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plus7In the profilespeaks correctly28.05.13, 22:00
AAA12345AAAIn the profile-14.04.13, 03:43
ZiViTiIn the profilefor explanations! And why are you banned?29.01.13, 15:29
Pie2012Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliStupid08.01.13, 00:15
pasha229In the profileC Coming you my friend! All the best to you in the New Year, so that it would be much better for you!31.12.12, 21:37
aleks sanIn the profilethank!28.10.12, 09:59
174ruIvy the kiwi+ for Ivy the Kiwi24.04.12, 17:59
Dima-in-omskTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliInteresting info about powervr22.04.12, 10:32
BonifacyiIn the profilefor your opinion12.03.12, 14:00
Alex318iIn the profileMurtazin02.02.12, 14:57
zaboIn the profiletype please after ban29.01.12, 03:10
TrumpAvalanche Snowboarding+1 from triang2315.01.12, 15:42
ivan govorovIn the profileThat's right.12.01.12, 09:01
NITROUSPEEDIn the profileThat's it! Right! =) In the trash aimak!10.01.12, 18:05
rinoaXtraktFor the works !!! Thank!!!10.01.12, 14:57
ivan govorovIn the profileGood post.09.01.12, 18:50
Impress1veAdreno gpuwelcome back))08.01.12, 17:07
asxhimikIn the profileWith the coming!01.01.12, 17:47
pasha229In the profileHappy New Year to you! All the best to you in the New 2012!01.01.12, 00:29
6600Motorola DROID 4 - DiscussionThanks for the answer!28.12.11, 10:18
DarkskivIn the profilezoched!26.12.11, 11:49
werwolf696Why don't you love the iPhone?for useful links on PDA history25.12.11, 17:41
SanisIn the profilewell said23.12.11, 17:54
PicnikTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Mali+ from GooTRrest18.12.11, 10:43
Air TCIn the profilefor layout advice ...12.12.11, 01:57
kecalkoatlIn the profileFor answer10.12.11, 15:29
ZiViTiIn the profileyou said correctly)24.11.11, 16:19
zaboIn the profileProvide developers with coffee?12.11.11, 12:35
AntiNubIn the profilegood speech07.11.11, 17:41
server1991In the profileFor advice =)07.11.11, 01:24
tancor-volskMotorola DROID 3 - DiscussionThanks for the advice07.11.11, 00:06
Fredkill13In the profileThank you for explanation06.11.11, 13:40
MyNameIsWinnerIn the profileGave a smart and detailed answer in the topic of Android torrent tracker (http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=239098&st=20)05.11.11, 19:51
sclMotorola DROID 3 - Discussionthank you for help:)01.11.11, 07:15
aa494Samsung GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus - Discussioncredit for the statements !!!!31.10.11, 19:44
armarmIn the profilecompetently30.10.11, 10:03
zaboIn the profileOh yes, this is an achievement, 2 cores are simply not necessary. Well at least the caller 4 core does not require27.10.11, 23:31
darkwaweIn the profileham24.10.11, 13:40
BIG HORGY ™Motorola DROID 3 - Discussionthank.24.10.11, 11:48
POOPseGIn the profilebe careful with expressions23.10.11, 23:17
maximas19In the profilefor the help!22.10.11, 20:16
ASGIn the profile+22.10.11, 16:19
zloy denIn the profileFor the adequacy of the issue of licenses22.10.11, 11:50
PicnikIn the profileI agree with everything!20.10.11, 03:25
EquadorIn the profileThe best IM integration was 2 years ago with the N900, now17.10.11, 15:41
RadagestIn the profileThanks for the info about the operative. Helpful :)17.10.11, 10:15
koordinatorIn the profile+1 by noumenon_sav17.10.11, 08:56
zaboTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliInteresting info14.10.11, 09:03
zusicks438Android vs other mobile OSClear.13.10.11, 15:11
SKY.SPBMotorola DROID 3 - DiscussionFor comparison devices13.10.11, 11:19
ilex66In the profilein Russia, the phone is sent to those monthly examinations, rather than being repaired and generally hammered by consumer law.12.10.11, 10:57
Install.exeIn the profilereasoned answer12.10.11, 09:09
flashgcIn the profileAccording to the scenario, the owner of the iPhone should come in and loudly laugh. =)))))))))))))))) Krasava11.10.11, 23:23
deliriousIn the profilefor information about PowerVR 53010.10.11, 10:43
mathcodeIn the profile"The mat part is sometimes useful to know ..." Poor simbian, everyone is ready to offend him. But they praised him before.09.10.11, 14:20
armarmIn the profilefrom the heart he said straight)08.10.11, 19:42
v - tIn the profileThanks for the advice in choosing a phone.07.10.11, 09:22
v - tIn the profileThanks for the advice in choosing a phone.07.10.11, 09:22
SKY.SPBIn the profileFor recommendations in choosing a device07.10.11, 07:15
v - tIn the profileThanks for the advice.07.10.11, 05:21
BIG HORGY ™Motorola DROID 3 - Discussionfor wanting to help05.10.11, 09:24
ASGIn the profile+02.10.11, 17:29
RemiIn the profileThat's right.28.09.11, 05:21
flashgcIn the profile127.09.11, 01:02
worm5320In the profileFor help with the choice of iron)26.09.11, 18:08
Tomilow2006In the profileThanks for the opinion))21.09.11, 19:23
golden_dragonNokia N9 - Discussionplus (for help in choosing a smart and for patience :-)) from chilavert1121.09.11, 15:24
174ruXtraktby Xtrakt19.09.11, 17:53
zaboIn the profileI am the first to say that you will ignore, come better in yourself.15.09.11, 00:22
asxhimikIn the profileIt has already reached ... just like after Simba with 1 launch file, 10 pieces in the sections on the android is just EM ...13.09.11, 17:27
BIG HORGY ™Motorola DROID 3 - DiscussionThank you for the information13.09.11, 16:47
BIG HORGY ™In the profilefor a tip with the purchase of Droid313.09.11, 07:27
Advoc @ teMotorola DROID 3 - DiscussionThank you for your help!01.09.11, 19:30
AyubNokia N900 - Discussionimmensely thanks for the answers about the Nokia n90029.08.11, 13:32
awacs-usIn the profile60% half a year, a record, almost)29.08.11, 09:40
de_fack_toIn the profileFor a small consultation. I know about the RAM, I just would like to see more - that's all.29.08.11, 09:14
asxhimikIn the profilethank28.08.11, 13:22
oneprimeIn the profilefor explanations25.08.11, 13:37
WasjaHDIn the profileThank you for the link!24.08.11, 20:46
vertyogoIn the profilejust like that =)24.08.11, 16:26
BIG HORGY ™Motorola DROID 3 - Discussionhere you are now very precisely about hardware clave24.08.11, 07:46
KpoliqueIn the profilefor good advice :)20.08.11, 03:02
SvelarIn the profileTrolling cgs, lol. )19.08.11, 10:18
DrazharIn the profileThank you for helping me choose a mobile.19.08.11, 09:25
} {uMuKIn the profileWell said15.08.11, 18:40
NITROUSPEEDWhy don't you love the iPhone?Good screenshots of the desktop12.08.11, 01:40
DarkcobaltumIn the profile+11.08.11, 12:36
MakspecialIn the profileThank. Very detailed and lucidly told about androyd!11.08.11, 12:14
henrybpIn the profile"I do not understand such bursts of love for a piece of iron and lines of code."10.08.11, 10:10
worm5320In the profileN900 info09.08.11, 23:09
NITROUSPEEDIn the profileConvinced09.08.11, 12:47
VedyIn the profile+08.08.11, 19:37
6600In the profileThanks for the info "Droid 3"04.08.11, 10:09
AlexmpkIn the profileFor sound thoughts!02.08.11, 12:42
bm4egIn the profileI agree on the situation with android.31.07.11, 03:32
temper89In the profileThere really is a difference, thanks for the info.30.07.11, 20:19
VAMPIRE7438746In the profileHelped with the phone;)29.07.11, 03:13
blabla001In the profileI support :)28.07.11, 16:12
zusicks438In the profileThank.22.07.11, 08:35
XrandomIn the profilethank22.07.11, 00:21
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