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JustNothingAnime and Manga Clubfor art28.08.19, 13:03
JerjayAnime and Manga Club: thank_you:28.08.19, 08:56
VabgalimoVTerrariathank27.08.19, 19:40
James112In the profileOrigato Sensei15.08.19, 15:58
ArkaniumClub linuksoidovCross compiler14.08.19, 16:32
2BrokerZIPAnime and Manga ClubCongratulations, student!10.08.19, 14:07
I_lucIn the profileFor advice)08.08.19, 09:45
2BrokerZIPAnime and Manga ClubThat's what I'm talking about06.08.19, 09:24
RomanskyyClub linuksoidovHelped)27.07.19, 22:47
vadukClub linuksoidovinfa24.07.19, 15:26
JustNothingClub linuksoidovSanks23.07.19, 20:22
RomanskyyClub linuksoidovThanks for the advice :)19.07.19, 08:49
-QwertY-Please vote!Thank you for your help.17.07.19, 10:42
kokkokuIn the profileShalom is a fellow countryman. ATP for help. I’ll try, “anime and manga” - I’m also fond of :) I really don’t watch anime like “boruto, naruto”))))12.07.19, 21:58
JerjayAnime and Manga ClubKnew that someone would write this: rofl:12.07.19, 19:14
I_lucIn the profile200, thanks for the help with Linux))10.07.19, 12:42
MaxwesUAIn the profilethank09.07.19, 21:50
BOYARIHClub linuksoidovJoker)26.06.19, 22:31
JerjayAnime and Manga ClubThank. I forgot.21.06.19, 21:18
RomanskyyClub linuksoidovThanks for the help)16.06.19, 22:16
ArkaniumClub linuksoidovfor fvmw config16.06.19, 21:55
JerjayAnime and Manga ClubI'll think about it.12.06.19, 19:03
Traffic police officerIn the profileThanks for the help on Linux.08.06.19, 22:14
JustNothingAnime and Manga Club: rofl: life02.06.19, 21:14
- = TheVimeR = -In the profileBoo.25.05.19, 09:26
ChronoAnime and Manga ClubI see you on the ladders pulled: spiteful:22.05.19, 23:58
JustNothingClub linuksoidovWhat's up : blink:17.05.19, 20:48
RomanskyyClub linuksoidovThanks for the advice.)15.05.19, 21:25
KokermoniaFludilka-BoltalkaFor lists with recommendations.09.05.19, 10:28
Traffic police officerIn the profileHappy holiday09.05.19, 10:03
VOZMOGNOIn the profileThank you) Happy Victory Day))09.05.19, 09:31
NekoLoverFludilka-BoltalkaList05.05.19, 21:30
KokermoniaFludilka-BoltalkaFor a list with recommendations.05.05.19, 21:21
RemoveinsAnime and Manga Club+05.05.19, 16:51
MishaAsphaltAnime and Manga ClubBut after a lot of time, unban04.05.19, 08:43
Lolemon_exeIn the profileI have the same characteristics of the company. I understand how it hurts ...02.05.19, 17:21
JerjayAnime and Manga ClubBut you can ...02.05.19, 13:32
StrangeIn the profileWith broken Stefan: D02.05.19, 06:07
sunduxAnime and Manga ClubWith unban01.05.19, 13:16
veabroIn the profileBanned ...16.01.19, 17:19
TwaikyontReplacing Android on the desktop distributionTHX! Did not know.22.12.18, 00:56
Lin * UserReplacing Android on the desktop distributionWell, I got it wrong myself ... thanks, defconfig really wasn't mine ... Now I looked ... and there the options "n, n, n, n"20.12.18, 11:04
ChronoAnime and Manga ClubHelp07.12.18, 00:08
vgdn1942Linux kernel from the insideThank! I will sort this out.29.11.18, 00:28
MatyіDeniszAnime and Manga ClubToo top25.11.18, 16:33
JustNothingAnime and Manga Club: rofl: excellent, I'll go screaming with my eyes closed on the fact that the RCN does not rule in our country.25.11.18, 15:02
anatoly72Lenovo A7000 - Firmwarefolder mount23.11.18, 20:16
kotok79In the profilefor link to kuda nada: 318.11.18, 13:45
JustNothingClub linuksoidovthank17.11.18, 23:07
- = TheVimeR = -In the profileHe managed (@ - = VenoM = -)17.11.18, 20:52
Evgeny2255In the profileLucky...03.11.18, 22:33
kotok79Curators ClubFor the laughter of a cat!03.11.18, 02:38
scileCurators ClubCool punched card, remembered youth: rofl:01.11.18, 22:45
ChronoIn the profile@ Сonnor Darion on ### put it to yourself01.11.18, 20:54
MrKirill1232Anime and Manga ClubThank you for pointing me the right path.31.10.18, 22:48
kotok79Curators ClubEnto since then, the authorities for corporals?!? I am a retired general, tovarisch lieutenant colonel!)31.10.18, 00:02
ANTOSHA KAZANSKYIn the profilethank27.10.18, 17:10
LbifAnime and Manga ClubAhrinet! Wow!26.10.18, 20:05
KokermoniaAnime and Manga ClubFor a link to the novel.26.10.18, 10:41
ChronoIn the profileYou will regret that your Dad forgot prezik in 2001. @ahegao19.10.18, 22:05
dmitrypershinInstructions for building Android from sources+16.09.18, 18:28
RemoveinsIn the profile+16.09.18, 09:57
Ruslan AbramichIn the profileThank ;)15.09.18, 13:52
andrwgldmnInstructions for building Android from sourceswe will know)14.09.18, 22:28
ferhad.necefFree Software Club+04.09.18, 12:11
ChronoIn the profileFor a replacement in the discord18.08.18, 21:30
ArkaniumAnime and Manga Clubthank17.08.18, 23:36
ByeA collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comExactly17.08.18, 22:55
ANTOSHA KAZANSKYIn the profileTHK07.08.18, 20:32
-ATOM +Anime and Manga ClubFor the cut. a copy29.07.18, 18:47
# eslichoshamanIn the profileRescued brother: friends:19.07.18, 23:57
JokerankBuild Android kernel for MTK processorslinaro 5.5: D a lot of weird bugs gone, thanks17.07.18, 09:25
ShadowoolfIn the profileFor vigilance11.07.18, 11:47
NastènchikGame "Break me off"Yeah10.07.18, 01:00
JokerankBuild Android kernel for MTK processors//savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=583114&view=findpost&p=72649705
It was useful :)
08.07.18, 00:43
dilasoirIn the profileFor help05.07.18, 15:28
zhyk_magadanBuild Android kernel for MTK processors+05.07.18, 12:58
not_registeredLinux for a beginner and not onlyflooding, inappropriate behavior24.06.18, 20:14
NastènchikGame "Break me off"Yeah, rzhaka19.06.18, 11:19
2BrokerZIPGame "Break me off"broke off19.06.18, 11:12
$ uicide_boyIn the profileFor help14.06.18, 22:41
Ruslan AbramichAnime and Manga Clubfor advice06.06.18, 16:16
Ruslan AbramichIn the profileI agree ;)03.06.18, 18:40
MgClouderrIn the profile: D16.05.18, 13:45
MgClouderrIn the profileWell, I’m a dumb schoolboy, I don’t understand anything else about these scripts and kernels: D14.05.18, 00:22
YorterReplacing Android on the desktop distributionBombalylo13.05.18, 21:46
wandererbkAnime and Manga ClubFor help with the club24.04.18, 17:45
userpuserLinux for a beginner and not onlyFor understanding22.04.18, 16:07
ogo2012In the profileThank!11.04.18, 18:23
2BrokerZIPIn the profileClear art, let's more10.04.18, 19:11
JustNothingAnime and Manga Club+10.04.18, 17:49
YTSummer23Exagear - windows emulatorExplained why exagear windows emulator is not an emulator05.04.18, 00:16
manysides® Linux DeployInformation on sound forwarding in Linux Deploy03.04.18, 10:52
Kenas® Linux DeployThanks from W werty02.04.18, 17:05
invmmLenovo A7000 - Discussionhelp01.04.18, 14:37
- = TheVimeR = -In the profileAnimeeeee27.03.18, 19:20
Noble johnLinux for a beginner and not onlyWell, we will try.27.03.18, 18:20
derak1129In the profileWell, I see these cheeks as much as the smile itself stretches as much (the mood rises)24.03.18, 23:50
Alex_merser54® Linux DeployReasonable decision (Pigg does not fumble, and how grandma is afraid of innovations)24.03.18, 12:35
-ATOM +Anime and Manga ClubExactly)22.03.18, 10:23
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