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taksist2012In the profileFor help with finding a program for IPTV !!!18.05.20, 23:06
YasheritsaX96S tv stickRaskirpichivanie x96s18.05.20, 14:51
polyamidIn the profileThanks08.04.20, 19:41
sikorskijX96S tv stickFor connector.08.02.20, 10:51
6bIgJIoQtech qbr-1041ac - discussion+16.01.20, 14:38
6bIgJIoQtech qbr-1041ac - discussion+15.01.20, 13:32
volgograddIn the profileX96s26.12.19, 15:28
mal4ikX96S tv stickATP for the link03.12.19, 16:08
FloronX96S tv stickTest point on X96S tv Stick09.11.19, 14:37
xolop34X96S tv stickfor the necessary advice23.09.19, 14:09
baracuda12X96S tv stickthank20.09.19, 13:08
Merzkaya gnidaX96S tv stickThank you for your advice on the codes the remote control buttons.07.09.19, 22:08
Merzkaya gnidaX96S tv stickIngenious version upgrade!05.08.19, 23:16
ultimT95Q [Android]Harooosh))18.07.19, 11:22
NickneoX96S tv stick+ Karma23.06.19, 19:43
sergey_sergey88T95Q [Android]thanks for the post about the recovery!08.06.19, 01:11
baracuda12X96S tv stickproshivochka good, thank you30.05.19, 22:35
-v.g-X96S tv stickThanks for wifi analyser recommendation!28.05.19, 14:23
kaifuciyX96S tv stickThank you.10.04.19, 18:55
ad205Smartlabs SML-482 HD Base (Rostelecom) [Other OS]Thank you for helping to set up IPTV03.04.19, 16:08
HaustovEGIn the profileFirmware check29.03.19, 15:19
Vatano1985In the profileFor understanding24.02.19, 14:44
ihor2284Tanix TX6 [Android]Cord24.01.19, 17:41
BulDoZer_31In the profileThank you for a mini review01.12.18, 21:57
morya4ok51Beelink GT1 Ultimate / Dealdig BOXD6 [Android]Good answer, brief and to the point08.09.18, 18:39
lov1702Smartlabs SML-482 HD Base (Rostelecom) [Other OS]Installation of the second USB socket on the SML-48224.07.18, 12:49
GRI0811Beelink GT1 Ultimate / Dealdig BOXD6 [Android]thank13.04.18, 17:42
Aleksei31079Beelink GT1 Ultimate / Dealdig BOXD6 [Android]For the help !!!28.03.18, 22:50
valerii62Beelink GT1 Ultimate / Dealdig BOXD6 [Android]For useful information.19.03.18, 14:21
guroffnickBeelink GT1 Ultimate / Dealdig BOXD6 [Android]I completely agree06.03.18, 21:30
TECAKIn the profileI completely agree06.03.18, 21:09
roma25kovrovIn the profilefor what you did not try to put this firmware have no right to judge me if you put the firmware you would know that there is no true test file wirimatrix waiting for your apology to the cap for all to see20.08.17, 14:39
Evgenich07In the profileThank you very much, that raspedalil with jumpers30.04.17, 15:18
xxxtazIn the profileFor instructions on how to add the USB port in the console08.03.17, 12:11
m4eRed & White - chain store10% good!13.10.16, 11:44
dimans171061Red & White - chain storeOver 10% tip on the idea08.10.16, 23:13
e.melikovSmartlabs SML-482 HD Base (Rostelecom) [Other OS]for the second usb on sml48206.10.16, 10:55
ppaleshaSmartlabs SML-482 HD Base (Rostelecom) [Other OS]Thank you for advice on the installation of the second USB socket on the SML-48206.10.16, 10:15
e.melikovIn the profilefor playlist29.09.16, 12:30
andre363Red & White - chain storea plus20.09.16, 15:10
MEGAMONSTERRed & White - chain storeFor backup 10% discount KiB works !!!31.08.16, 21:40
Alex62ruRed & White - chain storeThank you for backup at a discount of 10% for R & D. Works.11.08.16, 09:13
kimenhackRed & White - chain storeRed & White09.08.16, 11:43
vadeusRed & White - chain store+ From al.trof07.08.16, 15:06
TurboPonyIn the profileKind and sympathetic person)22.06.16, 18:38
ShosinIn the profileRough, but true. Assaults on "the ruble should sell for mulon" too bored.13.05.16, 10:09
payne_Red & White - chain storeResponsive21.03.16, 18:48
nex333In the profilefor the video09.03.16, 15:30
eduard (virtuous)Motorola RAZR HD, DROID RAZR HD (MAXX) - Official firmware (OS 4.0-4.4)Helped with the XT926, strongly rescued)05.09.15, 13:58
Sky55rusLenovo A820 - DiscussionThx31.01.15, 18:16
Mr.BraidLenovo A820 - Discussionfor being put on the freshman place01.10.14, 06:06
taras-fedora-synLenovo A820 - Discussionfor sobriety29.09.14, 12:46
sanaevvadimLenovo A820 - Discussion+ From vap_7214.03.14, 22:02
kompressor10Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Firmware (OS 3.x)+ From boosya18.02.14, 23:15
Golden KlausNewbie QuestionsFor that I responded20.01.14, 00:49
seasimLenovo A820 - DiscussionTHX08.11.13, 23:51
wizardikLenovo A820 - DiscussionThanks, I will try to include the brain.28.10.13, 12:12
Paha59In the profilefor responsiveness and indifferent!27.10.13, 21:08
sv0l04Star S5 Butterfly - FirmwareThank you for responsiveness ....)))25.10.13, 16:36
smart-ass_foxLenovo A820 - Discussion: Rofl: Chela reassured23.10.13, 10:40
jon_surgutLenovo A820 - Discussiona good man to help!07.10.13, 10:32
lozaStar S5 Butterfly - Firmware+ From sega31406.08.13, 11:35
traylersIn the profile+24.07.13, 22:44
w710i2In the profileKeep your first plus)05.07.13, 18:38
Yaro1970Star S5 Butterfly - Discussionaccustomed28.06.13, 09:56
badhorse-ariorhAcer ICONIA TAB A500 / 501 - FirmwareFor a hint!27.05.13, 18:24
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