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Acid notationIn the profileA was ppikolny modep ...19.09.19, 18:51
alien 75In the profileFirmware RoverPc g712.09.19, 18:41
NikoRos05In the profileFfff29.08.19, 09:35
JegoryuIn the profileThank you for an interesting story, very informative!)02.07.19, 01:42
Cobra11111Appeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsGood luck Eugene, sorry that it all happened10.06.19, 17:46
xNightxIn the profileSneaky shnyr05.03.19, 08:31
summer.catIn the profileGood man helped figure out07.01.19, 13:31
Elf!Appeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsCool Supermoderator was05.01.19, 11:34
GupailoVIn the profilehappy New Year! all the best and most importantly health, the rest is dust on the boots. Sorry, before there was no opportunity to congratulate.
once again with the holiday and the coming Christmas.
03.01.19, 15:42
Anti-hackIn the profileRemember the man. F16.12.18, 22:34
Lamer ™In the profileMean16.12.18, 21:49
GmenzhurIn the profileContribution and merit for the benefit of users. : thank_you:04.12.18, 14:48
LeyzymoyIn the profile+25.11.18, 15:35
Research in motionIn the profileincorrect behavior24.11.18, 04:42
nemogoodAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsThank.18.11.18, 18:45
YourFeelIn the profileBelieve you10.11.18, 20:29
jorsonIn the profileFor a decent answer.10.11.18, 14:37
hyperion70MikroTik RoutersFor "AnalLizatorov."09.11.18, 16:37
FizikPsixIn the profileWe must resist!08.11.18, 07:56
@ tka4enkoIn the profileSay NO to tatalitarian regime!08.11.18, 00:19
Tim1234832In the profile+07.11.18, 14:27
zhyk_magadanIn the profileZhenya, we are with you! Justice is on your side, believe me!05.11.18, 03:12
xn-01In the profileHold on friend04.11.18, 20:18
DarkShaperIn the profileFor justice!04.11.18, 11:33
jorsonIn the profileThank you for the great contribution to the forum, but also for the fact that he remained a MAN and continue to defend the PRINCIPLES.
Worth respect! : good:
04.11.18, 07:55
MagnifikusIn the profileZhenya, we are with you!03.11.18, 23:59
LeogryphIn the profileThank. For all.03.11.18, 09:52
BrodTVIn the profileVery fair person02.11.18, 13:03
serg_66_rusIn the profileFor justice!02.11.18, 06:11
ĄlrĭcIn the profileZhenya, we will return you31.10.18, 15:10
lion12345In the profileFor the truth31.10.18, 13:53
VasilichIn the profileThe truth is on your side. Thanks for the work30.10.18, 23:14
igorl4146In the profileIt is a pity ... Traveling super. We are with you! Where we are, there is victory!30.10.18, 22:49
Spirit of the nightIn the profileFor the truth, which is carefully trying to hide from users.30.10.18, 21:45
lenya1000In the profileIn a sign of support.
Respectfully !
30.10.18, 21:21
aleksgrayvoronIn the profileZhen, we'll get you out.30.10.18, 21:20
Vamibg ®In the profileWork on the forum!30.10.18, 21:16
DexpIn the profileFor the story30.10.18, 20:54
SociIn the profileI support +30.10.18, 20:52
Roman_savagemessiahzine.comIn the profileBuddy, my respect to you! It is a pity that one day surrounds us. The power (even on the forum) overshadows all that is good in people, and maybe initially there was nothing good in these people.30.10.18, 20:51
NastènchikIn the profileZhenya! We are with you!30.10.18, 20:50
hyperion70In the profileThank.30.10.18, 20:49
dkzibIn the profileThanks for all30.10.18, 20:48
RED SIDEIn the profileNow the situation is very clear.30.10.18, 20:47
ZyomichIn the profileThanks, it was interesting to read!30.10.18, 20:43
4Serg13In the profileDevelopment of the forum, thank you very much for the work done :) I hope this is Halloween30.10.18, 20:36
Rovik_HevikIn the profileI feel sorry for you...30.10.18, 13:11
GiacominoIn the profileI am very sorry that I did not have a chance to talk with you. Honestly, to my shame, I just recently found out about you. True, this is your share of guilt. You did so much for the forum, but somehow you always managed to stay in the background.29.10.18, 20:19
Aleks.74In the profileFor many years of work on the forum.29.10.18, 12:44
sunduxIn the profile+28.10.18, 21:23
"Sergius"In the profileBest admin for working in this forum! Thank!28.10.18, 17:48
Alpha Dog ™Appeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsThanks for the work you've done! Great Super! Responsive and adequately looking at the heart of the problem! With respect!!!28.10.18, 14:55
Sho0oTIn the profileCome back;)28.10.18, 11:44
steelkirillIn the profileThanks for all!28.10.18, 07:47
play007In the profileA good man with a capital letter28.10.18, 05:14
ByeIn the profileThank you very much for doing this whole time for us, sincerely sorry28.10.18, 02:31
DDDTKIn the profileA man with a capital letter! Thank you for your work and invaluable contribution to the convenience for users for all this time! Very sorry...27.10.18, 23:51
cherva70In the profileBest Super for working on the forum27.10.18, 23:19
JustNothingIn the profile:( this is really bad.27.10.18, 23:10
VasilichIn the profileIt is not right27.10.18, 17:46
t4547In the profileCome back27.10.18, 16:56
absolute3In the profileBest super27.10.18, 16:46
Spirit of the nightIn the profileEugene, I do not know for what reason you were banned, but everyone has the right to make mistakes. I hope that the administration of the forum will reconsider its decision and give you a second chance.27.10.18, 16:35
MaxxashIn the profileGood luck in life and decent companions!27.10.18, 16:15
karchikAppeal against incorrect actions of moderators+27.10.18, 16:15
deymIn the profileGod alone administers justice27.10.18, 12:06
lion12345In the profileFor unban!27.10.18, 12:06
arc4n'mIn the profileThank you for being27.10.18, 11:16
dmytoxIn the profile+27.10.18, 09:59
nHappymaNnIn the profileWe are waiting for broken27.10.18, 09:57
curoviyxruIn the profileagainst injustice27.10.18, 09:46
MisherIn the profileWe hope that unban27.10.18, 09:28
- = TheVimeR = -In the profileHe was a good moderator.27.10.18, 09:06
grenchevskiydIn the profile+27.10.18, 09:06
KabancheGIn the profile+27.10.18, 08:26
Jimm85In the profile+27.10.18, 08:21
ĄlrĭcIn the profileWe hope to recover. One of the best27.10.18, 07:56
bakpetrIn the profileWell done27.10.18, 06:13
* Akella *In the profileI believe that everything will be fine. For everything you have done, thank you.27.10.18, 05:32
scileIn the profileThank you, Marrying for everything!27.10.18, 04:11
Rabbid!Appeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsFor unban !!!26.10.18, 23:01
SaWSeMAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsWe will avenge you! Wicked will punish!26.10.18, 15:46
tabikusIn the profileWhy are they you?26.10.18, 14:12
spiraIn the profilere26.10.18, 12:16
Nik2001Nik3006In the profileBanned o_O26.10.18, 09:52
tabikusAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsEven so?) Unexpectedly24.10.18, 09:16
OthelnnickAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsFor lyrical digression. Smiled24.10.18, 09:14
Rommy122In the profileThank you very much for helping to restore your account.21.10.18, 18:55
glide2002MikroTik RoutersAnswer about vlan10.10.18, 23:38
antonwantstosleepIn the profileAccepted, thanks!05.10.18, 19:30
| _Sasha_ |In the profileThank you very much for the tip.04.10.18, 16:03
antonwantstosleepMikroTik RoutersFor OSFP04.10.18, 14:47
Oleg MikhalychAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsGreat answer04.10.18, 10:34
ZugumovichAppeal against incorrect actions of moderatorsI admire you, dear super-moderator. Finally, I waited until the end of this endless complaint (ps raised my spirits. Thank you!)02.10.18, 13:18
igorl4146In the profileThank you for your prompt response.29.09.18, 21:18
SimbaIn the profileThanks for the answers to my questions)29.09.18, 16:26
drnik976In the profileThank23.09.18, 15:32
AngelgtxSetting up networks, Internet access and network equipmentthank23.09.18, 14:50
PrizrakSMikroTik RoutersFor participation in VPN22.09.18, 23:26
PrizrakSMikroTik RoutersFor a tip on the microta21.09.18, 16:27
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