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temper89In the profileFinally a competent comment onsavagemessiahzine.com:) http: //savagemessiahzine.com/ 2016/12/19/331802 / # comment346307119.12.16, 20:32
rdhjamxoIn the profileThank.03.06.16, 18:23
ssnGPRS Rip Preventionregistry tweak13.03.16, 12:44
jasper_raynIn the profilethanks for the tip05.01.16, 20:30
Sun'fujikXiaomi Redmi Note 2 - Discussionthank05.01.16, 16:24
ZyomichIn the profileThank you for the amendment of the instructions http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=649288&view=findpost&p=41077653: thank_you:10.08.15, 13:58
man'yakIn the profileThank you for correcting the comments! You were right25.06.15, 20:57
RaveboySony Ericsson XPERIA active - Discussion+ by Pivtorak07.02.13, 20:53
gs479Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II - Purchasesmall compensation for a case with CU14.10.12, 10:29
paulandersSony Ericsson Xperia mini - Discussionunreasonable speculation, diminishing the dignity of linux systems.25.01.12, 15:34
oav_dizzySony Ericsson XPERIA active - Discussionhttp://lurkmore.to/Grammar_nazi19.01.12, 12:02
sexwhSony Ericsson XPERIA active - DiscussionFor the link!18.01.12, 16:24
kutuz0vLG Optimus One - Firmware (OS 2.2)Thanks for the LG P500 firmware manual25.08.11, 21:09
TiuboSwype - keyboardthanks, helped15.06.11, 14:31
Guy_JonnYSamsung Galaxy Tab - Firmware (OS 2.X, 3.X)Swype installation description helped09.04.11, 00:27
jaralxIn the profileFor resources06.02.11, 15:50
Bear_wolfDell Streak - DiscussionThank you ... I just didn’t think that Google would get so fucked up ... These files can be transferred via bluetooth, to those who will open them ... In short, thanks anyway ...15.12.10, 20:47
Bear_wolfDell Streak - DiscussionMoreman ... ;-)14.12.10, 22:31
TechnomaniacIn the profileNot adequate.13.12.10, 23:28
RoskLG Optimus One - DiscussionGnoblenie user - not the reason offtopic and flood in vain. Even if he did not know English. Stop flooding in this section.02.12.10, 15:01
qmas-LG Optimus One - Discussionstupid question22.11.10, 16:43
DarkulaLG Optimus One - PurchaseProvocation, arrogance!22.11.10, 06:14
dzailzHTC Desire HD - PurchaseFasting is not meaningful.14.11.10, 21:25
irakliontevzaIn the profileThanks for the support of the old man))))24.10.10, 01:59
inoutxHTC Desire HD - DiscussionUseful info23.10.10, 23:57
HeroHTC Desire HD - PurchaseFor those who order the first time !!!18.10.10, 12:09
Arthur GatinGPRS Rip PreventionKeepGPRS.cab13.10.10, 12:45
Art.MGoogle Nexus One - PurchaseThanks for the answer on buying n1 with dock station19.02.10, 12:59
unperfectHandcent Next SMSfor rudeness14.02.10, 02:22
copipasterGoogle Nexus One - PurchaseThanks for the missing instructions!30.01.10, 23:44
copipasterGoogle Nexus One - PurchaseThanks for the proxy!30.01.10, 11:18
YustasRUSIn the profileFor help with the firmware28.01.10, 09:44
SatanicHelp in finding programs for Android OS. ArchiveThanks - useful utility, AAAAAAAAA +++++++++26.01.10, 16:50
drum1kHandcent Next SMSDo better31.12.09, 13:41
congreyHandcent Next SMSHamlo31.12.09, 13:38
junoreaktorHandcent Next SMSHam31.12.09, 09:37
5 [Strogino]Handcent Next SMSThe forum of a technical nature is not intended to flame and insults.31.12.09, 00:57
_Zx_Handcent Next SMSRepeated insults of another user. Inadequate. Yes t ham31.12.09, 00:53
HarioHandcent Next SMSAre you all right ? you're kind of nervous, I'm worried30.12.09, 22:38
HoomHandcent Next SMSjust shouldn't have offended a person30.12.09, 22:17
HarioIn the profileFor sharpness with conclusions)30.12.09, 00:03
iliuxaARCHIVE Samsung GT-I7500 Galaxy - Firmware (OS 1.x)thanx for the wood I only earned with them29.12.09, 02:57
KTNSAtARCHIVE Samsung GT-I7500 Galaxy - Firmware (OS 1.x)for driver standards27.12.09, 14:26
reddyboyARCHIVE Samsung GT-I7500 Galaxy - Firmware (OS 1.x)valuable information26.12.09, 16:59
TuMyPGPRS Rip PreventionGPRS works21.12.09, 14:18
chajdakGPRS Rip Preventionfor the method!20.12.09, 21:15
KenasGPRS Rip Preventionfrom BDMN18.10.09, 18:35
algaloffGPRS Rip PreventionFor tweak from Sergey77789105.04.09, 12:28
shmanevGPRS Rip Preventionfor the decision about the disappearance of gprs18.03.09, 20:05
shalmanGPRS Rip PreventionRespect you a lot for the continuity of the zhoparez))) on roverpc n6 rustles)))25.01.09, 23:48
acnodGPRS Rip Prevention+ from me. On the HTC 6900 (this is CDMA) the device had a problem with the “Internet sharing”, the connection was broken. After installing your file, everything is cured. Thank.11.01.09, 18:39
algaloffGPRS Rip PreventionFor help from Gilberg09.01.09, 11:07
DynamiteGPRS Rip Preventionfor tweak :)12.12.08, 17:36
ZeroCold1981GPRS Rip PreventionFor the topic [b] preventing GPRS break [/ b]29.10.08, 08:29
kapa9779GPRS Rip PreventionPreventing GPRS rupture, GSM calls and disappearances20.10.08, 14:10
flash.yarGPRS Rip Preventionwork at wizard20024.02.08, 11:56
HataxaGPRS Rip Preventionit seemed to help, it was definitely not worse03.11.07, 23:48
OlegusHTC Herald / HTC P4350 - FlashingFor the russification of the dialer of my Herald17.10.07, 10:40
Snake PotapychGPRS Rip PreventionFor the key neoval from ZHPRS!06.10.07, 18:46
felicitaGPRS Rip PreventionWow, works26.09.07, 12:56
izmalkoffGPRS Rip PreventionIt seems to work ...07.09.07, 19:20
Vanya SusaninGPRS Rip PreventionFor resourcefulness!05.09.07, 22:06
lenhensterGPRS Rip Prevention +1 05.09.07, 15:25
zOnGPRS Rip Preventionfor GPRS rupture prevention05.09.07, 14:04
domovoyxHTC Herald / HTC P4350 - FlashingBad behavior22.08.07, 10:58
2pilkinGPRS Rip PreventionRight tweak, respect!24.05.07, 11:28
Old Kind MadMikeGPRS Rip PreventionFor Tweak GPRS24.05.07, 08:21
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