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utf8Reader📢02.02.19, 12:19
JaguarKingIn the profileThanks for the response :)04.01.19, 04:01
SerozhIn the profile+1 for the replenishment of the collection of books by the author Toporov Victor. Hard rotation in the farm03.12.18, 10:22
PadavanIn the profileThanks, I will try28.05.18, 22:11
apokrifXIn the profileHappy New Year!31.12.17, 22:04
ez7pacEqualizerThanks for the info17.07.17, 01:30
kazhiPocketBook 631 / Touch HD [Linux]Funny16.07.17, 05:18
androwindowsRockbox chinese community+ rockbox23.06.17, 14:23
Kramar111E-Book SelectionI thought that I was buying a replacement for the old one, but I forgot about the sound.20.05.17, 11:40
traipl_sIn the profileFor the book12.05.17, 13:30
oskolok_vatbIE-Book SelectionThanks for the advice on choosing an e-book.10.05.17, 08:37
Alex1811SVOX Classic Text To Speech Engine+16.04.17, 12:03
svobodnyyIn the profileTHX12.04.17, 11:47
Karabas ~ Barabas®AINUR Audio SAURON+++23.03.17, 18:47
vctr_mhlv®AINUR Audio SAURONfor valid questions on AINUR Audio (the very same ones arose)26.02.17, 00:05
Skrem339In the profilefor rocketbox04.01.17, 13:39
3dfullIn the profile))))) Thank you, och liked it ..... now I read "Toyota Korol" ...03.11.16, 12:27
apokrifXIn the profile:)30.10.16, 18:54
svoboda 120Owners Club Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 EdgeLithium does not like deep discharge at all (as well as charging) - this is what I meant. Thanks for the support.26.09.16, 12:58
temper89Owners Club Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 EdgeFor adequate comment26.09.16, 12:45
NokPda-DESVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineFor advice with a comma, a typo in the moonreader! Life saved! Thank you very much!15.08.16, 02:02
opl34In the profileAbout war06.08.16, 23:57
kup0lIn the profileThanks for the link to the work program.30.07.16, 23:20
PadavanIn the profileAlso not going to read yet)08.06.16, 11:17
terakon® DroidMote ServerThanks for the ®Limitless Remote28.05.16, 08:08
apokrifXIn the profile:)24.02.16, 09:34
palladoSVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineFrom the cap of the willow theme! I put it without dancing with a tambourine, through TTS, all instructions. described above apokrifX.
Happy Holidays February 23!
23.02.16, 11:39
apokrifXIn the profileHappy New Year!27.12.15, 19:26
shurik2011Rockbox chinese communityMany thanks for the effort!23.11.15, 19:51
KIA1970Headset Button ControllerThank! Out on HeadsetDroid)))21.11.15, 12:09
grwIn the profileFor the completion of the Second World War.08.11.15, 17:26
apokrifXIn the profileFor checking!06.10.15, 21:32
palladoSVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineRahmat'ak for the dialogue.24.09.15, 19:49
nedoolegIn the profileFor help.25.06.15, 23:22
buraiIn the profileOK.13.06.15, 05:54
UtyffpMetrofor participating in pMetro testing16.05.15, 11:48
apokrifXSVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineThanks for checking in!05.03.15, 19:00
apokrifXSVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineThanks for checking in!03.03.15, 18:34
Blade30JVC LT-32M540 - DiscussionThanks for the root! Well done !!!!30.01.15, 15:40
ReFL0akJVC LT-32M540 - Discussion528.01.15, 17:16
Moun00Samsung GT-I9190 Galaxy S4 Mini - DiscussionAbout OBS - this is correct :-D22.01.15, 10:27
utf8SVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineGreat :-D21.01.15, 17:20
fedofedSamsung SM-T800 / SM-T805 Galaxy Tab S 10.5 - DiscussionThank!08.01.15, 12:21
BendComparing Poweramp sound with other playersfor some reason it seems to me that you are more right than the rest, who are stupidly fanning simply from the same name as PowerAmp.04.01.15, 23:41
apokrifXIn the profileHappy New Year!01.01.15, 19:59
vaskin13_99Echo of Moscow - Interviewfor a decision on the Echo program30.12.14, 20:05
akcccpTalking clockFor the program08.12.14, 15:25
MegaezhickSamsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi, LTE - Official firmwareFor info about XP07.12.14, 17:52
lvv1960Sleep as AndroidLaugh;)27.11.14, 19:46
polkoffnikIn the profileThank you for your help!20.11.14, 20:01
sontravaRockbox chinese communityfor rockboxes20.11.14, 07:06
apokrifXSVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineI agree! : yes2:16.11.14, 01:18
esmahtRockbox chinese communityThank you for helping Robox!)20.10.14, 18:15
esmahtRockbox chinese communityPostavil.Spasibo.Otlichno works. Without hangs and reboots!08.10.14, 12:22
apokrifXSVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineA good idea!15.09.14, 16:18
grwIn the profileFor the Second World War04.09.14, 18:39
apokrifXSVOX Classic Text To Speech Engine[URL = https: //ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%94%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1% 8C_%D0% B7% D0% BD% D0% B0% D0% BD% D0% B8% D0% B9] Happy Knowledge Day !!! [/ URL]01.09.14, 19:40
VovkaSOLIn the profileFor a joke :-)31.07.14, 09:46
AtavisRockbox chinese communityThank you very much.16.06.14, 11:12
apokrifXSVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineGreetings to the regular forum member! : yes2:13.06.14, 18:55
shurik2011Rockbox chinese communityThank you11.06.14, 23:18
pasaran190786Rockbox chinese communityAssistance in installing a new version of the player.17.04.14, 06:13
MozgovicMusic Player ReviewThanks for the WMPlayer17.04.14, 00:49
apokrifXIn the profileHappy laugh day! :) :) :)
savagemessiahzine.comClamps pluses, does not give time to congratulate ...
02.04.14, 20:18
Foto40In the profileFrom our table to yours)))15.03.14, 20:33
Slava roduIn the profileIt is necessary to change not only the wife, but also the brain: D12.03.14, 10:30
vilvovRockbox chinese communitythank12.03.14, 08:54
apokrifXIn the profile>What a memory! But I, too, have not yet found that progress has made a person at least a little happier ...
progress progress discord :)
06.03.14, 17:29
apokrifXIn the profileHappy Defender of the Fatherland!
24.02.14, 07:34
wouldnt_evenArmAmp Music Playerexactly.17.01.14, 18:47
Alex1811SVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineDo not bother.12.01.14, 17:30
apokrifXIn the profileMerry Christmas!08.01.14, 03:08
ErstenIn the profileThanks for the link!02.01.14, 11:00
shelnikIn the profilefor tests01.01.14, 23:24
apokrifXIn the profileC upcoming! I wish you success in the new year!
31.12.13, 13:10
apokrifXSVOX Classic Text To Speech Engine>For continuous work on the topic
You too! :)
28.12.13, 15:02
25mdRockbox chinese communityfor help with rockbox settings07.12.13, 14:08
pasaran190786Rockbox chinese communityfor the recommendation of this player, until that moment I was not known.02.12.13, 19:10
shelnikIn the profileFor tests27.11.13, 19:05
25mdRockbox chinese communityThanks for the fonts - at least the choice is in size ...26.11.13, 22:04
HobejlbRockbox chinese communityOk just going25.11.13, 11:48
shelnikIn the profileFor tests21.11.13, 17:15
kvazartfkIn the profileThank you for the version from Papaloco 480 * 800. There has been no black screen yet. Works. If possible, put on skins for this permission. If such exist ...13.11.13, 01:43
6bIgJIoIn the profileFor rockbox11.11.13, 12:44
shelnikIn the profileFor the test09.11.13, 14:50
farsheloIn the profilerockbox theme03.11.13, 16:19
p0iznIn the profileThank. Put it here when it appears02.11.13, 16:00
ShaDoZIn the profileFor help with rock boxing16.10.13, 11:37
palladoSVOX Classic Text To Speech EngineWell done, this author of the Munrider, laid an interesting function. I hope that this tool will help you now!14.10.13, 01:26
danko843In the profileThank you! True now the player is in Chinese ...12.10.13, 16:21
adboNeutron Music PlayerDarwin Award went to the wrong person this season. she is yours right! I compensate a bit08.10.13, 20:18
Black_VelvetSound quality in modern communicators / phonesthank08.10.13, 12:10
p0iznIn the profileFor comparisons :)07.10.13, 17:04
shelnikIn the profileFor "Intrusiveness" and the desire to help.01.10.13, 18:24
pesnopenieIn the profileYou can't cheat snot for straightforwardness29.09.13, 22:13
shelnikIn the profileFor the arrow.28.09.13, 23:50
apokrifXSVOX Classic Text To Speech Engine[quote name = 'apokrifX' date = '28 .09.2013, 09:03 'post = 25398856] Do you happen to work in a “hot shop”, where does the year go by 3? [/ quote] Joke! :)28.09.13, 16:10
p0iznIn the profileMany thanks, lay out more! ;)11.09.13, 21:23
shelnikIn the profilefor tests05.09.13, 05:57
SMEH77Neutron Music PlayerThank you for reminding)01.09.13, 10:04
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