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emmaev99999Google Pixel - DiscussionThank you, I will try, and my own, I can’t adjust for this.11.05.17, 12:39
edultswimIn the profileSpamibos for a hint :) I won’t pull the plug for money27.04.17, 15:58
LebronniIn the profileFor help!26.03.17, 14:39
LebronniGoogle Pixel - DiscussionThanks a lot man!24.03.17, 10:57
KamiIn the profileThank you very much for the device!01.03.17, 21:33
MDFDiPhone 6S - Discussion++01.12.15, 10:11
droyxGoogle Nexus 5 - Discussion+ thanks15.10.15, 15:30
saley5iPhone 6/6 Plus - marriagethank13.10.14, 15:19
Daniel52Google Nexus 5 - DiscussionThanks for the answer ;)06.08.14, 15:55
leds67In the profileFor an attempt to install17.05.14, 16:41
leds67In the profileFor installation30.04.14, 21:54
leds67In the profileFor the installation)))29.04.14, 11:12
MeXxx49In the profileHonest seller29.11.13, 07:47
ShokingIs there life on Mars?Happy Birthday!08.06.13, 16:44
ShokingIn the profileHappy Great Victory Day!09.05.13, 10:09
jurerasSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionHelp20.03.13, 08:32
kardan13In the profileHappy holiday!23.02.13, 22:01
ShokingIn the profileHappy February 23rd!23.02.13, 17:35
alexymcaIs there life on Mars?Happy Holidays!23.02.13, 13:42
Smart.75In the profileHello Snake)) Happy Holidays to you !!!22.02.13, 19:53
Rishilie242Is there life on Mars?Happy New Year!31.12.12, 14:59
alexymcaIn the profileHappy New Year! Happiness, health and good luck!31.12.12, 14:29
ShokingIn the profileHappy New Year!29.12.12, 23:54
garik.007Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionGSM18.09.12, 16:19
Rishilie242Is there life on Mars?THX. Maybe the same cathedral?08.09.12, 10:14
LovandaIs there life on Mars?: daisy:: daisy:: daisy: Three bouquets ...04.09.12, 08:41
ShokingIs there life on Mars?Fell down! : D23.08.12, 20:46
ShokingIs there life on Mars?Nice house!11.08.12, 09:57
Rishilie242Is there life on Mars?For an explanation.04.08.12, 15:12
LovandaIs there life on Mars?Maintain calm on Marcia! ;)20.07.12, 13:14
lyaxeyka_73In the profilehappy Birthday!!! ;)08.06.12, 15:04
alexymcaIs there life on Mars?happy Birthday!08.06.12, 12:35
Skipper73In the profileAnd on occasion, and about !!! Many years !!! :)08.06.12, 11:10
GodlessIn the profileYour Snake! Let me pay you my respects on the occasion of your namesake. Congratulations, sir!08.06.12, 08:25
ShokingIn the profileHappy Birthday!08.06.12, 06:39
MaximA_Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionI am ashamed ...18.05.12, 10:07
GodlessSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionWell done. Although offtopic18.05.12, 09:48
Kucher2000Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionFor the love of the motherland.18.05.12, 09:34
yuminov75Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionGood words!18.05.12, 08:39
alexymcaIs there life on Mars?Happy Victory Day!09.05.12, 12:25
ShokingIn the profileHappy Victory Day!09.05.12, 12:12
LovandaIs there life on Mars?For the hospitality! :)02.05.12, 18:27
alexymcaIs there life on Mars?happy holiday01.05.12, 14:52
Artik6630Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat club+02.04.12, 14:02
Smart.75In the profileWell, mutually, Friendly !!!27.02.12, 11:24
InspektorABZSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - Discussionfor the compass26.02.12, 21:56
Smart.75Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubHello Friend !!! With a holiday you !!!23.02.12, 22:31
ShokingIn the profileHappy holiday! :)23.02.12, 11:17
Sergey IvanovichSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - Discussion+ by Rustam_0716.02.12, 13:38
Smart.75Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionFor the support!!!12.02.12, 20:29
sanicha6Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubfinally found what has changed07.02.12, 12:43
Alagar81Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubfor change list 2.3.607.02.12, 10:11
Andrey ViktorovichSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionThanks for the contact hint!25.01.12, 21:49
ShokingIs there life on Mars?Photo report!23.01.12, 18:48
alexymcaIs there life on Mars?Shark - class!23.01.12, 17:25
default user 45Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubFor helping users in the subject "Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat club"20.01.12, 14:26
SergeShinSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubGood widget. I use myself.19.01.12, 12:50
Andrey ViktorovichSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubThanks for the battery18.01.12, 14:39
milanojSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubgood photos in vietnam17.01.12, 20:50
sin911Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionHelpful advice!16.01.12, 15:40
alexymcaIs there life on Mars?Merry Christmas!07.01.12, 13:31
ShokingIn the profileMerry Christmas! :)06.01.12, 20:08
default user 45In the profileFor a sense of humor.05.01.12, 00:13
ShokingIn the profileThank! Happy New Year! :)31.12.11, 16:15
GUIIn the profileGood luck Joy and Happiness!31.12.11, 15:10
alexymcaIs there life on Mars?holiday greetings!31.12.11, 13:27
amirrznSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubthanks for the manager)29.12.11, 13:04
zhoganSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat club+28.12.11, 08:05
XGG92Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionTHANK YOU Potapych exactly that helped :)24.12.11, 12:48
wandererbkSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat club+1 by elleit23.12.11, 11:05
JUK -_-Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat club5000mAh battery with back cover.20.12.11, 23:15
drawmanSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubBehind the mirror12.12.11, 18:30
lorddmSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionFor help in taming the talking alarm.11.12.11, 23:24
JUK -_-Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionOK. Almost everyone.10.12.11, 11:06
sergej-svarSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubZa otwet.09.12.11, 22:54
Good HedgehogSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionIt's okay This is a regular situation at the first charge.09.12.11, 18:16
JUK -_-Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubContacts - settings - import \ export - import from a SIM card.08.12.11, 15:40
JUK -_-In the profile+08.12.11, 15:19
dmfarkSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat club+1 from AW-Video08.12.11, 15:05
vitekvvvSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionTip -ID3Fixer06.12.11, 04:38
Vadimm77In the profileand thank you for info.05.12.11, 20:27
fly2Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionThank!04.12.11, 19:12
aad75Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionThanks for the active help!04.12.11, 15:28
AnrSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionFor information on the operation of the noise level on the SGN02.12.11, 13:01
slon2110Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionThank!02.12.11, 12:52
dembellSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - DiscussionFor info on RAM02.12.11, 11:42
poyanSamsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - Discussionvoice talk - thanks!02.12.11, 11:10
Ali.Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note - owners chat clubThank!!!!!01.12.11, 10:42
default user 45In the profileWelcome to the club.29.11.11, 09:43
ShokingIs there life on Mars?Congratulations!29.11.11, 06:50
Ax - effectIn the profileRespect for the template, also received the key today))09.11.11, 10:43
Edward2010HTC HD mini - Discussionfor the sounds11.09.11, 14:44
ShokingIs there life on Mars?Wait a minute .. Welcome back! )25.07.11, 21:45
Ruslan_001_Is there life on Mars?Happy Birthday! :)08.06.11, 20:49
GodlessIn the profileHappy Birthday, Your Snake !!!08.06.11, 12:22
ShokingIs there life on Mars?Happy Birthday! :)08.06.11, 05:59
ShokingIn the profileHappy Victory Day!11.05.11, 06:35
Ruslan_001_Is there life on Mars?Super! )25.04.11, 18:08
Miki01Is there life on Mars?For courage! It is necessary to dare ... I jumped only a couple of times in the summer. Since then, all I can not get together, although I really want ...25.04.11, 16:32
ShokingIs there life on Mars?Photos!25.04.11, 11:37
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