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Tiesto4LifeFull decompilation of Android applicationsFor helpToday 11:08
Mr IksoClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor "Throw a coin"26.05.19, 19:27
wolf3d2Club of programmerssavagemessiahzine.com"Bjorn Straustrapapp with an Ostrich Corpse" :)26.05.19, 17:12
55MegaMan55Club of programmerssavagemessiahzine.com+26.05.19, 16:58
JianjoHow do I get an Orange Pi?Help26.05.19, 05:29
mag1233210EclipseThanks for the recommendation.24.05.19, 14:04
55MegaMan55Club of programmerssavagemessiahzine.com+24.05.19, 11:11
wtronikIn the profileATP for a hint21.05.19, 16:57
55MegaMan55Club of programmerssavagemessiahzine.com+20.05.19, 15:30
wolf3d2Club of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comGood comparison :)20.05.19, 09:24
PHPoeniXClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor help with awk16.05.19, 18:26
PHPoeniXClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor posix_spawn15.05.19, 17:06
Ecco1Help with the adaptation of the program, I will pay very wellIt is required to make changes to the program, and sufficiently thorough, if it has not been updated since 2016.14.05.19, 12:33
55MegaMan55Club of programmerssavagemessiahzine.com+10.05.19, 16:18
JekgryazniyFree programming lessons+09.05.19, 17:52
55MegaMan55Club of programmerssavagemessiahzine.com+08.05.19, 14:46
VinniPhCustom programsOpinion is important too!08.05.19, 02:10
muraveiXCustom programsThank.07.05.19, 18:58
wolf3d2Programming Questions+04.05.19, 13:30
darkmefistoOrange Pi Plus - discussionThanks for the replies on gapps and pro for orange pi01.05.19, 16:18
Rejejej2Programming QuestionsThank. I was waiting for you :-)25.04.19, 13:14
RustyApplication restricting access to the device++24.04.19, 23:25
NikolaDegIn the profilethanks for the help24.04.19, 19:19
Android..DEVProgramming Questions+22.04.19, 19:18
zufmalaiArduino, and everything connected with itthank22.04.19, 18:03
ssdgh45Simulator UE on androidHelps22.04.19, 05:12
Lion_e3Orange PI 3Firstly not to you obashalsya
Second, if I knew how, I would have posted it here.
21.04.19, 20:52
wolf3d2Club of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comThank you for the link20.04.19, 19:43
IwiitiClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comMans around the head. Thank.20.04.19, 19:28
ameg3Order for pc programsSearch programs helped19.04.19, 08:07
shlyakpavelOrder for pc programs: D18.04.19, 10:09
ShikidOrange Pi PC 2 - discussionthank18.04.19, 08:19
PHPoeniXClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor help with find16.04.19, 17:45
armen181Orange Pi 2G-IOT ARM Cortex-A5 32bitThank you for atvet16.04.19, 11:29
fr10wiIn the profileFor advice)13.04.19, 16:33
Android..DEVProgramming Questionsthank11.04.19, 16:02
PHPoeniXClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor help with bash variables10.04.19, 18:15
55MegaMan55Club of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comThank10.04.19, 07:53
SicillaProgramming QuestionsFor a hint02.04.19, 07:48
SaWSeMProgramming Questionsthank31.03.19, 23:22
lex844In the profileTHX30.03.19, 10:09
Dmitry LaasIn the profileFor help28.03.19, 18:56
clever_manProgramming Questionshint25.03.19, 18:15
Rejejej2Programming QuestionsThank.23.03.19, 15:51
Roster985Full decompilation of Android applicationsThanks for helping with the Class files and classes.dex20.03.19, 20:17
AndrewP_1Orange Pi PC / Orange Pi One - discussionThanks from eldalex13.03.19, 09:35
the fever dogedogedogeArduino, and everything connected with it+10.03.19, 16:47
PHPoeniXClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor information about ASM10.03.19, 13:06
Sent_DeZProgramming QuestionsFor a tip on the archives09.03.19, 20:57
Dr_Perry_CokeIn the profilethank05.03.19, 13:42
VildanoffProgramming QuestionsThank03.03.19, 10:03
Sent_DeZProgramming QuestionsFor a tip on solving the issue with encodings27.02.19, 09:43
3448689Raspberry Pi - discussionthank21.02.19, 11:06
medialan74Orange Pi PC / Orange Pi One - discussionThank you18.02.19, 16:51
Tony.lIn the profileFor responsiveness, and help18.02.19, 14:56
levaclausBanana Pi - discussion+12.02.19, 16:24
men.stiveIn the profileFor information.10.02.19, 13:28
sigm64Orange PI Lite - discussionThank you for the detailed help.10.02.19, 13:01
PHPoeniXClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor help with signing in git08.02.19, 21:05
iNemoS * 45RuRegular expressionsregular season;)06.02.19, 17:22
peccopBanana Pi - discussionthank31.01.19, 11:41
vladstvoHow do I get an Orange Pi?Thank you for your prompt response! :)31.01.19, 09:13
BlackScull1205In the profilethank24.01.19, 19:55
userjIn the profileHelped with http request24.01.19, 13:35
off-lineIn the profilefor a kick in the right direction)23.01.19, 09:55
_Kat_Kat_In the profilehelped)20.01.19, 15:03
S-traceProgramming QuestionsThanks for the quick response19.01.19, 20:04
Litr70In the profileThank you for the clarification19.01.19, 16:41
kingofshadowsClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comThank :)18.01.19, 21:50
R0naldBanana Pi - discussionthank18.01.19, 10:06
slava557Orange PI Lite - discussionfor the answers18.01.19, 09:21
DrzloooooDebian / Ubuntu based distributionsLife thought.16.01.19, 17:44
alter egoClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.com.15.01.19, 13:00
kingofshadowsClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor clarification.15.01.19, 00:02
zzz140Change the NATIVE resolution in Android TVBOX (Android 6)Thank!09.01.19, 20:15
zrainIn the profilefor GPIO help09.01.19, 10:47
hlzrkSingleplate selectionthanks for the help!08.01.19, 20:40
Artur AleksandrovichWindows CE EmbeddedThanks for the answer !06.01.19, 09:33
kingofshadowsIn the profileHappy New Year! :)01.01.19, 15:06
AirLexaProgramming QuestionsThank! I now line up line by line. to know which line is wrong and which one.31.12.18, 06:50
h1.7In the profileD: d660.29.12.18, 10:20
+ Maxim +Orange Pi Prime - discussionThanks for the legal advice about Microsoft.28.12.18, 21:43
AfGkoLoLIn the profileThanks for the help and answers to the questions!27.12.18, 23:52
AC97In the profileThanks for the help)26.12.18, 12:32
+ Maxim +Orange Pi Prime - discussionThanks, it was more interesting than with Wikipedia.25.12.18, 17:59
kingofshadowsClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor a hint :)25.12.18, 00:14
SadowplayProgramming QuestionsThanks from Psevdoman23.12.18, 03:50
virchezzzHI-FI from speakers from the centerFor info20.12.18, 22:42
GoodProgram "backdoor_mmap_tools", tell me how to usethank you13.12.18, 18:32
mrhollerProgramming QuestionsFor clarification11.12.18, 14:41
narayan2016In the profilethank02.12.18, 16:05
[email protected]In the profileFor help02.12.18, 13:11
olej.tsilOrange Pi PC / Orange Pi One - discussionblah blah blah23.11.18, 21:06
MXFoxClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comThank:)17.11.18, 18:37
elijalogProgramming Questionsthanks for the help13.11.18, 19:24
Achtung!About Android StudioThank you so much for building ESpeak11.11.18, 20:57
kingofshadowsClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comTotally agree with you :)10.11.18, 12:58
bilashka98In the profileSolved a problem with libraries alsa sound08.11.18, 10:54
AlexS_XProgramming Questionsthank07.11.18, 16:48
kingofshadowsClub of programmerssavagemessiahzine.comFor a detailed explanation: thank_you:07.11.18, 14:56
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