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nkhtvichIn the profileI share your point of view about donate modern fakes on android \ ios. If the opinion that the old games on the PC \ ps1 \ shogu \ dandy is better than modern ones is "duckling syndrome", then on the android / iPhone, on the contrary, the old games were better. And there was more gameplay there.05.05.18, 15:39
mr fixedAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsBeautiful man04.12.16, 04:29
ldmonsterIn the profileI will take away of course, this is not the point, but I laughed myself.
Thank you for finding such trifles. It is not always possible to write in a relaxed atmosphere and here is the result.
20.10.16, 23:39
es5222Nintendo 3DS Hacking Guide, Nintendo 3DS XLTHX02.10.16, 19:30
inyoumemoryIn the profileDo not consider it rude, did not mean to offend you.20.09.16, 05:18
AnderconBarnes & Noble NookGood advice01.09.16, 17:07
HeAlexIn the profileThank you for your kind words regarding the "entrepreneurial spirit" regarding the sale of Login3 !! I still sold it for what I exhibited. Although it was funny in comparing prices.20.07.16, 17:25
mats51In the profileGlory to Penin!01.02.16, 17:12
-Denisych-Invites to closed resources+ from Dream's walker26.07.15, 11:41
PrujnerIn the profileThanks for the help!23.07.15, 18:49
mahasuk11In the profilethank)20.04.15, 22:01
lirtmIn the profileFor an invite)09.01.15, 22:48
greenchOmich playerThanks, I will try.09.04.14, 19:12
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