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djsmsIn the profileFor good advice23.01.17, 23:49
StalllexIn the profileThanks for the advice)16.07.16, 22:24
gliffHighscreen Zera S rev. A / S - FirmwareFor objective testing ...01.04.15, 16:22
SimplexDumplexZTE V880E Dual Sim - FirmwareFor clarification.04.11.14, 14:29
komodo3000Philips Xenium W6500 - Lewa and MIUI firmware (OS 4.2)Thanks for the correction creaks CAMERA06.08.14, 13:47
AleZProZTE V880E Dual Sim - FirmwareThanks for the tip!
07.02.14, 22:22
werewolf666666Call and Message Filter (aFirewall)very helpful17.09.13, 11:43
DemoNGSMZTE V880E Dual Sim - DiscussionFor responsiveness and timely help!)22.08.13, 09:57
Pr0v0dnIkZTE V880E Dual Sim - Firmwarefor advice26.01.13, 06:33
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