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rocketshocker05USB Audio Player PROInteresting!Yesterday 12:50
Aldente *In the profileWith a new avatar, Doc! ! !28.04.19, 09:00
Khitrov®PRO Update Translation Tool (PUTT)inappropriate comment18.04.19, 21:10
Encore96In the profileCompensation for our "idiot"07.04.19, 00:26
sturrPhilips Xenium V526 - DiscussionFor posting firmware on v52605.04.19, 21:09
dead48Philips S257 - Discussion+104.04.19, 14:26
BLOW88Meizu Pro 6 Plus - Official firmwareFor the efforts04.04.19, 11:05
akeyIn the profileThanks to the advice to contact technical support in Spanish, received an unlock file and successfully revived your "brick"02.04.19, 22:53
Natalia.BQ Aquaris Smartphone Owners ClubThanks for the help in choosing a smartphone!31.03.19, 18:48
wizorg1989Philips S318 - DiscussionS318 M6737A 1742 V22B RU30.03.19, 11:34
udav21In the profileWith Dnyuhoy. Good luck in everything!07.03.19, 09:16
MegisIn the profileHappy Birthday)07.03.19, 01:35
RamagaHonor (U8860) - Firmware (OS 2.3)THANKS FOR THE FIRMWARE.27.02.19, 16:14
Golden geckoMeizu Pro 6 Plus - Official firmwareNice study17.02.19, 23:00
nosmoke38In the profileThanks old man that you do not forget .. I also remember about you every time I include something from your collections !!11.02.19, 15:46
yo_hoPhilips Xenium X818 - DiscussionRespect for editing TWRP. Post # 104211.02.19, 01:09
yo_hoPhilips Xenium X818 - DiscussionThank you for editing TWRP09.02.19, 22:24
Pavlik739739In the profileMany thanks for the instruction on the firmware phone Philips S337. Everything worked out the first time05.02.19, 19:44
mobilomannPhilips S326 - DiscussionHelped with the firmware manual02.02.19, 21:07
warlock87Meizu Pro 6 Plus - Discussion+31.01.19, 20:48
alcorithmPhilips Xenium V526 - DiscussionFor the support!16.01.19, 19:00
djqvins651In the profileHello, please have a look at QMS ON PHILIPS S326 TEME10.01.19, 17:48
Aldente *In the profileHappy New Year, Doc! ! !01.01.19, 12:30
nosmoke38In the profileHappy New Year! and for all the best that you did for the forum and its users31.12.18, 22:21
forest10Disco 80s-90sthank27.12.18, 17:37
DNK_DmitryMercs of Boom (X-Mercs: Invasion) [3D]Thank!!!19.12.18, 08:09
usher_92Philips Xenium I908 - Firmwarethank01.12.18, 17:59
mexanik_7In the profileFor firmware for Philips s32720.11.18, 05:55
DNK_DmitryMercs of Boom (X-Mercs: Invasion) [3D]Thanks for the review! :)15.11.18, 08:19
vitegg92Philips Xenium V526 - Discussion!13.11.18, 12:04
creamerPhilips Xenium W8510 - Firmware (OS 4.2)W8510_M6589A_1336_01_V09C_RU under the Flash Tool13.11.18, 09:52
DNK_DmitryMercs of Boom (X-Mercs: Invasion) [3D]The ending is at least one? : D05.11.18, 01:24
IrrepressiblePhilips Xenium V377 - Discussionthank01.11.18, 16:17
nosmoke38In the profileHi Doc)31.10.18, 06:42
aleks040573Mercs of Boom (X-Mercs: Invasion) [3D]thank you for the script29.10.18, 22:03
DNK_DmitryMercs of Boom (X-Mercs: Invasion) [3D]Thanks for the work done, added to the FAQ!28.10.18, 01:06
DNK_DmitryMercs of Boom (X-Mercs: Invasion) [3D]Thank you for the support of a good, IMHO, games, without us, fans of the series, the project will remain beta;)26.10.18, 23:27
Valery 76In the profileThanks for the help.08.10.18, 13:09
vitokPhilips Xenium V787 Sapphire Life - DiscussionLiked!28.09.18, 16:08
nosmoke38In the profileThanks !!!15.09.18, 04:35
nosmoke38In the profileLtd!! Doc .. Thanks for remembering my friend !!07.09.18, 18:28
cenytBQ Aquaris X2 Prothank28.08.18, 13:33
FD_KIMBQ Aquaris X Pro - DiscussionStrong25.08.18, 19:22
Iddqd228Philips Xenium W6500 - DiscussionThanks for the Philips Xenium W6500 firmware! Man!03.08.18, 13:39
Dominick cobbBQ Aquaris X Pro - DiscussionThanks. For some reason, I have a huge number of phantom screen taps and hangs of the wheelbarrow.30.07.18, 12:49
[Devil]Philips Xenium V787 Sapphire Life - Discussionthank27.07.18, 08:45
VMaximIPhilips Xenium V787 Sapphire Life - DiscussionFor help, of course!10.07.18, 20:17
BuRoV22In the profilefor help05.07.18, 13:52
- = LS = -Philips S307 - DiscussionThanks for the firmware!30.06.18, 11:42
patvoraIn the profilefor firmware for phillips 73707.06.18, 12:03
BloodsamPhilips Xenium S386 - DiscussionThank !01.06.18, 23:58
Aldente *BQ Aquaris X Pro - Discussionfor Sacrifice! ! !17.05.18, 10:40
vladvolgogradBQ Aquaris X Pro - DiscussionThanks advice helped!16.05.18, 11:07
Dominick cobbBQ Aquaris X Pro - DiscussionThank you doc!14.05.18, 17:20
sever20067Philips Xenium V377 - Discussion+03.05.18, 17:00
nosmoke38In the profileHi Doc !! Thank you, I will appreciate)13.04.18, 14:16
distributorPhilips Xenium W832 - FirmwareThank you for the firmware!11.04.18, 10:55
nosmoke38In the profileChrist is Risen!!!08.04.18, 18:46
TimafaiIn the profileFor help with U Lite firmware04.04.18, 07:12
nosmoke38In the profileHello)03.04.18, 22:57
eclipse_kashPhilips S309 - DiscussionFor firmware philips s30903.04.18, 14:58
vitali-Philips S318 - Discussion+ for firmware03.04.18, 12:32
Disek1978Philips Xenium W6610 - Firmware (OS 4.2)Thank you for the firmware details.28.03.18, 21:26
rom_v_aPhilips S307 - DiscussionThe case of the master is afraid!27.03.18, 21:42
FD_KIMIn the profileyo ♥ bq
26.03.18, 15:37
mishanj999Philips Xenium X818 - Discussion+21.03.18, 11:46
Aldente *BQ Aquaris X - DiscussionThank you very much ! ! !20.03.18, 22:55
Alexz96BQ Aquaris M5 - DiscussionAttention20.03.18, 11:40
Alexz96BQ Aquaris X5 Plus - DiscussionRight. Terminal kosyachny.16.03.18, 23:53
rt_freePhilips Xenium V787 Sapphire Life - DiscussionI earned TWRP on 3/32 2017
Huge human thanks!
12.03.18, 22:13
nosmoke38In the profileHappy Birthday Doc !!)09.03.18, 19:17
MitrichhPhilips Xenium X586 - DiscussionThank. For good advice. Wife bought.07.03.18, 18:41
dueler-quizBQ Aquaris X Pro - DiscussionFeliz cumpleaos07.03.18, 17:40
carmeroBQ Aquaris X5 Plus - DiscussionHappy Birthday!07.03.18, 14:06
valery.chernikovBQ Aquaris X5 Plus - DiscussionHappy Birthday! Successes in work and personal life!07.03.18, 12:20
Aldente *In the profileHAPPY DAY! ! !07.03.18, 07:07
MegisIn the profileHappy Birthday!07.03.18, 05:03
udav21In the profileHappy Birthday! All the best!07.03.18, 00:50
Product0rIn the profileFor your consultation01.03.18, 15:27
AlexanderLPhilips Xenium V787 Sapphire Life - Discussion+ from grigoriy999 Thanks for TWRP and Root18.02.18, 09:08
YksareBQ Aquaris X Pro - Discussionthank17.02.18, 20:37
Alexz96In the profileIt worked. Excluded14.02.18, 14:43
savagemessiahzine.comuser0BQ Aquaris M5 - DiscussionThanks for the help in solving the problem with the battery on the M5. We are waiting for the Spanish wise advice)12.02.18, 13:42
thrashesPhilips Xenium V787 Sapphire Life - Discussionfor the hard work you have done09.02.18, 21:06
Alexz96BQ Aquaris M5 - DiscussionGood))09.02.18, 16:49
savagemessiahzine.comuser0BQ Aquaris M5 - DiscussionThank you for broadcasting the call recording problem.09.02.18, 16:47
Alexz96BQ Aquaris M5 - Discussion+. Respect for such support.08.02.18, 14:10
ToshkuSBQ Aquaris X Pro - DiscussionThanks for the message about the receipt of covers p ordered blue at last)07.02.18, 07:55
ilguciemsBQ Aquaris X5 Plus - Discussioninfa06.02.18, 21:00
rvtmbBQ Aquaris X5 Plus - Discussionpasib)03.02.18, 17:46
AlexanderLPhilips S327 - Discussion+ from RomarioX19: "Thanks for tvrp and for the help"03.02.18, 13:20
SMEH77BQ Aquaris U Lite - Discussionthank03.02.18, 13:15
Alexz96BQ Aquaris X5 Plus - Discussion+02.02.18, 17:45
pedalionPhilips Xenium S386 - DiscussionStarted a bugreport02.02.18, 17:06
riddle_tutPhilips S307 - DiscussionThx26.01.18, 18:19
dj_filosofPhilips S326 - Discussion+21.01.18, 16:25
TARAS7090Philips Xenium V787 Sapphire Life - DiscussionThanks for the six! Became perfect. Son chases her a little.16.01.18, 18:43
Aldente *BQ Aquaris X5 Plus - Discussionfor AccuBattery - THING! ! !15.01.18, 21:21
savagemessiahzine.comuser0BQ Aquaris M5 - DiscussionThanks for participating. We will wait for greetings from sunny Spain15.01.18, 01:45
renat_dPhilips S327 - DiscussionThanks colleague for firmware for Philips! What would we do without you) especially the entire contingent of repair GSM)14.01.18, 00:25
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