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V2AffaPeriodic Table HDPeriodic Table HD16.08.16, 21:51
adam-910Periodic Table HDThank you for the Periodic Table12.05.16, 18:38
twe777Snowstorm [3D]in your game about snowboarding has a great future))30.10.13, 10:05
SergeyAndSmartPeriodic Table HDThank you so much for the program "the periodic table"21.10.13, 21:29
setsargsyanIn the profileThank you for the opportunity to test a game before release21.09.13, 09:45
kileerocSnowstorm [3D]Good game06.08.13, 00:10
raronlyrarPeriodic Table HD+05.08.13, 11:23
KiLLa MaNSnowstorm [3D]Thanks for a good game;)02.08.13, 15:22
DrunkrindoSnowstorm [3D]+ You for the game. Good luck with the development!02.08.13, 13:15
nycticHeadHunter - job search applicationThank you very much for your application headhunter01.08.13, 02:20
dvoriki06Periodic Table HD+ From dllman17.06.13, 23:39
GridzillaMoscow Ticket Info+ From Geniz29.03.13, 04:10
zonder001Moscow Ticket InfoFor Moscow Ticket Info28.03.13, 10:23
pavlikIn the profilewrite more programs! )28.03.13, 07:16
Dobry_TolstyakYandex.MetroGood prog made for timely updates ... a special thank you.07.02.13, 10:32
qittYandex.MetroMoscow Ticket Info06.02.13, 21:58
userpuserPeriodic Table HDThanks for the answer. And then I thought that the project was dead. Good luck to you in the design!15.01.13, 06:53
Flash_ZeroPeriodic Table HDAnd thanks for that, I'll wait :)19.10.12, 05:58
andriy_77Periodic Table HDuseful program, thank you!18.10.12, 19:51
power-ocPeriodic Table HDPeriodic Table HD;)18.10.12, 09:08
VelosterPeriodic Table HDof the Periodic Table HD21.09.12, 14:13
dimon2242Moscow Ticket InfoCool, sorry I do not have NFC15.04.12, 06:55
DxK111MysettingsFor incorporation into the soft AirPush23.02.12, 07:36
MrAntismartMysettingsFor program MySettings. Respect!22.11.11, 00:38
rasher51Magic Point+ I can not help financially but morally At least)05.07.11, 12:29
Alex.LykaMagic Point+07.06.11, 21:38
damaIn the profilethe developer of the game :)07.06.11, 21:25
yourlineIn the profile+07.06.11, 16:06
Head @ HunterMagic PointFor a great game) are waiting for development07.06.11, 16:03
4368409Magic Pointfor Magic Point;)07.06.11, 15:01
Punker1MysettingsFor MySettings!07.05.11, 20:59
treakeQuotesby Magomed07 (http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showuser=1244034)25.04.11, 11:40
Ty3ikMysettingsPoleznyashka!24.03.11, 04:13
nalevoTie deluxerudeness02.02.11, 03:37
Punker1MysettingsFor a cool program in general and for the volume control in particular!11.01.11, 16:14
Punker1MysettingsFor My Settings !!!16.11.10, 07:09
DEIKMysettingsfor Qiwi Virtual15.11.10, 17:50
DEIKMysettingsFor program MySettings!14.11.10, 21:54
maximusimMysettingsMySettings :)09.09.10, 14:56
SpacerabbitMysettingsThank! ;)30.05.10, 23:36
Zorkij_81MysettingsThanks for the program Mysettings07.05.10, 10:27
RubakaMysettingsfor developing29.04.10, 23:24
nintenMysettings+29.04.10, 09:10
sergey.petrushinMysettingsMySettings, 23:40
BodunoffMysettingsWith gratitude for the program MySettings21.03.10, 15:53
dvd78MysettingsFor an excellent and convenient program19.03.10, 12:09
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