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DanilissChoosing an Android media player (General theme)Good answer18.04.19, 15:21
vusal.maestroTanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]Most likely this is a choke. It's not scary.13.04.19, 15:23
SlaikeDiscussion Remote for Android miniPC, TV, media centers and other thingsFor a hint on the remote for Android TV!11.04.19, 15:36
RuSlAn20114Choosing an Android media player (General theme)thank29.03.19, 15:55
Tolyn_VSIn the profileThanks for the firmware26.03.19, 07:43
lVolandlChoosing an Android media player (General theme)for advice, we will buy minix.25.03.19, 16:25
Overlord_084Choosing an Android media player (General theme)thank25.03.19, 10:55
Tolyn_VSTanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]THX24.03.19, 19:50
Russkiy4Ugoos AM3 [Android]THX24.03.19, 19:32
ksierraDiscussion Remote for Android miniPC, TV, media centers and other things+1 thank you06.03.19, 17:17
PensneBlackview BV9600 Pro / Plus - DiscussionFor advice about the curtain06.03.19, 15:50
aleksrIn the profileCord check for bv 900028.02.19, 09:05
Alex256xUgoos AM3 [Android]+18.02.19, 03:56
vladselivUgoos AM3 [Android] - PurchaseI will do it tomorrow.16.02.19, 01:11
vladselivUgoos AM3 [Android] - Custom firmwareI did not think so important.13.02.19, 22:52
KS0289Ugoos AM3 [Android]Helped!07.02.19, 17:27
MimosaaSearch for a car charger with MTK Pump Express 2.0, 3.0 and Qualcomm QC 3.0 (2.0) supportfor a simple answer in plain language, thanks17.01.19, 13:19
mckey72Blackview BV9600 Pro / Plus - DiscussionThanks for the advice!16.01.19, 09:46
magresTanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]Advised to use native cable15.01.19, 20:04
FiZiQBlackview BV9600 Pro / Plus - DiscussionThe answer to the question about the glass rear camera15.01.19, 14:44
UmbabaraumbaIn the profile!14.01.19, 11:35
elvispreasleyTanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]for answering the TX92 question10.01.19, 21:41
14zyUgoos AM3 [Android] - Custom firmwarethanks for the answer09.01.19, 12:56
SwerewolfBlackview BV9600 Pro / Plus - DiscussionFor good advice on order cancellation.26.12.18, 12:25
dengrpzBlackview BV9600 Pro / Plus - Discussionrudeness21.12.18, 11:44
lex13sUgoos AM3 [Android] - PurchaseTHX17.12.18, 18:39
deadmeat1982Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]Thanks for the link08.12.18, 21:45
BigfishczyUgoos AM3 [Android] - PurchaseUseful info07.12.18, 15:23
rvs7781Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]thanks for the idea)02.12.18, 13:15
Voronezh36Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]First I want to backup. Firmware then. +29.11.18, 15:11
beelink r68In the profileBoard14.11.18, 09:35
deni34Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]THX10.11.18, 12:17
shkurpatTanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]Thanks for the tip09.11.18, 23:00
gen9792In the profileTHX07.11.18, 12:07
Petrovitch2Ugoos AM3 [Android]In sleep mode02.11.18, 09:48
tatarin13Ugoos AM3 [Android]Exactly. :-)21.10.18, 15:17
Kam_58Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]for calling and recall16.10.18, 06:17
Vitos1950Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]For help in choosing boxing.07.10.18, 14:42
peacedatoUgoos AM3 [Android] - Purchasethanks for the answer!30.09.18, 14:03
barichevTanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]Anyway +20.09.18, 18:56
gun-fanDiscussion Remote for Android miniPC, TV, media centers and other thingsFor information about learning Q5 remote19.09.18, 16:05
Nick2761Ugoos AM3 [Android]+ For the desire to help18.09.18, 00:42
bushkovUgoos AM3 [Android]Helps05.09.18, 22:04
DrlylyaninIn the profileFor a hint in choosing a cooler cooler for the Tanix TX92!03.09.18, 18:55
Voronezh36Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]Thank . expensive. I will think. + for +.25.08.18, 11:07
lexxrUgoos AM3 [Android]per point wake up +22.08.18, 17:34
Belozyoroff.SanyaTanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 Plus [Android] [Linux]I put it on thermal grease, and above it, in the case, we drilled holes in the body by points ... Well done!22.08.18, 07:42
yra0290In the profileUchtu21.08.18, 18:55
Nick2761Ugoos AM3 [Android] - PurchaseThank06.08.18, 23:30
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