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SHAVCHUGOVIn the profileAydi 2)16.03.19, 08:26
Garik92In the profileSo I found out who is in charge here!11.11.18, 14:53
RED SIDEIn the profileThe top of your project is falling apart03.11.18, 09:20
ph.oe.nixIn the profileHi03.08.18, 14:19
WhiteapfelIn the profilethank03.08.18, 10:52
Toby_cIn the profileWorthy administration - a worthy forum14.07.18, 21:15
HennessyS3RLIn the profilejust like that, the second or even the first user of the entire forum.05.06.18, 19:49
KemchukIn the profileThank!05.06.18, 09:56
Fix it!In the profileWhat you removed the telegram for ... This is a FREE RESOURCE ...13.05.18, 17:27
VasilichIn the profileA plus21.04.18, 21:53
DS2902In the profileI do not agree with the actions of the forum administration regarding the deletion of the discussion thread of the Telegram messenger. The court decision does not prohibit discussing the messenger, it does not even prohibit citizens from using it. And you delete everything.21.04.18, 16:42
demonkiller118In the profileThank you for the wonderful site! And with the last birthday of the site !!!15.04.18, 23:13
PHPoeniXIn the profileBehindsavagemessiahzine.com!15.04.18, 17:22
RotelyFarsIn the profileHappy Birthdaysavagemessiahzine.com15.04.18, 16:43
Rick diamondsIn the profilebehindsavagemessiahzine.comof course!)14.04.18, 19:36
oldroid123In the profile13 years old! Well, if you can, scribble my hello in PM13.04.18, 22:47
ievolperIn the profileHappy Birthday Forum. ;)13.04.18, 21:47
twist-sIn the profileSince dr :)13.04.18, 20:08
creepkillIn the profileFor the forum!13.04.18, 20:04
RUSLAN_SNOVA25In the profileNormal people13.04.18, 16:01
sss371In the profileFor the forum13.04.18, 14:43
Jandos996996In the profileThanks for the forum13.04.18, 14:36
= TiMon =In the profilefor creating a forum!13.04.18, 12:55
_Fishaffair_In the profilefor the sitesavagemessiahzine.com!13.03.18, 18:03
object_704Imate PDA2k - Imater - my experience using a PDAThank!06.03.18, 19:33
manti7coreIn the profiletopf01.01.18, 01:00
smirnovv2007In the profileThank you for such a good forum.23.12.17, 23:01
danil13nagornyakIn the profile×07.11.17, 21:54
L1sëñøkIn the profileThanks for [font = fontello] 4 [/ font]22.10.17, 21:52
Tim1234832In the profileFor the forum05.10.17, 18:50
Andromeda1501In the profile)12.08.17, 08:53
deadbladerIn the profileFor the forum!10.07.17, 12:36
ayde_fIn the profileGrateful for creating the forum!27.05.17, 17:24
# eslichoshamanIn the profileFor the forum :)10.05.17, 18:15
SergOopsIn the profileFor creating a great forum!16.04.17, 00:34
$ amuelIn the profileFinally I recognized the creator of this miraclesavagemessiahzine.com. Thank you so much for the forum!13.04.17, 18:13
Nik2001Nik3006In the profile4 years 1213.04.17, 13:37
Aleks.74In the profileBehindsavagemessiahzine.com!13.04.17, 07:17
ZhudeksIn the profileThanks for the sitesavagemessiahzine.com07.04.17, 16:46
jorsonIn the profileThank you very much for the wonderful resource!17.03.17, 21:32
rogermetalIn the profileGreat site21.01.17, 13:23
davidluiz4In the profileFor the creation of a super site15.12.16, 20:12
bsdunixuserIn the profilesecond person onsavagemessiahzine.com +24.11.16, 18:22
Aidos ZhakupovIn the profile:savagemessiahzine.com:21.11.16, 19:08
davidluiz4In the profile:savagemessiahzine.com: 04.11.16, 15:40
* Akella *In the profileFor the creation of such a wonderful resource. For uniting so many enthusiasts in one place. Thank you and kowtow!21.10.16, 22:33
TTe4oPuHIn the profilesavagemessiahzine.com17.10.16, 17:08
MeguminIn the profilesavagemessiahzine.com14.09.16, 09:14
Serg_profeIn the profileOld mansavagemessiahzine.com07.08.16, 12:47
Tigra13In the profileThank you so much! I really wanted to find something like this! I will study05.07.16, 09:28
bk-78In the profileHappy birthday site! Exactly 11 years. Congratulations!13.04.16, 01:17
lukinmihIn the profileBehindsavagemessiahzine.com.30.03.16, 22:39
alex @ ryaIn the profileFor the forum!09.02.16, 18:29
nooobasterIn the profileyyy24.01.16, 22:03
apqIn the profileinteresting books. thank15.12.15, 22:32
MeoweomAll the FunniestÐ —18.10.15, 09:04
mrdi09In the profileFor the site)15.08.15, 10:34
corolaIn the profilethanks forsavagemessiahzine.com14.08.15, 14:23
rolyIn the profileFor the trilogy "Social Network Ark".10.08.15, 08:31
DiginsIn the profileThank you so much for the books :)
Becoming a pommod, got access to a closed section, and here such a gift!
17.06.15, 14:41
mfilonen2In the profileFor the creation of the forum.03.06.15, 14:36
quadzillaIn the profileFor the creationsavagemessiahzine.com;)27.05.15, 23:39
n-skyIn the profile=)15.05.15, 17:00
germantm7025In the profileFor the forum!04.05.15, 09:01
MinnsIn the profileThanks for 4pda27.04.15, 17:27
MegaFon929Imate PDA2k - Imater - my experience using a PDAFor the site27.04.15, 12:52
TrankvilliIn the profile+13.04.15, 17:29
TRAVOCOORIn the profileFor creating a great site, Bro.13.04.15, 15:30
se7enIn the profileHappy anniversarysavagemessiahzine.com!13.04.15, 13:07
HighstepIn the profileFor the creation! : D30.03.15, 23:41
vlad.lyganIn the profileFor the book!
You have created a real masterpiece!
19.03.15, 01:17
ValedolIn the profilefor the book27.01.15, 16:57
directorgeneralIn the profileFor the book! Bravo! I wish you success in new endeavors! ;)23.01.15, 13:05
bohdan111In the profileThanks for part 3, it will be necessary to read :)22.01.15, 12:11
DooinIn the profileThanks for the site, thanks for the work12.12.14, 18:13
rm rfIn the profileFor the site03.12.14, 20:21
devgorIn the profilesavagemessiahzine.combest thank you so much30.11.14, 14:34
NokavayIn the profilefound and surprised31.10.14, 18:19
S.L.A.V.YA.N.Y.CH.In the profileThank you for creating my favorite site!15.10.14, 09:14
Ruslan2001In the profilefor such a wonderful resource28.09.14, 13:14
dimon4ezzzIn the profilebehindsavagemessiahzine.com26.09.14, 12:27
dmitrydvkOpening the Communicators sectionFor the foundation of the resource26.08.14, 22:31
NoksungA collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comEh, the founder of the resource, and turnip is small, disorder :)30.07.14, 10:22
androguyPocket informantfour! P! D! BUT!29.07.14, 23:00
DifernIn the profileBehindsavagemessiahzine.com :)26.07.14, 12:26
Fr0zZyIn the profileJust for being an admin25.07.14, 12:55
009den009In the profilethank.23.05.14, 22:53
Don 2105In the profilethanks for the site)15.05.14, 17:43
alex @ ryaIn the profileYou have only 318 turnips, you should have all the advantages, because you have created this wonderful site, and you have 5 minuses, you are ungrateful ...04.05.14, 19:46
Elf!A collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comTo celebrate.21.04.14, 06:05
Noble johnIn the profileChrist is Risen!20.04.14, 11:27
SqeekyA collection of bad reviews aboutsavagemessiahzine.comFor a useful topic!16.04.14, 21:39
droiddroiddroidIn the profilevisited the topic site records ATP for the site14.04.14, 15:36
MagnifikusIn the profileCongratulations on the ninetieth birthday of the site! I wish you success, creative inspiration, prosperity! Happy Birthday!13.04.14, 18:10
- = RealMan = -In the profileThanks for the forum !!! On the ninetieth birthday of the resource!13.04.14, 13:32
roma098765In the profileFor the site12.03.14, 22:40
-SunLion-In the profilefor the further development of the project 4tree08.02.14, 12:14
intro555In the profileBehindsavagemessiahzine.comsame01.02.14, 22:17
MinnsIn the profileThank. Holiday greetings!31.12.13, 17:24
K.Smith1In the profileThank you for the greatsavagemessiahzine.com :)30.12.13, 22:20
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