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diaserSamsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III - OMEGA Firmware (OS Jelly Bean 4. *. *)For solving the problem with sound in phone calls.14.08.13, 16:46
CyberbobSkins for Finger Keyboard+ from svoloch_chel30.09.11, 09:16
Max NuttShellSkins for Finger Keyboard+ from markovod31.05.11, 11:01
ASCHEHTC Blackstone - Flashingthank20.08.09, 11:14
Alex_kagSkins for Finger KeyboardFor the wonderful EmperoR Skin v2.1 for FingerKeyboard 2.1 I look forward to continuing, can I put letters in 4 lines? It will be easier to hit with your fingers ...10.08.09, 17:11
dborisSkins for Finger Keyboard+ from povsei17.06.09, 16:22
SenatorSkins for Finger Keyboard+1 by NemrutBay08.06.09, 10:10
MikelkaSkins for Finger KeyboardThanks for the update. In the first version, the landscape skin seemed to be damp;)19.05.09, 18:36
wildvanoHTC MAX 4G - DiscussionThanks, really more convenient.19.05.09, 10:00
Vovkin1Skins for Finger KeyboardPer EmperoR Skin v2.1 for FingerKeyboard, 10:02
Why?Skins for Finger KeyboardConvenient skin, what I dreamed about, but was too shy to ask))15.05.09, 18:26
Why?Skins for Finger KeyboardConvenient skin, what I dreamed about, but was too shy to ask))15.05.09, 18:26
irokez_vSkins for Finger KeyboardSkin15.05.09, 17:12
salexosHTC Blackstone - FlashingFor a great final skin (2.1) for FingerKeyboard15.05.09, 16:46
freememSkins for Finger Keyboardfor the skin !!15.05.09, 15:28
mcSSkins for Finger KeyboardThanks for the skin)12.04.09, 12:57
povseiSkins for Finger Keyboardfor the new skin to fingerk. with landscape11.04.09, 08:24
shurik_1Skins for Finger Keyboardfor EmperoR Skin v2.011.04.09, 03:11
haikoooHTC Blackstone - Discussionclear skin :) it’s a pity that without shortcuts and buttons of affairs :)11.04.09, 01:32
MikelkaSkins for Finger Keyboard+ for work, we are waiting for the landscape skin09.04.09, 21:02
AndreasMLHTC Blackstone - Flashingfor the test.01.04.09, 11:52
liveonlineSkins for Finger KeyboardGood skin for FingerKeyb14.03.09, 11:31
sm151058Finger keyboardPer del button11.03.09, 18:42
sam1984In the profileFor the description of the program11.03.09, 16:14
semga3Skins for Finger Keyboard+1 by crazy_gari07.03.09, 22:32
KarlSkins for Finger Keyboard+1 by povsei06.03.09, 17:25
LovetzSkins for Finger KeyboardThanks for the skin EmperoR_Skin_v1.0 for FingerKeyboard, 15:16
r @ mtorHTC Blackstone - FlashingJumped on the seat - then the people squinted27.02.09, 01:48
drsipIn the profileAnd there is something in it ...10.02.09, 10:13
GriffkaIn the profileI absolutely agree with the previous speaker.09.02.09, 15:25
MIC4Spb gprsmonitorbrake19.10.07, 07:14
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