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vint777vaHuawei E3131 (MTS 420S, 420D, Megaphone M21-1) - Discussionfirmware09.03.19, 22:49
fifthdenZTE MF65M - Discussionfollow the topic of MF65M
but the topic is perilous
17.11.18, 13:06
info_nowaHuawei E3131 (MTS 420S, 420D, Megaphone M21-1) - Discussion!20.05.18, 17:26
dengeostvHuawei E5330 (MTS 424d) - Discussionthank!04.03.18, 10:43
Assassin225Google Chrome - FAQThank! :)25.01.18, 14:15
Eins, Zwei, DreiIn the profileBecause thank you25.01.18, 03:03
L1sëñøkIn the profileWith (forum) pension respected person) saw the records that you have found)23.01.18, 13:47
KOT-BE3DEXODIn the profileHappy New Year 2018!31.12.17, 17:23
stp101In the profileHappy New Year!31.12.17, 17:22
beerhouseSony Ericsson Live With Walkman - Firmware (OS 4.0.4)+++02.09.17, 21:38
Assassin225Google Chrome - FAQ+++02.09.17, 00:58
wedmed5"Railwaymensavagemessiahzine.com"FROM TO17.08.17, 19:19
FreizeIn the profileAnd just like that =)08.04.17, 20:36
LebedovskiySony Ericsson Live With Walkman - Firmware (OS 4.0.4)post "Obtaining Root rights to 4.1.B.0.431 and 4.1.B.0.587 with a blocked bootloader"13.03.17, 14:17
yaruk13Discounts for Android Programs+ thanks for the info on Nova Launcher Prime21.12.16, 16:49
Mitiay_71Discounts for Android ProgramsFor an indication of the discount for Nova Launcher Prime20.12.16, 13:58
Lord steinarDiscounts for Android ProgramsNova Launcher Prime18.12.16, 21:42
basil.snowDiscounts for Android Programs!18.12.16, 17:02
pirate.usrDiscounts for Android ProgramsThanks, bought!18.12.16, 13:50
Alexand®Discounts for Android Programs+18.12.16, 12:47
galakti0nDiscounts for Android Programs+18.12.16, 11:02
AmsandDiscounts for Android ProgramsNova Prime 15p!18.12.16, 10:53
max99Discounts for Android ProgramsNova Launcher Prime18.12.16, 10:53
Bad_I_amDiscounts for Android ProgramsNova18.12.16, 10:52
man'yakDiscounts for Android Programs+18.12.16, 10:51
ctichHuawei E5330 (MTS 424d) - Discussion+ by CrunkRF16.12.16, 18:11
dam108Russian Offline TranslatorThank!18.11.16, 20:48
Fest1valIn the profilefor the filter06.11.16, 19:39
Fest1valIn the profileper customer02.11.16, 22:31
Mr. NoneIn the profileTemka cool!31.10.16, 05:36
sys125In the profileFor chrome.04.10.16, 00:17
MarittoRussian Offline Translatorcool25.09.16, 00:41
OlegVedrussReal APK LeecherThank you14.09.16, 11:49
Fest1valIn the profilelink06.09.16, 17:57
dinamitoZTE MF667 (MF669) - Discussion+ mf66730.08.16, 14:49
Fest1valIn the profileimportant info07.08.16, 20:22
Fest1valIn the profilefor the good news!29.06.16, 14:46
Mr-r00tIn the profiletwrp bug report27.06.16, 13:32
Fest1valIn the profiletrack check)21.06.16, 15:15
Kikujiro_SPbIn the profile+17.06.16, 23:50
ShooreHuawei E3131 (MTS 420S, 420D, Megaphone M21-1) - Discussion+ from Retall009: “Very helpful!)“11.05.16, 22:36
byxou1989In the profilefor the test of downloaded applications07.05.16, 03:37
* dimitriy *In the profilethank06.04.16, 21:21
_Danila_Master_In the profile(+1)30.03.16, 22:11
wizzyIn the profilefor the responsiveness of the moderator)28.03.16, 17:19
znznznzMaking the caps on the program for the PC+12.03.16, 12:33
DRUG-747Making the caps on the program for the PCThank!05.03.16, 18:21
FreizeIn the profileThanks for the support.21.02.16, 11:52
ShooreIn the profileThanks for poking your nose at the obvious: D17.02.16, 21:36
ShooreIn the profileFinally! For a whole year I could not make “your little gray one”, no matter how hard I tried: D03.02.16, 22:14
BichellIn the profileFor prompt and prompt resolution of technical issues31.01.16, 14:13
nfs911In the profileATP, removed the reduction of links. And then I forgot to fix after a dialogue with another moderator)))))15.01.16, 20:11
qwert64Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 (Windows version) - DiscussionSuggest where to look for information.09.01.16, 12:13
777kenHuawei HG8245 - DiscussionFor help in setting up the modem.04.01.16, 21:36
ShooreIn the profilefinally back on the CSS wizard :)26.12.15, 18:56
KOT-BE3DEXODIn the profileWelcome back! ))19.12.15, 10:20
F_23Making the caps on the program for the PC+22.09.15, 21:00
CruceroSony Ericsson Live With Walkman - MIUI Firmware (OS 4.x)+17.07.15, 13:17
stuch1973Help in finding programs for Android OS. Archive+++08.06.15, 18:44
Fest1valRemove scratches from the displayInteresting topics you create11.05.15, 22:50
bynevskySony Ericsson Live With Walkman - Firmware (OS 4.0.4)Getting Root rights to 4.1.B.0.431 and 4.1.B.0.58706.05.15, 04:02
summer.catIn the profilesavagemessiahzine.comScript30.03.15, 15:37
Dark_TimurIn the profilethank!29.03.15, 03:37
armenchixZTE MF667 (MF669) - Discussionfor help unlock mf 66716.03.15, 18:52
bynevskySony Ericsson Live With Walkman - Firmware (OS 4.0.4)For instructions on obtaining ROOT for SE WT19i09.03.15, 19:43
KOT-BE3DEXODIn the profileHappy New Year 2015!31.12.14, 13:53
rusdescendantHuawei E5372 (Megaphone MR100-3, MTS 823F, 826FT) - DiscussionThank you very much! Unlocked Huawei router31.12.14, 00:25
shibaldanSony Ericsson Live With Walkman - Firmware (OS 4.0.4)Getting Root rights to 4.1.B.0.431 and 4.1.B.0.587 with the bootloader locked

Thank you The only thing that worked!
13.12.14, 19:28
KOT-BE3DEXODHuawei E5372 (Megaphone MR100-3, MTS 823F, 826FT) - Discussion+1 from evgen70809007.12.14, 15:33
Fernando_PandoSony Ericsson Live With Walkman - MIUI Firmware (OS 4.x)+03.12.14, 14:17
dim ^ nIn the profileThanks for the invite!22.11.14, 00:30
PearlIn the profileLink to the curator - that is necessary. Thank!12.11.14, 11:49
MrMAPIn the profileThanks for developing the script!11.11.14, 19:20
PearlIn the profileFor the relief of labor;)11.11.14, 09:05
vladigorIn the profilefor scripts10.11.14, 10:01
AUDIMENIn the profileHello friend! Thanks for the script;)10.11.14, 08:13
SotikIn the profilethanks for the script!10.11.14, 00:21
- = RealMan = -In the profileThanks for the script !!!09.11.14, 22:18
ShooreIn the profilefor JS for additional features of the theme: friends:09.11.14, 19:12
RusmIn the profileThanks for the script!09.11.14, 18:22
Avax23Help in finding programs for Android OS. Archive+01.11.14, 04:40
corolaIn the profileThanks for the work.
Have a good rest :)
14.10.14, 20:39
ctichHere you can get unlock codes for modems for FREE.+ by freechel09.10.14, 23:47
carmagffSony Ericsson Live With Walkman - MIUI Firmware (OS 4.x)119.09.14, 21:08
ShooreIn the profile#hours {
color: # 007733;
}; - the fire!
14.09.14, 20:37
ctichZTE MF667 (MF669) - Discussion+ by madedd11.09.14, 14:25
michan80In the profileQuickly corrected my mistake (I accidentally set a person a minus instead of a plus)12.08.14, 22:00
-Denisych-In the profileThank02.07.14, 11:44
ShooreIn the profileUnearthly gratitude for the help with SQL: P22.05.14, 23:08
WinlockerIn the profileThank.10.05.14, 20:34
ShooreCharger for communicators with mini / microUSB+ from [b] kargal [/ b]: Thank you for helping me fix the link!06.05.14, 02:51
milia_miliaHuawei E3131 (MTS 420S, 420D, Megaphone M21-1) - Discussionthank02.05.14, 23:01
AUDIMENIn the profileNow everything seems to be in order. Thank! ;)02.05.14, 19:07
woodIK ©In the profileThank28.04.14, 12:57
EntecromareForum FAQsavagemessiahzine.comHelp on the forum01.04.14, 21:04
AUDIMENIn the profileIn style everything is fine. Thank you! ..28.03.14, 12:15
enpaReal APK LeecherReal APK Leecher26.03.14, 19:17
lirtmIn the profileFor the style.06.03.14, 16:30
AUDIMENIn the profileThanks for the style :)05.03.14, 20:11
ShooreIn the profileThe new style is successful, as always, thanks: ok:05.03.14, 17:15
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