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shtirlitz1945Duke nukemDuke Nukem forever!26.05.10, 19:23
bob3kIn the profileWe are so beautiful.27.09.09, 23:04
koordinatorIn the profileATP for a photo)25.09.09, 08:13
gabbyIn the profile+1 for photos24.09.09, 22:45
DanilVIIn the profilethanks, interested!30.08.09, 15:50
PerperumIn the profileFor the picture !!!29.07.09, 20:05
LogoIn the profilerudeness28.07.09, 16:49
TimoshkaIn the profileIt is necessary more easy ...25.07.09, 01:10
fragIn the profileSofter need: (24.07.09, 22:47
ListopadIn the profile))))))14.07.09, 22:06
drum1kIn the profileI agree26.06.09, 23:56
qmbSkype for Pocket PCThank you for the link02.04.09, 14:18
MarviIn the profileThat's specifically for this post18.03.09, 19:24
alroIn the profilefor tolerance of age perception03.02.09, 15:19
MuftikIn the profilefor the iron ... you strictly * rest peacefully * without sarcasm *30.01.09, 21:53
ivan govorovIn the profileIn the hundredth post-hundredth turnip! Happy anniversary ;-) Cattle will not work!)28.01.09, 00:00
HutsIn the profilefor rudeness27.01.09, 21:00
unrealwolfIn the profile+27.01.09, 12:35
ivan govorovIn the profileFor a small victory over Avtopozdl.26.01.09, 19:24
freddyhackerIn the profileright, maybe at least in one of us ... that is, they will change for the better25.01.09, 21:11
DanilVIIn the profileJust wrote well.25.01.09, 18:51
grobovshikIn the profileFor perseverance! :)11.01.09, 15:51
Petro92LandscapeBeautiful picture :) I liked it immediately :)10.01.09, 00:14
Petro92Unusual lookCool photo25.12.08, 15:45
konvasIn the profileFor an honest attitude to life! For the Soul that was not poisoned and did not make money! !!!!!!!!!!! For understanding!16.12.08, 01:30
SenatorIn the profileFor 3 people ...14.12.08, 00:14
HtcP3400userIn the profile110.12.08, 00:49
trulanderConnecting the mouse / keyboard to the PC via the COM port106.12.08, 17:37
kochrobUnusual lookSuper.04.12.08, 01:48
Yasha!In the profilefor the link)03.12.08, 02:33
paladin7Unusual lookGreat shot!05.10.08, 17:47
kochrobUnusual lookcrack in the autumn05.10.08, 16:58
OlegOKIn the profileThank!14.02.08, 20:42
mc_21Photographing florathank28.11.07, 21:46
cyberdrunyaIn the profilefor help in setting up an Internet26.06.07, 15:00
Di'BrainDuke nukemThank you for the DukeNukem button FAQ.28.05.07, 19:10
BarsikIn the profilethanks16.05.07, 20:21
mc_21In the profileBecause yesterday I drove to the subway ...18.04.07, 11:54
The razerIn the profiledo not be sad ... the main thing that remained with the "player" ...12.04.07, 15:58
DarkClausIn the profiledon't be sad brother11.04.07, 22:19
mitrolexIn the profilefor the mood11.04.07, 16:15
GNOMIn the profilefor courage and responsibility08.04.07, 22:06
LSQIn the profilef807.03.07, 22:08
MarleneIn the profileCongratulations on the first day of spring! Happiness to you, smiles, warmth and just spring mood :)01.03.07, 05:48
LogoIn the profilethank08.02.07, 09:14
NickitkaIn the profilethanks for the help22.01.07, 21:06
Outcast-d.o.bFloatmepeople do not use visbar04.01.07, 20:55
MarleneIn the profileDays are melting like snowflakes on a warm palm
And turns, and turns their quiet dance.
Enchanted Spruce Frost Crowns
Rumbled, started singing - the New Year is coming!
May he bring with him both joy and happiness,
Let good luck reveal its secrets
May there not be hope from now on vain,
I wish smiles, warmth and love!
30.12.06, 02:31
>Sheff<In the profileIMHO!27.12.06, 00:43
doneAlexandroIn the profileCongratulations on the promotion! :)27.11.06, 20:16
edw1nIn the profileSo them! ;)29.10.06, 14:21
KsaladorMONSTRIK-2 saw the lightthanks for the support24.10.06, 08:14
XDziP02Connecting the mouse / keyboard to the PC via the COM portza zaboty o drugih22.10.06, 07:52
toshasConnecting the mouse / keyboard to the PC via the COM portStill, the connection of the keyboard to the PDA was completed15.10.06, 16:44
scr1ptIn the profilefor help with bb13.10.06, 07:56
timurmurmurConnecting the mouse / keyboard to the PC via the COM portsoldering affairs master ...12.10.06, 09:44
GreenPillIn the profileWow, how I was neighing!11.10.06, 19:11
Klev_Connecting the mouse / keyboard to the PC via the COM portWell done!!!04.10.06, 14:43
! admin!In the profile =))) 03.10.06, 21:17
WWILDDIn the profileSenk, that cleared up the situation with MMS30.09.06, 01:32
LI-O-NIn the profileFor pinout com port ipac well and just for insistence :)07.09.06, 13:47
darktemplarConnecting the mouse / keyboard to the PC via the COM portThank you for the patient explanation.04.09.06, 21:22
LSQIn the profileskates pedal!28.08.06, 22:02
e-ch!In the profileFifth fifth axis is a really big glitch !!!14.08.06, 16:10
ZIKSUSIn the profileFor help in choosing a PDA!31.07.06, 00:37
cad8erMade by handsfor filling: o)23.07.06, 15:29
FootballIn the profileCool11.07.06, 19:14
MagoIn the profileTin! : rofl:: rol1:: rofl:: rol1:: clap:10.07.06, 22:07
ssvIn the profileThanks for the correction about the battery. (but it is there anyway - in the form of a large-capacity capacitor!) :)04.07.06, 03:30
MarleneIn the profileFor rooting for the Slav brothers01.07.06, 03:18
BreaknusIn the profilejoked =)06.06.06, 20:20
DafConnecting a PDA to the Internet via BTThank you for the detailed explanation about setting up an Internet through blasting17.05.06, 20:33
ksen4usIn the profileFor help in this difficult task ....21.04.06, 12:17
ituIn the profile 19.04.06, 21:28
DIK61In the profilePromptly and on the topic - thanks! Anything I can; (19.04.06, 18:15
2d0xSkins for QKeysThank !17.04.06, 16:09
2d0xSkins for QKeysThank you so much for testing !!!14.04.06, 21:15
FruzlerIn the profileKeep a plus :)13.04.06, 21:40
lenhensterIn the profilefor help12.04.06, 17:33
torpedaIn the profileFor the momentary faithful resuscitation advice hx211008.04.06, 18:53
AmmendorfIn the profile[quote = plab] until the mode appears [b] fuck [/ b] [/ quote]

08.04.06, 18:26
JurgenIn the profileFor deep, and most importantly patient explanations08.04.06, 13:40
s @ shaIn the profilefor systematic patient explanations to newbies.06.04.06, 21:55
KollegaHP iPAQ hx4700 - WM5.0 UpgradeThank you for helping to restore the 470004.04.06, 14:58
pumpIn the profileHelped to choose a PDA01.04.06, 13:14
GreyfoxMemmaidFor efficiency and responsiveness.29.03.06, 19:18
whitebearIn the profileFor help29.03.06, 18:25
svetashovIn the profilefor watch28.03.06, 14:17
DetectiveAgile messengerRussification Agile Messenjer27.03.06, 15:25
AmmendorfIn the profileFor all the homeless. Necherta minus set!26.03.06, 13:32
LI-O-NWindows on the PDAFor installation article 95 Windows19.03.06, 08:59
Aleksey akimoffGSFinder +for russification of GSFinder18.03.06, 18:56
LSQIn the profileyou know why) Respect can not even imagine how bailed out)14.03.06, 16:21
ErmolIn the profileFor informative answers :)12.03.06, 21:48
kuzmichdIn the profile 11.03.06, 14:47
GreenPillIn the profileFor my stay here!10.03.06, 19:48
vitacom1Pocket artistfor the noble cause of Russification poket artist.
07.03.06, 18:55
vanIn the profilethank! :))02.03.06, 13:29
feduzaIn the profilefreebie is good)01.03.06, 17:32
-In the profileThank! :)01.03.06, 17:15
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