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LokasIn the profileEverlasting memory23.10.19, 01:17
Millenium_66In the profileI read memory ...26.09.19, 22:44
KelewerIn the profileEverlasting memory...07.02.19, 20:12
enceladusspaceTeXet TM-3204R - Discussion+30.08.18, 22:49
Slava733Samsung GT-I9190 Galaxy S4 Mini - Discussionthank27.07.18, 06:34
vitamin4eggIn the profileGood luck.24.07.18, 15:15
qafqaz2211Samsung Galaxy S 3 SCH-R530 / SGH-i747 / SGH – T999 / SPH-L710 - DiscussionTalk - Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-R530 / SGH-i747 / SGH – T999 / SPH-L710 Discussion14.06.18, 17:51
ilqar94In the profile104.06.18, 15:28
play007In the profileIt may be late, but this person, although he didn’t address him, was a good one.16.05.18, 10:16
VOZMOGNOIn the profileEh, although now it is no longer a date for reality, but still I will note this day, it was important during life, as the countdown of everything that a person does, now this day is just an echo from the past ...16.05.18, 05:12
keksolubIn the profileAlthough you do not need this, but I show my respect for you06.04.18, 15:13
mercyful_fateCatalog of subsection FlyFor the list, which was useful to me)31.03.18, 11:12
play007In the profileFor being a great fomurchanin ..25.01.18, 17:17
DLOMGAIn the profileEverlasting memory...22.01.18, 20:09
uborschik7Fly IQ456 Era Life 2 - DiscussionThank15.01.18, 22:52
Alio99HTC Sensation / Sensation XE - Discussionthank27.12.17, 10:25
EurosetwerizonHTC Desire 300 - Discussion12311.09.17, 15:05
fredyvankaIn the profile+15.08.17, 17:24
Galina1988In the profileEternal memory.07.07.17, 22:22
StrikerKDIn the profilerest in peace20.06.17, 08:24
qq1978In the profileHappy Birthday! Sleep well, Seryoga.16.05.17, 14:56
VOZMOGNOIn the profileToday is the first birthday, which you do not celebrate, the land down16.05.17, 05:59
vlad2189Samsung GT-I9190 Galaxy S4 Mini - DiscussionRemember!20.03.17, 23:15
elf22Ritmix RMD-1058 - Discussionfor memory02.03.17, 13:52
golden_dragonIn the profile!14.02.17, 22:47
SnegovikIn the profileeverlasting memory12.02.17, 14:52
chili89In the profilerest in peace08.01.17, 01:44
GUKRIKIn the profileIn memory of Serge01.01.17, 22:16
d.rykovIn the profileEverlasting memory...21.11.16, 09:36
NoregIn the profileSleep well. Land to you down, buddy.20.11.16, 23:05
xoze72In the profileForever stay with us.19.11.16, 21:44
KennyIn the profileRest in peace...19.11.16, 15:32
Nik2001Nik3006In the profilesleep well...19.11.16, 12:07
davidluiz4In the profileRest in peace19.11.16, 11:56
brelok301In the profileThe land you rest in peace.19.11.16, 11:13
lukinmihIn the profileRemember.19.11.16, 11:04
qq1978In the profileLand down, Sergey. Sleep well.19.11.16, 10:33
PectenIn the profileIt's a pity. Very sorry.
Farewell, you rest in peace.
19.11.16, 09:39
absolute3In the profileSleep well, buddy.19.11.16, 09:19
kompressor10In the profileGoodbye my friend! Bright memory!19.11.16, 01:56
dem0naIn the profileSeryozha, how is it so .... Eternal memory to you ...18.11.16, 22:07
clever_manIn the profileModeration06.10.16, 06:52
FAR.Samsung SPH-L720 Galaxy S4 - DiscussionFor the topic +26.09.16, 07:43
kompressor10In the profileCongratulations on your return!21.07.16, 07:19
Sergey_AceIn the profileWelcome back!20.07.16, 21:27
ximicsIn the profileThanks for the advice26.06.16, 04:14
D_VampiroBoom Beach Players ClubThanks for the helpful clarification!31.03.16, 20:42
stasyansPearls in captionsfact!23.03.16, 10:53
Greks212HTC One Dual Sim - DiscussionThanks for the topic22.03.16, 21:28
kompressor10In the profileCongratulations on a well-deserved rest!21.03.16, 12:25
destyniLenovo A390 - Firmware+03.03.16, 12:41
qq1978In the profileThank you very much. This is a very noble and courageous decision.25.02.16, 17:06
Dimson75Boom Beach Players ClubHeadband))21.01.16, 17:27
RidgeABoom Beach Players Clubthank15.12.15, 02:30
lionshaBoom Beach Players Clubthanks) and even nasty15.09.15, 22:48
RidgeABoom Beach Players Clubthank11.09.15, 20:06
Gonza555In the profileThank you for your congratulations!11.09.15, 07:36
AvrelySamsung GT-i8552 Galaxy Win Duos - DiscussionThanks, helpful.04.09.15, 16:06
NoregIn the profileThanks for the congratulations, buddy!17.07.15, 09:53
lionshaIn the profileSergey, thank you very much for participating in the release of my acca from imprisonment: yes:16.06.15, 16:10
den4323Enot E-102 - DiscussionEnot E-10214.06.15, 19:13
oxyIn the profileThanks for the congratulation)13.06.15, 08:52
kompressor10In the profileThank you for your congratulations! : friends:10.06.15, 00:09
$ iLenceIn the profileThank! : drinks:22.05.15, 15:03
devsergIn the profileThanks friends! : thank_you:
You are the best! :savagemessiahzine.com:
21.05.15, 22:15
NoregIn the profileHappy Birthday Buddy !16.05.15, 17:37
KOT-BE3DEXODIn the profileHappy Birthday!16.05.15, 16:32
destyniFly IQ456 Era Life 2 - Discussion)06.05.15, 13:47
lionshaBoom Beach Players Clubfor help21.04.15, 17:33
Ben0zBoom Beach Players ClubFor the experience :)19.04.15, 19:54
Asimo2Prestigio MultiPad 2 Prime Duo PMP5780D - DiscussionJust thanks for the topic.14.04.15, 10:18
cooler.nvkzIn the profileThank you for your congratulations ;)10.04.15, 05:18
artemelnik27In the profileThank you for your understanding and timely response.05.04.15, 23:01
doomeegBoom Beach Players ClubI tried the skorka with tanks - Freaky sheaf)27.03.15, 15:13
0netw0In the profileThank!20.03.15, 09:12
Erfolg2014MTS 982O - Discussion.19.02.15, 00:43
Gonza555TeXet TM-4077 X-point - Discussion+ by neronsik18.02.15, 10:06
semkovichzaharMTS 982O - Discussion)11.02.15, 18:50
semkovichzaharMTS 982O - Discussion)26.01.15, 15:32
GridzillaIn the profileMerry Christmas!!! All the very best !!07.01.15, 17:36
Mr. KOTIn the profile[i] Merry Christmas! [/ i]07.01.15, 13:37
vredniiyIn the profileMerry Christmas!
I wish a lot of happiness and good,
May you always be healthy
May all your family be strong!
PS and thanks for the support :)
07.01.15, 12:59
DSN2010In the profileThank! Merry Christmas!07.01.15, 12:43
OarIn the profileHappy Holidays! : drinks:07.01.15, 12:28
NoregIn the profileMerry Christmas, buddy!07.01.15, 12:27
Dr_satIn the profileMerry Christmas!!!07.01.15, 12:25
avantraIn the profileMerry Christmas! :)07.01.15, 12:20
NatachaIn the profileMerry Christmas!07.01.15, 12:17
valerun2009HTC One X - Discussion+)04.01.15, 22:00
valerun2009HTC One X - Discussion+)03.01.15, 10:50
Dr_satIn the profileHappy New Year!!!02.01.15, 01:10
NoregIn the profileHappy New Year, Sancia !!!01.01.15, 21:34
vasomIn the profileSerge, with come! All the best!!!01.01.15, 14:43
VOZMOGNOIn the profileHappy new year, happiness and good luck))01.01.15, 12:43
GuttentagenIn the profileHappy New Year !!!!01.01.15, 12:03
NoregIn the profileHappy New Year, Sansay! Heartiest congratulations !01.01.15, 05:31
oxyIn the profileFor the work on the forum.
Happy New Year Colleague !!!
31.12.14, 20:05
DSN2010Fludilka-BoltalkaHappy New Year! Good luck, good luck!31.12.14, 17:56
avantraIn the profileHappy New Year! All the best to you! Rays of good;)31.12.14, 15:05
KEEPERekbIn the profileHappy New Year!31.12.14, 13:49
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