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FlatulistHuawei B525 - DiscussionThanks for the help!08.07.19, 09:56
darkshveinHuawei E5186 - Discussioninfa25.06.19, 21:42
PhonetasticHuawei B525 - DiscussionFor answering questions on the firmware of the router Huawei B52524.06.19, 11:29
TwisselHuawei LTE CPE B315 (MTS 8212FT) - DiscussionFor the useful link "Antenna for LTE"18.06.19, 23:15
StenIvanovichHuawei LTE CPE B315 (MTS 8212FT) - Discussionthanks, got it17.06.19, 16:10
DAF ESTHuawei B525 - DiscussionHuawei B525 4G LTE CAT615.06.19, 22:18
VandaHuawei LTE CPE B315 (MTS 8212FT) - DiscussionThanks for the help in the firmware of the router14.06.19, 20:43
sz45Huawei E5186 - Discussion+++12.06.19, 10:07
DAF ESTIn the profileFor advice.08.06.19, 16:38
@DoveHuawei E5885 (WiFi Pro 2 / WiFi 2 Pro) - discussionThanks03.06.19, 09:07
Klez777Antenna for LTEFor subtle humor! ;)29.05.19, 00:41
YokeTP-LINK TL-WR902AC - Discussionthanks for the advice05.05.19, 21:06
Aircraft firemanHuawei B525 - DiscussionWell, yes, I remember - in the early 80s all sorts of mushrooms interesting from the Baltic people were brought: D25.04.19, 21:52
Harry36Huawei LTE CPE B315 (MTS 8212FT) - Discussionthank you very much.25.04.19, 20:52
almirsimHuawei LTE CPE B315 (MTS 8212FT) - DiscussionThe problem of speed through the change of ranges is solved.25.04.19, 10:22
almirsimHuawei LTE CPE B315 (MTS 8212FT) - DiscussionHelp !23.04.19, 06:45
wertolet777In the profileThanks turned out31.03.19, 14:32
aleks-manHuawei LTE CPE B315 (MTS 8212FT) - DiscussionFor science to me. thank28.03.19, 19:27
RamsteinerHuawei B715 4G LTE CAT9 - discussion+ from snukcer: "Very helpful, restored the router!"12.03.19, 19:28
aleks-manIn the profileFor real help10.03.19, 15:38
aleks-manHuawei LTE CPE B315 (MTS 8212FT) - DiscussionFor the support07.03.19, 19:53
RousticSHuawei B525 - DiscussionFor a hint of IMEI30.01.19, 15:09
Hun61terHuawei B525 - Discussion+ for the right thought, now I have determined the cause of the speed reduction and understood how to eliminate it.29.01.19, 20:48
vvpopIn the profilefor setting up MTS 8213FT23.11.18, 18:26
unyqUmHuawei B525 - DiscussionFor a useful link to unlimited by air.03.11.18, 08:41
123martini123In the profilethanks for the help31.10.18, 19:26
vu_tonnAntenna for LTE+26.10.18, 19:38
stp101Huawei E3372 (MTS 827F / 829F, MegaFon M150-2, Beeline E3372 / E3370, TELE2 E3372h-153) - DiscussionThanks from West201426.10.18, 13:51
varriorzIn the profileCat424.10.18, 11:50
Flanker30Huawei E5573 (Beeline E5573, Megaphone MR150-3, MTS 8210FT) - Discussion+22.10.18, 15:37
Digital godHuawei E5785 (MTS 8213FT) - DiscussionThanks for the help18.10.18, 22:06
K0nstAntiNHuawei E5785 (MTS 8213FT) - Discussionfor instructions on the firmware router Huawei08.10.18, 09:03
nicklolkaIn the profileThanks for the response. I try to figure it out further.06.09.18, 10:38
ss1rev15In the profileMany thanks, fiercely plus :-)05.09.18, 21:57
s2semHuawei E5573 (Beeline E5573, Megaphone MR150-3, MTS 8210FT) - DiscussionGreat! About 2zhe on E5573. I did not know about such a trick.20.08.18, 21:07
lToXalHuawei E5785 (MTS 8213FT) - DiscussionThanks a lot for your help07.08.18, 16:14
reness111Antenna for LTEYou have another tower here)))02.06.18, 23:23
alex07111971Antenna for LTE+02.06.18, 22:07
August_IHuawei B525 - DiscussionThanks for the information!16.05.18, 10:00
mister_hatHuawei B525 - DiscussionFor help and valuable info on the router's board.28.03.18, 16:36
wprammsteinHuawei E5573 (E5573Bs-320: Beeline E5573, Megaphone MR150-3; E5573s-156: MTS 8210FT) - Firmwarehelped28.03.18, 16:15
GustoyDomestosHuawei B525 - DiscussionThank!07.03.18, 15:54
Klez777Antenna for LTEThank you ;)21.02.18, 20:16
nksoldierIn the profilethank16.02.18, 16:11
docker5000In the profilethank16.02.18, 12:56
Klez777Antenna for LTEIt is important that the mod firmware!

However, I am with him in drugs, it has already been discussed, we have been talking for a long time.
The choice is his.
03.02.18, 11:01
VoligHuawei B525 - DiscussionThanks for empathy and a desire to help with advice and moral support!02.10.17, 20:07
run82Huawei E5186 - Discussion+108.08.17, 23:13
AstarosHuawei E5186 - Discussion+08.08.17, 10:38
AstarosHuawei E5186 - Discussion+03.08.17, 20:48
kolyanokIn the profileSorts firmware02.08.17, 17:14
ilya-fedinIn the profileSticks to people in a personal, and then another and minus. Hints do not understand, straightforwardly offended.30.07.17, 14:02
AstarosHuawei E5186 - Discussion+26.07.17, 23:09
krakazyabryaIn the profile: thank_you:26.05.17, 15:07
krakazyabryaIn the profileThank!25.05.17, 13:15
WinlockerHuawei E8278 (MTS 825FT) - DiscussionThanks for the network ranges. (Huawei E8278s-602.)10.05.14, 18:20
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