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alextech77Please vote!Thanks from StavakVin03.02.19, 05:32
KUKUndrikPlease vote!Thanks from maksi_m320.01.19, 15:20
KUKUndrikPlease vote!Thanks from maksi_m320.01.19, 15:19
maksi_m3Please vote!Thank you for like!19.01.19, 15:10
KUKUndrikPlease vote!Thanks from Reyden77722.12.18, 17:39
ninja88In the profileFor a sense of humor20.12.18, 18:29
cherva70In the profile: rofl:11.12.18, 17:35
nemogoodIn the profileWell written. It is a pity not to listen.10.12.18, 12:46
SlawanJDDiscussion of games and service PS + for Sony PlayStation 4, Pro, SlimClearly and in the case said)21.11.18, 20:52
aleks-manInform about what happened - the removal of Super SmartecsClever thought!19.11.18, 14:39
long_boyIn the profileLan16.11.18, 08:07
jorsonInform about what happened - the removal of Super SmartecsRight. Thank!12.11.18, 10:18
axel_rexSoviet Union onsavagemessiahzine.comNi hao! For knowledge of languages!09.11.18, 13:44
Alexand®In the profileAbsolutely agree04.11.18, 10:54
kotok79Curators ClubFor insiders)02.11.18, 21:11
ALEX6301In the profileThank.02.11.18, 12:22
godraxeSony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim - DiscussionI agree01.11.18, 11:29
NastènchikCurators ClubBravo! Truly a hero of our time! For courage, truth and unanimity!30.10.18, 21:12
DDDTKIn the profileWith the release! ;)30.10.18, 20:59
Nik2001Nik3006Curators ClubHonorable: (30.10.18, 20:56
godraxeIn the profileThank you for your prompt assistance.24.10.18, 08:48
MastiFF555Apple iPhone 8 - Discussion+28.09.18, 17:31
draiv88In the profileI sincerely wish all the best for the New 2018.31.12.17, 21:01
* Akella *In the profileHappy 2018 Year! Best wishes!31.12.17, 18:43
klich007In the profileHappy New Year 2018! Best wishes!31.12.17, 18:36
OzhentIn the profileFor the transfer of topics and assistance.09.11.17, 18:01
6e3likiyAlcatel OT-7043Y POP 2 - Firmware (OS 5.0.2)thank25.10.17, 14:29
$ hvedMotorists Clubsavagemessiahzine.comfor info24.10.17, 10:47
respkiryaIn the profileThank you for cleaning the topic.23.10.17, 10:57
CopperMIAXiaomi Mi5S - MIUI Firmware+1 for the order!03.10.17, 17:58
X021NVGoogle Nexus 4 - Official firmwareTHANKS FOR THE ARTICLE "Instructions on Android firmware for Windows + Video Instructions"29.05.17, 23:26
Vlad J.S.Moderator of the Yearsavagemessiahzine.comThanks for the support, buddy!14.04.17, 13:40
devsergModerator of the Yearsavagemessiahzine.comThank you so much for your support! : thank_you:14.04.17, 11:17
papsiHonor 7 - FirmwareWell that at least someone understands!22.03.17, 13:05
Oleg MikhalychIn the profileOver the track07.03.17, 22:40
respkiryaIn the profileFor help with renaming the topic.04.03.17, 22:29
Alexand®In the profilefor efficiency :-)04.03.17, 22:22
Devil21999In the profileFor Growth)))06.02.17, 15:23
av83LG L65 Dual - CyanogenMod FirmwareFor the appointment of the topic by the curator of the user dino3a.01.02.17, 20:14
SattarvoybekIn the profilethank17.01.17, 09:02
DreamWorcsIn the profile+09.01.17, 10:08
aandryuhaGoogle Nexus 5 - MIUI FirmwareHAPPY NEW YEAR!01.01.17, 23:45
werty112Google Nexus 7 (2013) Wi-Fi - Unofficial firmwarefor adequate moderation)27.12.16, 21:47
NerovingerIn the profileFor the competent work of the moderator. :)24.12.16, 14:31
motkotIn the profileyou're welcome22.12.16, 14:55
captainemoIn the profilefor help15.12.16, 22:15
burovikk26In the profileFor the support and understanding!03.12.16, 20:02
Vlad J.S.In the profileThree year anniversary! Congratulations!01.12.16, 11:23
kemanorellOnePlus 3 / 3T - Official firmwareThank.10.11.16, 12:30
Nikoz47Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 - Firmware from Nikoz47 (Nik Rom Project)Thank you: thank_you:27.09.16, 11:24
BlackWaltz3007In the profileThank! For the appointment. :)26.09.16, 15:08
slemknotLG G2 - Cyanogenmod 14 Firmware, AOSPThanks for the appointment.26.09.16, 12:25
Vorting1Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI firmwareheh, unfortunately people have a mentality like that, until you show them with actions, then very few people react to words ... Well, let's see :)01.09.16, 17:22
all1651Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - MIUI firmwareFor important work on the forum! +01.09.16, 16:06
*** Danila ***In the profileThanks for the work.01.09.16, 11:57
godraxeIn the profilethanks for the support24.08.16, 18:20
NokiaFun32Honor 7 - Firmwarehowever, the truth about the viper)15.08.16, 22:54
kemanorellIn the profileYes Yes Yes !!!13.08.16, 23:13
Alpha Dog ™In the profileCalm need to "Finnish" then!13.08.16, 22:55
Alexand®In the profileGlad to see ;-)08.08.16, 20:56
alex3runClub FL Studio users on PCToolkit counted =)20.07.16, 19:04
Flash playerPlease vote!+28.06.16, 22:08
6joker6Please vote!THX06.06.16, 18:23
GuttentagenPlease vote!thank04.06.16, 18:33
motkotSony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim - DiscussionInfo03.06.16, 11:58
Penguin skipperClub players in the WORLD of TANKS BLITZFinally)11.05.16, 15:31
TyheeljClub players in the WORLD of TANKS BLITZFor the good work of the moderator ;-)11.05.16, 14:44
GalandezzClub players in the WORLD of TANKS BLITZIt is high time11.05.16, 14:38
TelepuzzzClub players in the WORLD of TANKS BLITZFor their dedicated work in the fight with boors11.05.16, 14:37
_roman_2013_Lenovo A706 - FirmwareCleaned the topic of trash. THX22.04.16, 23:52
SandrogSamsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 - Firmware (OS 4.x.x)Thank you for your understanding in the subject: Samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 - firmware ...22.04.16, 23:28
YarperoIn the profileFor the support15.04.16, 10:03
RusmIn the profileThank you for the prompt decision of my question.31.03.16, 17:44
ChildOfaRainbowCydia Eraser (Cydia Impactor)At first I was scared, upset, then I made a hard reset and realized that everything worked out, thanks a ci for, 22:28
ferhad.necefIn the profileThank you for your work26.03.16, 16:30
PixelusIn the profileThank you for nominating the curator.22.03.16, 20:24
terminator88In the profileThank!03.03.16, 09:03
Vladik.nosikovIn the profileFor instruction01.03.16, 11:59
Maestro laoIn the profileThank you very much for restoring posts in the topic.01.03.16, 10:00
Alexxxxx2011Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - Unofficial firmware (OS 6.x.x - 9.x.x)Thanks, I wanted to delete this post myself later.16.02.16, 16:37
BegetterIn the profilefor help27.01.16, 17:24
_imac_In the profile+
Well, in general, I understand)
22.01.16, 23:49
cherva70In the profileAh, well done !!!! It is high time.22.01.16, 19:48
kovalev_vslavIn the profileFor cleaning the topic XRN322.01.16, 16:45
danillamasterXiaomi Redmi Note 3 - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.0.2)Excellent job of cleaning the RN3 theme22.01.16, 16:14
GAVVVIn the profileThanks for clearing the topic note 322.01.16, 15:55
pokohontosIn the profileFor cleaning the topic22.01.16, 14:41
medlexaIn the profilefor cleaning the topic. It is high time22.01.16, 14:39
zikasakXiaomi Redmi Note 3 - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.0.2)for cleaning the topic22.01.16, 14:09
ishikawa80Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.0.2)Great news! Who cleans? (if not you - I want a plus)22.01.16, 13:41
VolgalinXiaomi Redmi Note 3 - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.0.2)I support the decision!22.01.16, 12:43
ilya0103Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.0.2)For so necessary cleaning the topic of rn3 off firmware22.01.16, 12:34
elitedXiaomi Redmi Note 3 - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.0.2)Thanks for cleaning the redmi branch of the laptop 3 from the slag. do not convey as grateful22.01.16, 12:10
MalachiXiaomi Redmi Note 3 - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.0.2)It is high time22.01.16, 12:06
reglistXiaomi Redmi Note 3 - MIUI Firmware (OS 5.0.2)Thank!22.01.16, 10:44
wolfpack174Discussion of games and service PS + for Sony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim+21.01.16, 17:51
shturrmIn the profileThanks for the help in filling the caps.20.01.16, 22:43
DymonIn the profileThanks for the help in the section!20.01.16, 11:50
RedjikSony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim - Discussionthank19.01.16, 13:00
motkotSony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim - Discussionand the casket just opened)19.01.16, 11:38
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