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QwertysypIn the profile- from Gubkabob2000))08.01.20, 11:41
Dr. VadimIPS vs AMOLEDThe solution to the problem of virulence amoled04.11.15, 10:51
dr0zdIn the profile+ For assistance in selecting the SGS2.15.03.15, 12:16
RockonWhy don't you love the iPhone?all say is true. There is only one garbage - now software requires frameworks that are difficult to tie to Piggy, if at all possible. Marketing, his mother04.10.13, 11:25
Patri542Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Malihttp: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=273426&view=findpost&p=25492241 -: good:02.10.13, 07:33
nickniceIPS vs AMOLEDTHX01.10.13, 21:35
tema41BOCHS for Androidthanks for the help01.10.13, 20:53
alex3runTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliAttentive yet.23.09.13, 20:55
alex3runTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Mali: D22.09.13, 09:46
konvasAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?IN Check! I also keep trying, but it does not work, I have so many hours between trips, and there is no change SIM cards21.09.13, 21:17
alixeyAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For suggestions and sister visitors21.09.13, 14:27
AndreiLAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?"Get used to that here there are other interesting and crazy person," So ended the second hundred.12.09.13, 16:27
Patri542Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Malihttp: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=273426&view=findpost&p=24925391 -: good:09.09.13, 19:23
Patri542Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Mali"A 330 at 176x220 sever console this generation." -: lol:08.09.13, 14:59
GeltokTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Malithank08.09.13, 11:44
veisongIn the profileOpinion08.09.13, 01:25
AndreiLAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?But what a headline!07.09.13, 22:39
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Flying squares: D05.09.13, 22:04
me_zz_oTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliNeighing with this))))) "He is important to find a smartphone with 8 or 16 GB of memory and a long curse android for allegedly curvature"26.08.13, 00:11
Advanced Grandfather!In the profileFor anti-siphon S2 +++25.08.13, 09:41
alex3runTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliFor "hover PC" Pros: D18.08.13, 13:00
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Ah we are fine, someone brought, zaregalsya cartoon.16.08.13, 18:32
dr0zdWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxLevel trolling up: D15.08.13, 06:25
alex3runTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliSimilarly said; D14.08.13, 15:38
Patri542Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Mali"But it is not known what year": good:14.08.13, 15:22
Caramba_Android or Windows Mobile 10?Debil..Minus from you is plyus.Chto else to expect from you in addition to the minuses? Suffering ...11.08.13, 05:17
badhorse-ariorhWhy don't you love the iPhone?-through aytyuns-this is the ass07.08.13, 21:34
Dark_TranquilityTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Malifor the Old about c2)07.08.13, 07:32
metalrulezTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Malialways on a case I carry a bucket to the ground, LoL06.08.13, 13:16
Patri542Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Malijust)31.07.13, 21:02
oldyoung_menTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliThanks for the clarification.20.07.13, 22:57
pheoneWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxCool, is not known.20.07.13, 12:58
Kopa_45rusUSB Host for Samsung Galaxy S IIhelp19.07.13, 18:11
spartanez06Android or Windows Mobile 10?+ Even the US government ashamed interface vindofona, so much so that they are "zafotoshopili" it under vindofon for easy roll: rofl:14.07.13, 11:16
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?: DD08.07.13, 17:36
Patri542Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliFat plus +01.07.13, 22:26
dkonstWhy don't you love the iPhone?: D patent for taking in hand: D27.06.13, 13:34
dr0zdIn the profileFor information about Siyah core (not Trinity: D)20.06.13, 07:21
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Yes, it works. This is not an ass: D19.06.13, 10:05
Patri542Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliJust)))17.06.13, 11:17
az719Windows vs Mac OS X vs Linuxfor clubs with heated17.06.13, 00:27
DarrellDarkmudWhy don't you love the iPhone?list12.06.13, 22:55
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Again zhzhosh)11.06.13, 22:20
dr0zdIn the profileTrinity kernel! : D05.06.13, 16:47
pheoneWindows vs Mac OS X vs LinuxAnd why minimalism of Google's such a nice and minimalist, oh sorry, Windows squares cause emetic feeling? And yes, the Borg.04.06.13, 10:43
EquadorAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?review 331022.05.13, 01:01
MortareWhy don't you love the iPhone?Read nice (:20.05.13, 13:31
Nikita Pro AndroidWhy don't you love the iPhone?Deftly you Yabloko teasing. I by the comments your rzhu 5 minutes.20.05.13, 13:24
Stab29In the profileabout e-ink has not even thought18.05.13, 18:10
DioxidizerIn the profileKazakhstan Therion tried, not otherwise17.05.13, 19:36
dr0zdIn the profileWell scattered, professionalism trolling there: D14.05.13, 12:58
alex3runTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliCorrectly stated. Do not jump to conclusions, unlike the others.11.05.13, 07:01
dr0zdIn the profileGood vtopil about 9:00 music: D08.05.13, 10:31
oldyoung_menIn the profileFor premonition.01.05.13, 17:58
SandforceIPS vs AMOLEDraving fan26.04.13, 20:07
DarrellDarkmudIn the profileス ー パ ー25.04.13, 13:23
scalarAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?thank24.04.13, 18:26
dr0zdIn the profileI read page 4 grinder but your comments have called me laugh xD21.04.13, 18:38
dr0zdIn the profileabout ice cream smile. but the thought is certainly true about feil sgs218.04.13, 11:18
dr0zdIn the profileDeftly you did XD09.04.13, 09:12
oldyoung_menIn the profileFor inattention.30.03.13, 18:22
PectenIn the profilethank!25.03.13, 21:06
DarrellDarkmudIn the profileFate24.03.13, 19:22
mishaneaIn the profileThanks for the advice, have helped. Sew 3 firmware file Russian.22.03.13, 17:43
DarrellDarkmudIn the profileI went to Saba20.03.13, 17:43
mirage266In the profileAbout color bent16.03.13, 07:32
bcspbIn the profilefor the topic15.03.13, 20:50
JoihIn the profileC:08.03.13, 18:09
DarrellDarkmudIn the profileof drugs07.03.13, 21:44
konvasAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?, Well ahead of me, I do not mind03.03.13, 10:43
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?I agree.02.03.13, 10:22
lex talionisIn the profilefor their help in setting up Smart Keyboard01.03.13, 21:15
DarrellDarkmudIn the profile+27.02.13, 18:00
dr0zdIn the profileAhah, long whinnying over his toilet xD27.02.13, 11:17
scalarIn the profile[Quote name = 'Sumashedshii' date = '25 .02.2013, 01:27 'post = 19866258] Please go to the toilet for his own discharge [/ quote]:. Rofl:25.02.13, 11:43
EquadorIn the profileFor a sense of humor14.02.13, 19:32
dr0zdIn the profile+ rep14.02.13, 12:24
DioxidizerIn the profileExactly! 140!11.02.13, 22:13
Spaun_StudioTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Mali+ Thank you for the test11.02.13, 01:12
dr0zdIn the profileGood Troll. Respect!09.02.13, 13:44
3ergIn the profileThanks for the answer!04.02.13, 11:33
DioxidizerIn the profileFrom the android he would be red-hot, melted snow under a heat radiation and hit the asphalt. And I crashed .... I was crying :)))02.02.13, 20:41
rand0m1zeaWorld of gooI'll try29.01.13, 20:47
vito502Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs Mali+ Pleasant interlocutor which is rare in a meat grinder)28.01.13, 17:10
Demenok31IPS vs AMOLEDJew? insult28.01.13, 16:53
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?+)24.01.13, 19:57
bakichTegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliNothing thick. Just 3gs I have, so would suggest ego.Krasavets, keep it up!)22.01.13, 19:42
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?Famously said)))20.01.13, 23:20
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?VF Badu overtake only when Samsung will move to Tizen)) A Tizen very quickly bypass the WF.19.01.13, 22:22
DarrellDarkmudIn the profile)18.01.13, 19:38
DarrellDarkmudIn the profileinfa18.01.13, 17:33
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?Keep :)17.01.13, 20:43
lekha1997BOCHS for AndroidClear. Thanks. :)17.01.13, 20:03
AndreiLAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?from the graphics to the text in vindovs7 in vindofs8 D :)15.01.13, 16:04
StaimAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?>>rather naoborot- from graphic in vindovs7 to text in vindofs85 points!15.01.13, 16:00
MahmudSIn the profileI did so, Shift + Escape ass10.01.13, 18:41
lex talionisIn the profileI did not find your previous post, but it turns out there is a hardware RNG processors from Qualcomm. In tests, it ensures uninterrupted generation of random sequences, but a bug with their treatment is still available. INFA with code.google.com07.01.13, 15:00
EquadorIn the profileFor Mom;)03.01.13, 00:37
seneka12345Tegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliThanks for the link)03.01.13, 00:14
riunterIn the profile))01.01.13, 23:20
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