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kosmaks84My phone shoots better!🍅)))26.03.20, 21:56
ChitroxMy phone shoots better!: good:26.03.20, 18:52
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Rarity)26.03.20, 18:34
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!+26.03.20, 18:27
Partizan 777Chat club of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge ownersWith Dnyuhoy Ivan! I completely forgot about you, and you remember last week, things knocked out of the life of the Forum.26.03.20, 00:09
Alexander BatkovichChat club of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge ownersHappy belated birthday! Health and happiness to you Vanya25.03.20, 22:30
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!nice)))24.03.20, 15:04
ChitroxTake it off immediately!Kotospamer +))24.03.20, 10:54
Lip048Take it off immediately!Class +++24.03.20, 08:42
SonycatKotovody and koshkovodyCongratulations! Thanks!23.03.20, 14:19
Lip048My phone shoots better!Photo: good:23.03.20, 08:20
kosmaks84My phone shoots better!Cool!!!!;22.03.20, 22:05
spartaMy phone shoots better!yum-yum)22.03.20, 21:49
boikovdIn the profileHappy Birthday !!!22.03.20, 20:07
art0123In the profileHappy B-day !!!22.03.20, 19:51
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Tridtsatochkoy C)22.03.20, 18:35
srubgaterMy phone shoots better!On the other!) Sweet table +22.03.20, 18:18
ChitroxIn the profileHappy B-day! Happiness, health, excellent photo !!! : Drinks:22.03.20, 11:32
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!Congratulations on the birthday of the whole forum!))22.03.20, 11:10
Roc-7Kotovody and koshkovodyHappy Birthday! Health and success in all things! :)22.03.20, 10:21
evgen0791In the profileDnyuhoy C)) d22.03.20, 08:48
TomCat16Kotovody and koshkovodyCongratulations! Hold the tail gun!22.03.20, 08:35
Igor'ShKotovody and koshkovodyHappy Jam, health and success! : Drinks:22.03.20, 08:30
LovecatIn the profileHappy Birthday22.03.20, 08:27
★ Igor ★Samsung Fans ClubI like better stock. Thanks.18.03.20, 05:21
gosya777My phone shoots better!"Stoke vs cars vs gkam 6.1 gauss." Thank you for the comparison!17.03.20, 23:57
kosmaks84My phone shoots better!second17.03.20, 23:16
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Comparison17.03.20, 23:15
srubgaterMy phone shoots better!for comparing +17.03.20, 20:06
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!comparison17.03.20, 19:36
SankaShuraI shoot on the phone better than others! I have a talent for this!Thanks for the hint for the future removal Photo17.03.20, 19:15
ChitroxMy phone shoots better!very good +16.03.20, 17:10
GeliosoftMy phone shoots better!with windows15.03.20, 12:05
Rider @ 24ruMy phone shoots better!fine14.03.20, 17:11
boikovdMy phone shoots better!flower +13.03.20, 22:56
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Comparison13.03.20, 17:25
kosmaks84My phone shoots better!Stoke)13.03.20, 16:54
SynastesiaI shoot on the phone better than others! I have a talent for this!Elegant bokeh!13.03.20, 14:18
ChitroxMy phone shoots better!: good:13.03.20, 13:50
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!Beauty)13.03.20, 13:45
boikovdIn the profileFor the photo!12.03.20, 22:05
keta22Kotovody and koshkovodyfunny)))12.03.20, 21:41
Igor'ShTake it off immediately!Thanks for rating!12.03.20, 06:53
AndreiLIn the profileThe sun11.03.20, 22:11
boikovdMy phone shoots better!appetizing +11.03.20, 21:47
ChitroxMy phone shoots better!Enjoy))11.03.20, 15:47
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!Om-Nom-nom11.03.20, 15:40
fanfcsm7My phone shoots better!Beauty!11.03.20, 15:22
dremaklerikMy phone shoots better!mmmmmm11.03.20, 14:59
RealPumpIn the profileThank you, of course, heard10.03.20, 22:11
Iron_kidMy phone shoots better!Examples +10.03.20, 20:33
Igor'ShMy phone shoots better!kote +10.03.20, 08:44
ledmitryMy phone shoots better!Cat, +08.03.20, 20:59
Rmk555My phone shoots better!is good07.03.20, 22:43
Iron_kidMy phone shoots better!Wah) +06.03.20, 23:08
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!zveryuki)))06.03.20, 22:57
fanfcsm7My phone shoots better!: good:06.03.20, 22:54
X-Hunter777In the profilekote cool06.03.20, 22:04
kosmaks84My phone shoots better!Gs05.03.20, 17:09
Lip048In the profileThank you for your congratulations: thank_you:05.03.20, 10:04
srubgaterMy phone shoots better!Willow and thawed patch +04.03.20, 20:44
kosmaks84I shoot on the phone better than others! I have a talent for this!+++04.03.20, 17:07
GeliosoftMy phone shoots better!Take off your day by 2.4 and 1.5 over the shortage of light suitable04.03.20, 16:25
ChitroxMy phone shoots better!Kotja +01.03.20, 00:06
gosya777My phone shoots better!Photo "Cat close-up" +!29.02.20, 23:44
spartaMy phone shoots better!tomcat +29.02.20, 17:58
Lip048My phone shoots better!For comparison +28.02.20, 12:03
Igor'ShTake it off immediately!Thanks for support!26.02.20, 20:59
Partizan 777Chat club of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge ownersOn February 23 you bro! Better later than never ))24.02.20, 21:21
SAMSamsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + owners communication clubThanks for the answer: yes:24.02.20, 20:23
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!)) Om-Nom-nom))24.02.20, 17:05
Lip048In the profileCongratulations! Happiness and goodness of my heart I wish!23.02.20, 18:23
Lip048My phone shoots better!Class: good:21.02.20, 09:02
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!comparison20.02.20, 19:06
Lip048Kotovody and koshkovodyExcellent +19.02.20, 09:13
Lip048My phone shoots better!Class +17.02.20, 23:11
Igor'ShMy phone shoots better!Still telephoto zhiv.fokus +17.02.20, 12:30
fforwardIn the profileFor photos, something that even the autumn16.02.20, 20:28
JIexa9MkIn the profileOwn something tasty +16.02.20, 19:15
7GlassesTake it off immediately!for help)15.02.20, 13:44
Lip048My phone shoots better!Excellent: good:15.02.20, 09:08
SergykmMy phone shoots better!really fun)14.02.20, 22:39
Roc-7Kotovody and koshkovodyVery good!)14.02.20, 13:57
fanfcsm7My phone shoots better!: good:14.02.20, 11:41
GalchonokMy phone shoots better!Fluffy bone: D14.02.20, 10:56
ChitroxMy phone shoots better!Class)14.02.20, 10:19
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!own bathyscaphe))14.02.20, 10:09
Lip048My phone shoots better!Class +14.02.20, 09:05
AS4UMy phone shoots better!right14.02.20, 08:08
gosya777My phone shoots better!"Something under my feet)," Cool!13.02.20, 22:13
Iron_kidIn the profileThank you so much for your congratulations! : Drinks: +13.02.20, 19:46
kosmaks84My phone shoots better!Class13.02.20, 14:52
ChitroxMy phone shoots better!Studs +)12.02.20, 23:06
switch.caseMy phone shoots better!Not bad12.02.20, 21:42
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!kisyary)12.02.20, 20:51
AS4UMy phone shoots better!+12.02.20, 20:47
Lip048My phone shoots better!Kote: good:12.02.20, 20:16
Igor'ShMy phone shoots better!Kote, cool.12.02.20, 19:53
men polMy phone shoots better!Cat! +12.02.20, 19:17
nordbotMy phone shoots better!systematic flood12.02.20, 10:42
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