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$ Nickname $In the profiledark skin07.06.19, 13:10
mad_shamanCustomer discussionThank you)) Subjectively, pages load faster, I haven’t noticed "doubled" page updates yet06.06.19, 08:16
HeraldistCustomer discussionThanks for the clarification.05.06.19, 18:34
Locman 27Customer discussionp105.06.19, 18:00
mcarrowlawSkins clearancefor the correct answer05.06.19, 14:37
KennyIn the profileFor help in solving a number of problems!17.05.19, 12:34
ExetronIn the profileMark all read - works08.01.19, 00:47
yurasik3069Customer discussionUnderstood thanks22.12.18, 00:57
dfgiggerIn the profileThanks for the topic!21.12.18, 17:55
delovel5051In the profileWhat do you suggest people choose what to change in the application21.12.18, 17:40
DenisGritsunovIn the profileNorm prECol21.12.18, 16:01
KennyIn the profileFor a sense of scream!)21.12.18, 15:22
mcarrowlawSkins clearanceAt first I thought that they did, but it turned out jenibek changed his tags;)20.12.18, 01:57
mcarrowlawSkins clearanceDamn, again, the description Admins edit ....;)17.12.18, 18:12
-Kowalski-Customer discussionThanks for the clarification14.12.18, 19:12
mcarrowlawSkins clearanceFast and adequate!14.12.18, 18:25
KennyIn the list of supervised topics, some topics are not displayed.For version 1.8.1014.12.18, 00:19
mcarrowlawSkins clearanceFor the prompt reaction to tags, and editing the description of skins13.12.18, 17:22
satelliteCustomer discussionThank. I do not like to update what works.12.12.18, 19:36
And_RUCustomer discussion"Stop, it's .."))11.12.18, 02:00
gar_alexCustomer discussionFor humor11.12.18, 01:49
MagnifikusIn the profilethanks for the answer08.12.18, 07:49
yampicSkins clearanceThank.07.12.18, 14:24
L1sëñøkInform about what happened - the removal of Super SmartecsRead posts and neighing)10.11.18, 11:45
washerronInform about what happened - the removal of Super SmartecsFor information08.11.18, 17:55
RED SIDEInform about what happened - the removal of Super SmartecsVery convincing, I almost did not believe it! :-D08.11.18, 17:17
gar_alexInform about what happened - the removal of Super SmartecsFor a clear and concise answer. Such are now a rarity.08.11.18, 16:38
VasilichIn the profileFor info :)08.11.18, 09:53
artem3837Full images are not displayed.This official client, in my opinion, is better than even the new version 1.8.6 due to the correction of this bug18.07.18, 10:07
ExpmaxGPD Win 2For information02.06.18, 11:53
Resident11GPD Win 2Congratulations on getting gpd win 2. Waiting for your impressions :)31.05.18, 16:48
KondakovGPD Win 2Thanks for the info, +!31.05.18, 15:02
MrMAPIn the profileThank you so much for the changes made in the new client update!27.04.18, 17:17
VasilichIn the profileA plus21.04.18, 21:53
DS2902In the profileI do not agree with the actions of the forum administration regarding the deletion of the discussion thread of the Telegram messenger. The court decision does not prohibit discussing the messenger, it does not even prohibit citizens from using it. And you delete everything.21.04.18, 16:42
Mr IksoUnable to edit topicsfor fixing a bug27.03.18, 20:10
RaineCustomer discussionUnderstood thanks.27.03.18, 15:08
mcarrowlawSkins clearanceQuickly and everything on business!27.03.18, 01:40
bullik01Skins clearancethank27.03.18, 00:06
yampicSkins clearanceThank.19.03.18, 15:11
andrwgldmnIn the profile70027.01.18, 12:15
Amir (CoolBoy)In the profileRest easy09.01.18, 03:48
Mr4erkesNotification Ringtone Not SetThanks for the info and work)12.12.17, 23:10
MagnifikusCustomer discussionThank you very much :)24.11.17, 08:49
ApplesanCustomer discussionThank you very much!24.11.17, 08:42
BizzKidCustomer discussionThanks for the quick fix24.11.17, 00:57
Locman 27Customer discussionFix download attachments. Thank you very much!02.11.17, 01:41
wasp3792Customer discussion+ for useful information02.11.17, 01:12
Locman 27In the profileFor user feedback!10.10.17, 16:32
vodniy cityClub of users of official clientFor help25.09.17, 13:45
waQpcIn the profilefor efficiency21.06.17, 15:25
SkirlIn the profileThank you for the graphic version of the rules.17.06.17, 22:14
SaWSeMCustomer discussionIn principle, I understand you, but still, what should I do?14.06.17, 17:47
Skirlapk does not load into themeI'll take a note25.04.17, 10:28
wolf3d2In the profileI forgot to thank. Behind the cursor at the end of the search line13.04.17, 11:51
simorg13Skins clearancethank17.03.17, 19:00
corolaCustomer discussionen.fourpda.client-, 01:05
kutsenkorom4ikCustomer discussionthank11.03.17, 00:39
corolaClub of users of official clientthanks forsavagemessiahzine.com_client_v1.5.39 (150) _stable.apk16.02.17, 19:07
Nik2001Nik3006Club of users of official clientI'm glad that there is at least one admin communicating with servants: D16.02.17, 18:41
q-cubeIn the profileHello. PLEASE is very important. Contact me. The solution to the issue can only be solved by the administration.22.01.17, 23:18
nokia3020In the profilepojalyusta kak ispravit 404 oshibka
v nootboke poyavitsa tolka kortinke kakoyta?
06.01.17, 13:36
gar_alexCustomer discussionHappy New Year ! Good luck!31.12.16, 20:55
Nik2001Nik3006Customer discussionhappy New Year!31.12.16, 19:46
-Kowalski-Customer discussionHappy New Year 2017! :)31.12.16, 18:24
4r2naCustomer discussionThank.19.12.16, 22:56
4r2naCustomer discussionFor links to spoilers in the client! Very comfortably!17.12.16, 15:54
Roc-7Customer discussionFor "there is 4r2na, in which something is eating a battery"! :)
17.12.16, 12:26
kyeglerCustomer discussionFor answer.16.12.16, 14:01
Aleks594Customer discussionThank! With a megaphone it became more fun.13.12.16, 11:46
-Kowalski-Customer discussionIn general, beauty, everything is smart!12.12.16, 17:14
- VelikY -Customer discussionBuild.12.12.16, 16:48
gektor9707In the profile+ ah, thanks :)08.12.16, 17:36
DDDTKFull images are not displayed.For the new version of the application, which can open images in full size24.11.16, 18:28
-Kowalski-Skins clearanceThank!24.11.16, 17:48
davidluiz4In the profileGood admin)20.11.16, 18:06
dibrovSnnebek on page+) now [<] work15.11.16, 06:21
-Kowalski-It is not possible to attach an attachment to Android 2.2, 2.3, 4.0.4Working snapback13.11.16, 06:34
FUR1ANSnnebek on pageSnackback12.11.16, 12:45
DDDTKSnnebek on pageFor solving the problem12.11.16, 09:52
K1ngfishIn the profileThanks for the clarification and for the hotfix!12.11.16, 00:28
simorg13Skins clearanceOk, wait, sir!11.11.16, 15:59
-Kowalski-Skins clearanceThank!03.11.16, 04:51
DDDTKIncorrect display of dates in quotesFor clarification01.11.16, 23:16
DDDTKIn the profileThank you for your work on the client!31.10.16, 18:41
Nik2001Nik3006Club of users of official clientTHX31.10.16, 18:23
Brock_UAIn the profilesavagemessiahzine.com 1.5.2631.10.16, 17:26
iNemoS * 45RuFull images are not displayed.solving a problem with a clientsavagemessiahzine.com31.10.16, 16:23
corolaIn the profileThank you for the opportunity to disable the animation (avatars) on the pages in the client office.31.10.16, 15:50
iNemoS * 45RuFull images are not displayed.help in solving a client problemsavagemessiahzine.com28.10.16, 19:22
Kiborg_ManCustomer discussionThanks for the quick fix.12.10.16, 15:37
FUR1ANCustomer discussionMentions12.10.16, 15:14
corolaIn the profile1.5.19 - fixed: ActionMode back does not apply12.10.16, 14:39
vicious.dimaFull images are not displayed.Thank! It helped. There was a cache of 2 GB11.10.16, 16:18
- VelikY -Customer discussionThanks for clarifying.10.10.16, 22:35
witek216In the profileFor a hint10.10.16, 14:42
simorg13Customer discussionFor customer08.10.16, 20:39
witek216In the profileFor help08.10.16, 00:28
gektor9707In the profile+ Customer05.10.16, 23:11
MagnifikusIn the profilePer client23.09.16, 16:08
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