagermmeisterXiaomi Mi A1 - Official firmwarethank26.04.19, 10:33
yhnyhn11Questions about security, privacy and anonymity on the network and under the android+25.04.19, 22:57
feday® SuperSUthx)24.04.19, 14:40
Saliamik.In the profile+23.04.19, 19:00
ElXrenoBuilding TWRP recovery from sourceFor a hint23.04.19, 10:05
uehlsh® BusyBox - Stephen (Stericson)for practical advice on busybox22.04.19, 15:54
GheorgichXiaomi Mi A1 - Discussion+22.04.19, 14:12
karlfXiaomi Mi A1 - Discussionfor update notification22.04.19, 12:42
SpeedlightADB and all that can be done with itthanks for the answer22.04.19, 12:33
Jeronimo imagingXiaomi Mi A2 Lite - Official firmwarethank21.04.19, 08:34
maksimus0021Xiaomi Mi A1 - Official firmware+ :)20.04.19, 22:28
DmitrBabOnePlus 6 - Official firmwareFor firmware instructions20.04.19, 19:54
Kalash29ADB and all that can be done with it+120.04.19, 18:50
HellsingoffGoogle Play (Play Store)Very quick reply :)20.04.19, 08:28
PlutonLineXiaomi Mi A1 - Official firmwareThanks from And96618.04.19, 21:51
rocketwarePrivat24For help with beta private17.04.19, 21:47
Jacob CohenGoogle Play - Technical IssuesHumble (humility, peace)16.04.19, 13:58
krem550Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite - Official firmwarefor the answer16.04.19, 10:42
VadimWCreate update.zip patch for firmware through recoveryThanks for the clarity :)14.04.19, 10:47
WinbladeGoogle Nexus 5X - Official firmwarethank13.04.19, 15:38
linuzuzverIn the profileAnyway +)13.04.19, 14:45
Turbo911® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceThank you for efficiency13.04.19, 13:47
Vip.ShaperIn the profileCongratulations!!13.04.19, 00:32
DoS_CryptIn the profileFor quick answer12.04.19, 20:00
JagadjaIn the profileTHX12.04.19, 13:49
vlodko_lviv® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interface+11.04.19, 20:40
yhnyhn11Questions about security, privacy and anonymity on the network and under the android+11.04.19, 14:13
ellarairIn the profilethank11.04.19, 09:41
Heknows® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interfacethanks for the information11.04.19, 08:26
5maiskii2Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite - Official firmware+10.04.19, 14:56
dima7uaGoogle Pixel XL - FirmwareThank you for your reply!10.04.19, 03:23
zackiel® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceI see, thanks!09.04.19, 14:44
hazinessADB and all that can be done with itThank you for helping with the projector and adb!09.04.19, 08:21
nikita-kravvIn the profileBad thanks08.04.19, 18:45
mr. Blue skyDevelopment and porting of GSI firmwarefor answer08.04.19, 14:24
shao2004Create update.zip patch for firmware through recoveryfor amendment07.04.19, 16:22
TynTygydyn® Adb RunThanks so much for the ADB team.07.04.19, 15:37
PalychRvIn the profilefor fresh canary magisk07.04.19, 00:56
Bodya-kolibassCreate update.zip patch for firmware through recovery+ and that is true, did not immediately think like that ...06.04.19, 22:53
MaximmmusssIn the profileHelped with magic06.04.19, 13:44
4Serg13In the profileAndroid Q theme development06.04.19, 10:40
wizzyGoogle Nexus 7 (2012) Wi-Fi - Official firmware+05.04.19, 21:26
esleer® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFor active assistance in the branch.05.04.19, 15:49
YaShumADB and all that can be done with itThank you for your help and clarification =)05.04.19, 07:33
Kirilkin73In the profileHelp04.04.19, 20:19
Grax64In the profileQuick response03.04.19, 23:25
FosskyAndroid Q Developer PreviewThanks for the instruction!03.04.19, 22:45
delovel5051Development and porting of GSI firmwareThank you, I have this firmware in stock, percent x64 and android x3203.04.19, 16:36
pieatIn the profileThank you very much03.04.19, 09:55
_Uksus_Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite - Official firmwareAll set, and I put. So much useful information is written, I think there is something for02.04.19, 19:31
allam® SuperSUThanks for the SuperSU02.04.19, 17:50
chipa76In the profile+ For consultation on 9 droid and markup01.04.19, 20:14
TinkXiaomi Mi A1 - Official firmwarethank31.03.19, 17:22
LENZ1Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite - DiscussionI'll know31.03.19, 10:52
CalabashXiaomi Mi A2 - Official firmwarehelped31.03.19, 08:11
ogo2012In the profileMany thanks for the help!30.03.19, 23:31
destyni® SuperSU+30.03.19, 13:23
offspringer3Google Pixel - FirmwareThank! You were right!30.03.19, 13:01
dkuratowEssential Phone - FirmwareThanks for the answer.29.03.19, 17:44
Vip.ShaperXiaomi Mi A1 - Official firmwareAs always valuable information29.03.19, 11:02
yamaha77Development and porting of GSI firmwareAbout "A / B" partition structure and "seamless" updates
Or the answer to the question: "What is wrong with my device? Why is it not like everyone else?"
29.03.19, 08:47
shao2004Development and porting of GSI firmwarefor info27.03.19, 15:50
AliaksejsGoogle Play (Play Store)You need this message in the header, otherwise there is no added.25.03.19, 09:11
ogo2012In the profileFor help.24.03.19, 23:35
Val'o'venilIn the profileI support +24.03.19, 21:39
@Ruslan MirnyjIn the profileFor a detailed explanation!24.03.19, 17:55
oks_bkGoogle Nexus 5 - Official firmwareThank you very much!24.03.19, 14:43
enpaOnePlus 6 - Official firmwareUnlocking and locking the bootloader24.03.19, 13:13
Student *® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceThanks for the detailed answer. It all worked.23.03.19, 22:50
samsunggalaxyyIn the profile.23.03.19, 19:20
Volt0121® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceThank you23.03.19, 19:14
Alexei994Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite - Official firmwarethank23.03.19, 18:46
Ne] [tXiaomi Mi A2 Lite - Official firmwarethank23.03.19, 18:40
ovstanislav® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFor regular updates ➕23.03.19, 13:31
woffka® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceMagisk 18.2 (18122)23.03.19, 12:32
esleer® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceFor the constant replenishment of the branch with canaries;)23.03.19, 12:30
gvshilCreate update.zip patch for firmware through recoveryThanks for the tip23.03.19, 08:29
Vitalijus_1In the profileExplained22.03.19, 16:32
dinonoIn the profileGood advice21.03.19, 07:49
raketa_01Google Pixel 2 XL - Official firmwareFor help and useful link20.03.19, 23:59
RavenIn the profileYou are super20.03.19, 23:02
kerudg83® SuperSU+20.03.19, 13:35
Renameuser® Magisk - The Universal Systemless InterfaceThank you +++19.03.19, 19:51
servac1980® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interfaceuseful information19.03.19, 07:18
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