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stp101Huawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - DiscussionThanks from Openshow04.05.19, 16:49
@strelOKIn the profileThanks for the tip, now I know about the new flash drive!18.04.19, 20:17
AktafHuawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - DiscussionThanks for the help.06.04.19, 20:48
MIKEINSIDEIn the profilethank03.04.19, 09:32
mister-13xIn the profileThanks for the help.03.04.19, 08:40
MIKEINSIDEIn the profileThanks for the help .01.04.19, 18:34
AktafHuawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - DiscussionThank you very much.01.04.19, 17:38
AktafIn the profileThank you very much for your help.30.03.19, 22:35
LoginAndPasswordZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - DiscussionEverything turned out to be customized. I'll deal with the password now25.03.19, 21:58
AktafIn the profileThanks for trying to help!22.03.19, 23:19
@strelOKIn the profileThanks buddy for the adb instructions for ztemf82322.03.19, 12:57
@strelOKIn the profileMany thanks for the instruction.20.03.19, 19:59
alexlaz1982In the profileFor the 3272 bootloader, which I did not have19.03.19, 21:12
AktafTP-Link TL-WR841 - DiscussionThank you very much, today I can sleep more calmly.17.03.19, 22:24
WinswapTP-Link TL-WR841 - DiscussionATP for the module hint17.03.19, 17:13
AktafIn the profileFor the work, for the help, thank you very much!15.03.19, 23:23
AktafHuawei E3276 (Megaphone M150-1, M100-2, MTS 822F, 822FT) - DiscussionThank you very much. For all!!! It turns out here and "inherited".14.03.19, 19:53
AktafTP-Link TL-MR3020 - Discussionthanks for the help13.03.19, 14:44
MIKEINSIDEIn the profileThank you for helping.12.03.19, 16:42
AktafIn the profileA very big help in mastering the unknown.
Thank you very much.
11.03.19, 22:06
fika82OpenWrt / LEDE - alternative firmwareThanks for the firmware!03.03.19, 21:45
AktafTP-Link TL-MR3020 - DiscussionThe result is beautiful. The router in the attic moved. Modem inserted into it. It was not very. For that I turned off the wifi at the modem and tried to connect to the router and the Internet also earned it.02.03.19, 17:44
acidkoTP-Link TL-MR3020 - DiscussionA plus27.02.19, 20:13
MrKote13In the profile+26.02.19, 22:10
@strelOKIn the profileFor TTL12826.02.19, 16:21
WHITORIn the profilethank24.02.19, 20:32
barni34048In the profileMr302024.02.19, 08:31
AktafTP-Link TL-MR3020 - DiscussionThank you very much!!!!14.02.19, 00:52
klen7413In the profileHelp in firmware12.02.19, 12:04
AktafTP-Link TL-MR3020 - DiscussionThank you so much for the great help!11.02.19, 23:59
fig17TP-LINK TL-WR842ND - Discussionthanks for the help11.02.19, 22:14
unlive74In the profileLede support for asus dsl-n12u03.02.19, 16:28
maguaASUS DSL-N12Ufirmware fix for N12U03.02.19, 00:40
ASHKAZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - DiscussionHelp in solving problems!01.02.19, 11:33
androtesterTP-Link TL-MR3020 - Discussionflash01.02.19, 10:29
Kryukov.RostislavIn the profile+28.01.19, 21:28
k @ rambaTP-Link TL-WR841 - Discussionthank22.01.19, 13:30
xTurboTP-Link WR1043nd - Discussionthanks for the answer19.01.19, 21:34
npoctotakHuawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - DiscussionTHX15.01.19, 11:33
Baggs1995In the profilethank10.01.19, 02:34
gott365OpenWrt / LEDE - alternative firmwareDevices with small flash27.12.18, 19:15
durianHuawei E3276 (Megaphone M150-1, M100-2, MTS 822F, 822FT) - Discussionthank you for answering my question23.12.18, 21:55
gerodiklTP-LINK TL-WR842ND - DiscussionATP, we study20.12.18, 14:03
gerodiklTP-LINK TL-WR842ND - Discussionthank18.12.18, 19:10
o_e_sHuawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - Discussioninattention10.12.18, 22:45
Porno_2Huawei E3276 (Megaphone M150-1, M100-2, MTS 822F, 822FT) - Discussion+23.08.18, 16:07
ferhad.necefHuawei E3276 (Megaphone M150-1, M100-2, MTS 822F, 822FT) - DiscussionThanks from neon12345614.07.18, 15:53
RangeRUASUS DSL-N12UFrom the heart !!!
Thank :)
07.06.18, 08:40
RangeRUASUS DSL-N12UFor the firmware LEDE 17.01.4
Thank you for maintaining the life of the old man from ASUS;)
24.05.18, 13:59
BabyHummer A-328Huawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - DiscussionThank you so much!28.04.18, 15:35
edwar1ZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - Discussionfor help25.04.18, 03:27
velikashkinTP-Link TL-MR3420 - Discussion+ from karakal1977: "Thank you, kiss in karma!"20.04.18, 23:59
stp101TP-Link TL-MR3420 - Discussion+ from karakal197719.04.18, 20:49
thebonixBuild OpenWrt / LEDE from sourceguided on the right path13.04.18, 23:06
ambrosia_xxASUS DSL-N12UGave my router a second life))) Thank you)01.04.18, 20:05
basta63Huawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - DiscussionThanks for the link!15.03.18, 08:52
vinetu_sabgHuawei E3276 (Megaphone M150-1, M100-2, MTS 822F, 822FT) - Discussionjust no words, thanks ..., really helped ...13.03.18, 09:10
vinetu_sabgHuawei E3276 (Megaphone M150-1, M100-2, MTS 822F, 822FT) - Discussionthanks, it helped.11.03.18, 22:12
orarunBuild OpenWrt / LEDE from sourcePrompted the decision, thanks10.03.18, 20:45
nvitekBuild OpenWrt / LEDE from sourceInformation is useful for everyone. )))08.03.18, 10:18
Ser-gunyaZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - DiscussionFor the support27.02.18, 14:26
AktafTP-LINK TL-WR842ND - DiscussionYesterday the system did not give a plus. Thank you very much.19.02.18, 15:25
AktafTP-LINK TL-WR842ND - DiscussionThank you very much. A little more explanation in the messages would be great!17.02.18, 22:43
piciologTP-LINK TL-WR842ND - DiscussionHelp with password15.02.18, 21:26
region_16ZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - Discussionzte mf823 fix TTL = 12815.02.18, 10:45
SeraphZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - DiscussionChot is not funny.14.02.18, 20:24
shalunhBuild OpenWrt / LEDE from sourceAnd thanks again! For an intelligent explanation! )05.02.18, 21:22
konflikt_ruZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - DiscussionThank you already repaired)02.02.18, 13:00
shalunhBuild OpenWrt / LEDE from sourceThank you so much for taking the time and creating a working instruction on how to compile the firmware for youku yk-l1 router!31.01.18, 23:53
yoreekASUS DSL-N12Uthank)30.01.18, 10:43
shalunhBuild OpenWrt / LEDE from sourceFor help with information on the router24.01.18, 17:36
Igor61743555TP-Link TL-MR3020 - DiscussionPlease raise your reputation17.01.18, 12:10
kazmadanHuawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - Discussion327217.01.18, 01:53
azino.com.ruZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - DiscussionThanks for the info!08.01.18, 12:17
Daryl D.TP-Link WR1043nd - DiscussionThank. For help in finding the firmware.07.01.18, 13:37
dexus13Huawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - Discussionthanks for the help07.01.18, 02:12
dozellllHuawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - Discussionthank05.01.18, 22:56
legion2525In the profiletp link05.01.18, 08:52
ShooreZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - Discussion+ from iniciator: "thank you"04.01.18, 18:09
nerixfineZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - Discussionabout modem firmware03.01.18, 20:55
linkoln78TP-LINK TL-WR842ND - DiscussionThanks for the help.03.01.18, 13:38
nik_33TP-LINK TL-WR842ND - Discussionthanks for the help01.01.18, 21:14
leviuTP-LINK TL-WR842ND - DiscussionFor instructions on ping !! 126.12.17, 07:42
denisssssTP-LINK TL-MR3220 - Discussionfor help in resolving the issue15.12.17, 23:07
MIKEINSIDEIn the profileThank you very much!06.12.17, 19:50
stp101Huawei E5573 (Beeline E5573, Megaphone MR150-3, MTS 8210FT) - Discussion+ by egdmvl02.12.17, 00:32
sl.314Huawei E5373 (MTS 828F, MTS 828FT) - Discussionthank01.12.17, 07:54
MIKEINSIDEIn the profilethanks for the help29.11.17, 20:40
max123456TP-LINK TL-WR842ND - Discussionhelped to deal with the router28.11.17, 16:58
The_ImmortalZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - DiscussionFor clarification17.11.17, 19:40
Fred_kazZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - Discussionthank13.11.17, 14:19
stp101ZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - Discussion+ by novboec12.11.17, 00:04
MIKEINSIDETP-Link TL-MR3020 - DiscussionThank you, I asked07.11.17, 19:59
beks80814TP-LINK TL-MR3040 - Discussionthanks for the tip!27.10.17, 20:56
ilya-fedinHuawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - Discussionthank04.10.17, 19:18
vladseverrrIn the profileFor real help and responsiveness!28.09.17, 15:21
SerBor1In the profileTHX13.09.17, 17:53
a_switcherHuawei E3272 (Megaphone M100-4, MTS 824F, 824FT) - DiscussionFor the link12.09.17, 17:03
WHITORZTE MF823, ZTE MF823D (Megaphone M100-3) - Discussionthank12.08.17, 04:20
SlawocHuawei E5330 (MTS 424d) - Discussionfor providing information on drivers for the E5330.23.07.17, 22:29
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