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GlebaxDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SThanks for the quick response17.07.19, 15:29
system991My phone shoots better!The old man is still in business! +10.09.18, 20:05
dimongt1My phone shoots better!Great detail10.09.18, 19:06
kypa123My phone shoots better!Nice photos!10.09.18, 18:59
CSeUsMy phone shoots better!Hold the class :)10.09.18, 18:53
kypa123Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SFor comparison23.08.18, 21:24
@ zipper @Xiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmwarethank17.07.18, 09:58
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Really)) +14.07.18, 00:05
klondenIn the profilehelped13.07.18, 21:49
FrozenSEXiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmwareThanks, I will try08.07.18, 10:07
Musafir087In the profileThanks for the mod with which it still shoots in the dark)01.07.18, 00:09
Yokohama7In the profileFor an objective opinion21.06.18, 00:59
DanisSSSRDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5Ssunset29.05.18, 23:31
GramualPower consumption (autonomy) Xiaomi Mi5SThis is unfortunate29.05.18, 00:26
huntduck72In the profile+ great photos27.05.18, 20:32
aalleexxnnDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SFor the OpenGL_skia_enabler module07.05.18, 13:55
socbless®AINUR Audiothanks for the help05.05.18, 00:31
LeOLiXDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SFor camera settings03.05.18, 23:36
zzzTinkoFFzzzPoweramp ClubThank! : good:02.05.18, 21:47
super4empXiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmwareThanks for the tip.18.04.18, 07:56
nokautboyDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5Sfor the answers11.04.18, 18:16
almaksnIn the profileFor answer03.04.18, 23:17
batcuIn the profileEverything's Alright)30.03.18, 22:33
back37In the profile666: D29.03.18, 16:01
Iron_kidMy phone shoots better!New ones? Very not bad +27.03.18, 23:44
skytalker1Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SThank. I tried different versions, but I return to the one on which I had the highest quality.24.03.18, 18:04
The main psychoXiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmwareTHX12.03.18, 16:23
Yokohama7In the profileHelp12.03.18, 00:07
Amid7777Xiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmwarethank10.03.18, 13:45
feat39In the profileforgot to put yesterday06.03.18, 18:47
Man1zzzDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5Smi5s + ok24.02.18, 17:08
AntaresspbDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5Sthanks for the advice22.02.18, 14:58
belnXiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmware+18.02.18, 17:07
kypa123Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5S+ very good example18.02.18, 00:02
mercemerXiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmware)15.02.18, 00:56
Android..DEVXiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmwarethank13.02.18, 23:52
helish_88Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5Sthanks for the method! everything is super!25.01.18, 12:46
Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SVisual demonstration18.01.18, 11:47
vlad513imirIn the profilefor assistance in creating instructions16.01.18, 23:23
Balu73Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SThank. I wouldn’t have thought of it myself15.01.18, 21:16
batcuDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SFor tests12.01.18, 16:58
Sergei848In the profileStock camera mod07.01.18, 17:13
dayf97Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SAnd what is the latest version? Throw a reference18.12.17, 09:32
sashawww1976Xiaomi Mi5S - Discussion+08.12.17, 20:57
Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SKoteiko25.11.17, 23:22
ledmitryDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SKoteich, +25.11.17, 21:37
theZestXiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmwareInteresting28.10.17, 20:34
MezerDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SFor a camera without noise reduction, it’s a completely different matter if you don’t want to bother much with the pixel port :)20.10.17, 14:51
almaksnIn the profileFor pictures12.10.17, 22:43
Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5S+12.10.17, 21:55
Sunrise_007In the profilethank10.10.17, 15:29
JriveraDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SI don’t remember whether I put a plus for the camera !!! And for 7 droid and miui 9 did not adapt it? All the buns fly out ((((10.10.17, 00:04
vip4ekDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SThank :-)01.10.17, 21:33
qquubbDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5S+++01.10.17, 20:50
mercemerDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SNx26.09.17, 12:58
Vladimir KarpovDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5Sthe main thing is not to rush and take a closer look.))22.09.17, 21:01
Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SFor config20.09.17, 00:25
Aleksey1981205Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SThanks for the camera!16.09.17, 20:08
Iron_kidMy phone shoots better!Juicy happened. +16.09.17, 19:40
circassian07Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5Skote16.09.17, 19:14
le6681My phone shoots better!Kitsunya!16.09.17, 18:54
SergykmMy phone shoots better!+15.09.17, 19:02
JriveraDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SFor the camera mod13.09.17, 20:39
cool.dolphin1My phone shoots better!A photo11.09.17, 11:17
alias71My phone shoots better!Great photo!11.09.17, 11:04
system991My phone shoots better!photo +11.09.17, 10:22
le6681My phone shoots better!+11.09.17, 07:39
Edu parmanMy phone shoots better!Pictures.11.09.17, 07:36
igrok960My phone shoots better!Beauty + quality.11.09.17, 01:12
SandrBASMy phone shoots better!excellent)) except for seals)))11.09.17, 01:10
mercemerDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SBeauty10.09.17, 17:42
mercemerDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SThanks, test)08.09.17, 18:28
nikolnaIn the profileFor info on the custom kernel mi5s30.08.17, 15:44
fogzgofXiaomi Mi5S - MIUI Firmwarehelped with the kernel, thanks30.08.17, 10:38
stigma_66rusIn the profileTHX!!!28.08.17, 11:29
tolya-666Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SThank)28.08.17, 11:25
maximus83_svDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5S+ agree27.08.17, 22:57
kabanov087In the profileFor the answer that helped in choosing.27.08.17, 14:39
circassian07Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SV1 Exp25.08.17, 23:31
shapoval5In the profileFor help in developing the "Discussion of Mi5s photo" branch!22.08.17, 19:20
oposumIn the profileFor help22.08.17, 15:59
den.filipchenko0000Sony Xperia Z1 Compact / Z1f - Accessories+22.08.17, 07:44
༺ Vaska ༻Discussion camera Xiaomi Mi5S+20.08.17, 21:11
Fest1valDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5S+20.08.17, 09:06
stigma_66rusIn the profileTHX18.08.17, 13:18
tolya-666Xiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmware+17.08.17, 14:14
tibronXiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmwareNexus Experience ROM17.08.17, 05:26
The main psychoIn the profileAnd he is so lacking ...15.08.17, 21:54
The main psychoDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SThank)13.08.17, 13:51
dimoxa6233In the profileThank.12.08.17, 06:53
gyordIn the profileSoorria)))08.08.17, 23:04
RoGeR_SmRDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SFor patch08.08.17, 22:14
Nothing amazingDiscussion camera Xiaomi Mi5SGreat photos) HDR + is a cool thing!)07.08.17, 22:16
Akk0rdMy phone shoots better!Zoo mi5 :)24.07.17, 13:08
vip4ekIn the profileFor help in the photo settings, well, for the camera application :-)24.07.17, 11:41
andrei 64rusMy phone shoots better!Without words, awesome photos, but this handsome man who put his beak into the net. Look like a person.24.07.17, 09:50
marcello_My phone shoots better!+24.07.17, 08:22
igrok960My phone shoots better!Last, handsome!24.07.17, 00:19
The main psychoIn the profilethank17.07.17, 13:47
tachymeterIn the profileRecommendations for improving sound.12.07.17, 09:48
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