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NuTone_khI can not activate, requires Apple IDFor help solving the problem with AppleID)18.07.19, 13:49
VVishHangs on the apple, does not respond to the power buttonFor the response for help)10.07.19, 12:54
MrTNTCatChange the display or phone?Thanks for the hint in the topic "change the phone or display"24.06.19, 13:30
fadei79Help a newbieThank you for clarifying.20.06.19, 15:29
megabearBluetooth data transfer profiles on iOS - which ones are supported?Reproaches others for incompetence without giving arguments21.05.19, 11:04
pacmannIn the profileThankyou)14.05.19, 13:30
MAFi0Z0In the profileBecome clearer! thank18.04.19, 13:55
dmdimonofWhat macOS to choose to install xcode 10.x for the old iMac 27 (mid 2011)?ATP for Mohawa Patcher14.04.19, 21:36
BarsikIn the profile+10.04.19, 12:28
oxymorn12345Getting Direct IPA File<310.04.19, 05:33
daniil0205In the profileios1009.04.19, 19:11
Valentin95400In the profileThanks for the help.07.04.19, 19:12
EugeneSemyonovWhat macOS to choose to install xcode 10.x for the old iMac 27 (mid 2011)?A detailed answer to the point.
Hint of fallback (bypass).
29.03.19, 13:37
SerikballIn the profilethank you brother28.03.19, 09:59
k.a.k.t.u.sIn the profileZadral bear bullshit !!!25.03.19, 12:08
GashamanIn the profileHelp23.03.19, 22:14
Will be punishedIn the profile<3 helped solve the problem20.03.19, 14:26
sasharpIn the profileFor a hint19.03.19, 20:45
Serg357357In the profileYou have encouraged me, I can not find a sane way20.02.19, 00:50
pakovaloIn the profilethank19.02.19, 18:31
k.a.k.t.u.sIn the profileFor lack of understanding of the Russian language and the phrase "do not comment on each message." Well, just a lack of understanding of human requests !!!14.02.19, 17:45
pakovaloIn the profileThank you very much!12.02.19, 17:21
svyaznoy447In the profileFor help12.02.19, 07:35
maximnikiforovIn the profileInsulting the relevance and amenities of iOS 606.02.19, 06:11
pierrevanstulovIn the profileUseful answer01.02.19, 21:59
Daemon_IIn the profileOK22.01.19, 12:30
k.a.k.t.u.sIn the profileYou have already lifted my every message with a mock comment!17.01.19, 20:57
RavashixCode 7 Can't Add Apple IDThanks for the explanation.13.01.19, 23:38
“STALKER”App Store and iTunes Store - HelpWhat kind of corporate tuna?11.01.19, 19:22
HappyHopeApp Store and iTunes Store - HelpThank!10.01.19, 09:51
KV38In the profile+07.01.19, 11:25
MynameIsjacqueIn the profileHammer in)) this toxic person is not friendly with logic and aggresses here at all))07.01.19, 06:54
shulikov_iiTunesfor tuna corporative06.01.19, 00:07
Kymir1In the profilethank28.12.18, 20:23
SUREN26Correspondence whatsapp, how to transfer?Thank you for your help26.12.18, 13:06
TolbasIn the profileFor info on copies and versions of Windows)25.12.18, 12:50
- | vitaska | -In the profileHelped)22.12.18, 09:56
Gizmo4kaIn the profileDeac21.12.18, 18:17
Timan22In the profileThanks20.12.18, 21:19
MenilannaIn the profilePasibki for help =)15.12.18, 15:22
AlexKQIn the profileGood joke )10.12.18, 20:39
anton932IPhone battery life+10.12.18, 20:20
medikusIn the profileGave good advice10.12.18, 19:54
nobodys_lightIn the profileThanks for helping out with the wallet!07.12.18, 13:33
rausNTIn the profilethank07.12.18, 13:30
4gotIn the profileThanks for the details.07.12.18, 09:51
PasserbyIn the profileFor new knowledge06.12.18, 14:27
ArtSokratovIn the profileFor detailed explanations about the free space on the iPhone.27.11.18, 00:30
kengoo1978In the profilefor help and guidance on unlocking afoni16.11.18, 14:15
interkraftA free Apple developer account allows you to install your application on several devices with different IDs?For info on Apple Developer Free Account07.11.18, 11:49
MenilannaIn the profileThank you for help =)01.11.18, 18:04
Delai vivodiIn the profileThank you so much for talking about encodings! I'll know :)26.10.18, 22:10
onizuka86Wi-Fi - HelpThank you for helping =)21.10.18, 22:55
allsetDisabling Two-Factor Authenticationthank18.10.18, 07:19
MynameIsjacqueIn the profile+16.10.18, 20:01
borovi4ekiMac 20 early 2008 and bootcampsensible guy) helped with my aimak)14.10.18, 14:14
NetstrangerSearch for iOS softwareFor absolute stupidity and an attempt to pass it off as truth.12.10.18, 10:30
Bogdany4Search for iOS softwareThanks from aZtec_dmx08.10.18, 15:32
Bogdany4In the profileThanks from scouser180405.10.18, 13:23
Kalyan_zIn the profilethank you for your advice04.10.18, 07:31
mayonez777In the profileAnswer03.10.18, 06:59
Atamano4kaiPhone, iTouch - Help+ for the full answer and help))28.09.18, 21:38
KiLlArMy_JuniIn the profileThanks a lot for your help!26.09.18, 20:21
lirtmSearch for iOS softwareFor an example solution26.09.18, 17:53
DeathangeliPhone, iTouch - HelpInduction22.09.18, 17:05
alex_284In the profileYou are a genius. Convert!)))21.09.18, 14:36
Sif_onApple Pay - TalkCreative approach.07.09.18, 12:10
system_managerIn the profileAt least someone helps. Thank.04.09.18, 13:05
Kill-kitiPhone 5S - Discussion+03.09.18, 11:14
Serg_profeIn the profilethank you, sensible31.08.18, 19:22
vas76In the profileI thought so. Thanks for the answer.31.08.18, 11:12
RelexeyIn the profileActive contribution28.08.18, 17:46
nobodys_lightIn the profileUseful information )23.08.18, 10:42
wincantonIn the profileFor help30.07.18, 18:12
commandasombraSearch for iOS softwareHelped27.07.18, 22:53
Nerik DavydovIn the profilefor not being too lazy to write an answer19.07.18, 13:26
7mindfieldsIn the profileHelp with SE16.07.18, 13:31
Next5551iPhone 4S - Discussionthank20.06.18, 01:19
shimiyaIn the profileFor useful tips30.05.18, 10:58
PiratAssassinIn the profilefor answer26.05.18, 18:33
DgarikSite as an iOS applicationthank )21.05.18, 14:24
ferumf1z1miPhone 4 - DiscussionThanks17.04.18, 22:30
Vadim3008In the profilePhysical tools for determining the capacity of acb.13.04.18, 11:49
fatgridIda sudokuFor sudoku! Thanks ... a few days I can not tear myself away!)28.08.12, 11:46
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