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dnslover555Amplifier design FAQThank! Very helpful!16.04.17, 17:38
ChistotaAinol Novo 10 Hero II - FirmwareWell done. God forbid that he shared his work with others. Not passed by.08.09.13, 20:23
herrenvolkAinol Novo 10 Hero II - FirmwareThanks advice helped23.08.13, 16:36
ChistotaAinol Novo 10 Hero II - FirmwareFor instructions20.08.13, 15:47
yodHomemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalsfor cooperation19.01.13, 13:28
SashaSmileInstalling a custom speakerIt seems to be a technically literate person, but the grammar of speech is lame in both legs, it’s already unpleasant to read ...28.09.12, 16:54
lenwinAmplifier design FAQ+ by Nimf 1016.09.12, 18:10
ShooreAmplifier design FAQ+ from [b] Nimf 10 [/ b]: Thank you16.09.12, 17:37
08sv80Amplifier design FAQnot bad conceived, but information about unch fully in the internet.30.08.12, 15:18
Armitage1Homemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalsfor the article =)14.08.12, 17:20
UncleAmplifier design FAQ+1 from waldemar16308.02.12, 09:39
mishok_006Amplifier design FAQInterestingly04.06.11, 07:11
tranceman111In the profileThanks for the advice on the amp)07.05.11, 22:52
T-HCAmplifier design FAQFor Amp on TDA27.04.11, 18:32
T-HCLight musicFor light music27.04.11, 18:31
Kikujiro_SPbIn the profile[color = "royalblue"] [b] Thank you for your congratulations! Thank you for being with us! Yoursavagemessiahzine.com! [/ b] [/ color]:savagemessiahzine.com:13.04.11, 22:49
RewwanAmplifier design FAQwell done, interesting schemes;)28.02.11, 15:54
TaifunflyIn the profilethanks for the answer..03.01.11, 23:54
ohotnik94Amplifier design FAQFor the FAQ on the amplifiers, I would like to see more on what chips.18.12.10, 17:27
Nemezis-87In the profilethanks buddy22.11.10, 01:00
damir4erAndroid tablets and multimedia devices from China - Discussionfor review m00604.11.10, 21:49
MusicboyTube mono amplifierTube amplifier30.10.10, 18:27
zusicks438Media Center DIYThing.30.10.10, 15:55
PAUL-94Homemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalsthanks for the help29.10.10, 15:46
orionysIn the profilecool, now everything you need in one place26.10.10, 21:43
re_devilIn the profilewow, great forum, thanks. Just thought maybe on rodkomsavagemessiahzine.comthere is something..11.10.10, 16:34
seatoseaIn the profileon the development of their own hands :)04.10.10, 01:59
HanzoIn the profileThanks for the help.03.10.10, 09:46
ivan govorovIn the profileGood topic opened, well done!02.10.10, 19:17
zusicks438In the profileI agree. Thank you.02.10.10, 18:36
MusicboyIn the profileThank you very much!02.10.10, 18:31
IiIUma2rmanIiIAmplifier design FAQamps rule!06.09.10, 22:08
angels-groupLight musicFor a reassessment of views on the situation and an adequate approach.05.09.10, 15:49
zusicks438In the profileVobschem something so it is so))25.07.10, 12:12
chajdakHomemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalsfor amps. Although I have been in radio electronics for a long time, but I learned a lot))05.07.10, 15:42
e-mailfoxIn the profileZdesya was repository: D, thanks again: thank_you:01.07.10, 16:42
e-mailfoxPerezalete ...Thank you friend!!!01.07.10, 16:39
megavolt @ ruPerezalete ...Many thanks for waving))))30.06.10, 17:00
gomer.85In the profilethanks for the tip30.05.10, 15:06
GeorgiyKIn the profileFor sensible advice30.05.10, 13:36
tempicoAmplifier design FAQFor instructions on creating an amplifier)29.05.10, 15:17
AgafonoffPerezalete ...Thanks for reloading :)15.05.10, 14:52
Maverick1968Homemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animals+15.05.10, 01:04
MILSTORMAmplifier design FAQFAQ on the creation of the amplifier for our devices12.05.10, 23:57
ShimoN19Glasses / screens / touchscreensthank!05.05.10, 22:00
Maxvell92Homemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalsThanks in advance)04.05.10, 15:16
TaifunflyLight musicFor the scheme for themselves - themselves)04.05.10, 13:34
Maverick1968Light music+04.05.10, 12:07
jarutoHomemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalspasaBA))))))))03.05.10, 18:22
Nemezis-87General theme - 3,5 jackfor ukrainsku movu.02.05.10, 21:43
valdemardIn the profileThank you for participating in the voting.28.04.10, 21:09
KenterAmplifier design FAQfor the constant help to users!23.04.10, 22:46
Maverick1968Light music+23.04.10, 11:25
PaulGAmplifier design FAQin fact21.04.10, 01:59
Nemezis-87Amplifier design FAQ;)18.04.10, 16:40
Nemezis-87Installing a custom speakerenlightened on many things.16.04.10, 21:25
KenterAmplifier design FAQfrom TIGRMAN4 +115.04.10, 18:44
drum1kIn the profileCongratulations!14.04.10, 23:43
jarutoAmplifier design FAQwell done! (for fact on force)14.04.10, 21:42
Maverick1968Amplifier design FAQWell done!13.04.10, 22:32
Werewolf_ISIn the profileFor the plus sign, in honor of the plus sign, for the five years of the site :)13.04.10, 13:04
ttunerIn the profilethanks It works13.04.10, 12:34
DefoIn the profilehappy holiday13.04.10, 12:26
pavel18BatteriesFor an explanation on the battery.13.04.10, 12:13
.aliga.Amplifier design FAQvery good fact)13.04.10, 11:35
seriywolk1234In the profile+13.04.10, 11:31
dborisIn the profileHappy Birthday!13.04.10, 11:06
Gold1Amplifier design FAQFor creating fak by amplifiers available even to a person not versed in electronics.13.04.10, 10:57
KenterIn the profilewith 5 years anniversary!13.04.10, 00:22
10onIn the profileSeparate plus for help in ICQ, and stingy, told and taught a lot, well, for moral support :)12.04.10, 19:11
10onAmplifier design FAQwell done, organized the fact on amps and light music)))12.04.10, 19:04
cooler.nvkzHelp with PSP 2001 5.03maxivic12.04.10, 16:39
invinLight musicFor lumiere, and indeed for the efforts. =)12.04.10, 15:31
slaiferrLight musicLumiere music V2 !! Class !!11.04.10, 21:22
drum1kAmplifier design FAQ: good:10.04.10, 10:37
SanisAmplifier design FAQThanks for the fact on amps!10.04.10, 02:32
TaifunflyAmplifier design FAQFor amp instructions!09.04.10, 22:59
slaiferrAmplifier design FAQFor the FAQ on amplifiers. It is high time already !!09.04.10, 22:14
KenterInstalling a custom speakerfor attentiveness!08.04.10, 22:28
Nemezis-87Touch sensorfor the help!19.03.10, 14:37
~ Cartman ~In the profilens))15.03.10, 22:45
StiogunHomemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalsgood advice19.02.10, 16:55
ThrottlePSP NewsFor this super news !!!08.02.10, 23:03
cooler.nvkzPsp1000 and microphoneby thekekc08.02.10, 05:12
krumaneIn the profileraise a turnip for a dozen other))07.02.10, 18:01
ThrottlePSP NewsFor the news!07.02.10, 00:47
ThrottlePSP NewsFor the news.04.02.10, 22:45
bavard1992PSP Newsthanks for the news!04.02.10, 20:02
smart7In the profileYou are a true friend)))))))17.01.10, 22:17
smart7In the profilefor taking part17.01.10, 19:18
smart7In the profilefor help17.01.10, 19:18
nemesis11Homemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalsHuge help in creating ULF11.01.10, 17:54
SmalldoomInstalling a custom speakerThanks for clarifying: D05.01.10, 21:37
LukaPower amplifier for pspGreat idea! Develop.17.12.09, 19:47
SchaumHomemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animals+1 from forexpa29.11.09, 12:39
Daman12Homemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalsGood man05.11.09, 16:51
Daman12Installing a custom speakerGood man05.11.09, 16:29
Daman12Homemade speakers and sound amplifiers for our animalsGood man05.11.09, 16:25
ArksergInstalling a custom speakerOh, so to speak Special Forsavagemessiahzine.comusers!27.10.09, 11:23
GasWiring, pinout connectors for PDAs+1 by PANIV55526.10.09, 11:13
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