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a767522GuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and DictionariesFor "GuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and Dictionaries"03.09.17, 16:30
a767522GuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and DictionariesApplications for working with open-source dictionaries "StarDict" and a set of dictionaries for them10.06.12, 13:40
drYYGuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and DictionariesGuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and Dictionaries01.12.11, 08:59
JLS1607In the profileWebsite analytics09.10.11, 10:41
gurjieffIn the profileAs practice shows, those who have neither an iPhone nor an iPad are most “excited” by guesses about “Apple tracking”01.05.11, 12:53
gurjieffIn the profileGreat comments!30.04.11, 00:33
CreitIn the profileFor protecting apple fronts in the news of this site. You are probably the last of the "oldies."29.04.11, 00:26
joodGuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and DictionariesFor dictionaries19.04.11, 22:45
Petrovitch2The program WeDict and a set of dictionaries for itDictionaries Finnish-Russian, thank you! and for Russian-Finnish I would generally set 50, but it’s one and beaten, it only shows three letters on iStarDict ... :-(09.03.11, 19:25
pomidoruGuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and DictionariesFor dictionaries05.03.11, 15:54
bivis47HTC X7510 Advantage - FlashingThank you for the detailed instructions and descriptions.04.12.10, 18:53
pipeme1GuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and Dictionariesspb20.11.10, 23:42
crestIn the profilehelp with video on the NTS19.11.10, 21:36
kznostraGuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and Dictionariesfor a great topic and explanations in this thread.30.10.10, 21:49
LazariusGuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and DictionariesFor the dict!28.10.10, 20:01
Dr13Docs To Go PremiumDocs2go tnx!21.10.10, 20:49
AlexIn the profile117.10.10, 12:37
MDA_GuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and DictionariesstarDict)16.10.10, 16:35
vas76GuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and DictionariesFor quality support for iStarDict themes. Thank.18.09.10, 13:28
slflyGuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and Dictionariesstardict30.08.10, 20:30
CarnabyDocs To Go Premiumsearch in docs 2 go22.06.10, 01:10
__LiVEWiRE__Soosizfor the game20.05.10, 13:18
CarnabyGuruDic, Idioma, Dictionary Universal and DictionariesiStardict16.05.10, 15:39
ApTyp111In the profileper dictionary =)09.04.10, 21:08
mr.mallIn the profilethank19.01.10, 21:29
MELFERSPhotoForgeThank you for PhotoForge.18.01.10, 00:39
Govorun13iFileFor help in creating the phak, we will be familiar)))06.01.10, 20:57
venz0jaKoi pondKoi pond24.09.09, 14:44
Alexandr_PSbsettingsYeah ... before that I crawled to the holes in the screen - nothing .. It was not visible that it was installed .. The flasher deceived and did not fill in the bodies. sbsetting. Thank.10.09.09, 21:51
Kova17In the profileFrom hvi. For the necessary assistance provided when choosing a communicator27.08.09, 23:31
haholiPhone 3GS - Discussionbecause the apple does not glow25.08.09, 12:45
hamiltonHTC X7500 Advantage - DiscussionThanks for recommending RoverPC G710.05.09, 19:26
J-proHTC Blackstone, Max 4G and Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 - Video with video accelerator supportFor the report about the FPS in the video on the PDA07.05.09, 21:47
GasSony Ericsson XPERIA X1 - discussionfor addition to FAK - http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=103335&view=findpost&p=240642223.04.09, 08:28
oleg @Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 - discussionFor the volume! Thank! And if you still go through the registry - finally it turned out super!21.04.09, 14:08
PROCURORSony Ericsson XPERIA X1 - discussionFor the required optxperiabeta02.cab - everything works fine.18.04.09, 16:06
DizelmanIn the profileFor responsiveness and, most importantly, perseverance in finding a way to play video well in Athena, at a time when even the manufacturers spat on it.25.03.09, 19:17
GingerHTC Advantage X7510 - DiscussionFor the initiative. Now I would like to play with permission.18.03.09, 16:40
hamiltonHTC Advantage X7510 - DiscussionThanks for the description about the video.18.03.09, 11:24
stressjourHTC Advantage X7510 - Discussionvideo conversion18.03.09, 00:15
SammanHTC Advantage X7510 - DiscussionFor research on the video part x7510;)17.03.09, 19:08
n.eduardHTC Advantage X7510 - DiscussionFor research17.03.09, 18:18
_Wolfs_HTC Advantage X7510 - DiscussionThank you for the opportunity to watch videos on HTC Athena in WMP with excellent quality!17.03.09, 17:20
SammanHTC X7510 Advantage - FlashingFor advice on the G-sensor :)01.03.09, 19:37
SammanHTC X7510 Advantage - FlashingKeyboard Tips26.02.09, 16:01
SammanHTC Advantage X7510 - DiscussionFor a valuable hint!26.02.09, 14:00
SammanHTC X7510 Advantage - FlashingFor pointing to the firmware :)25.02.09, 20:28
TankermeatHTC X7510 Advantage - FlashingI updated the link, thanks - you will be firmware.09.01.09, 16:35
DanushaWorms world partyThanks for helping users :)14.12.08, 22:04
AndreyDocIn the profilefirmware tip27.11.08, 21:30
dima7510HTC Advantage X7510 - Discussionfor the hint even with the “acceleration” ticked off?08.11.08, 22:47
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