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PradonIn the profilefor lying and troling!08.06.12, 06:16
kara puzIn the profileFollow the link in the column countries outside the EU *, select Russian31.05.12, 12:16
kara puzIn the profile>then skiing screen crap compared to the htc one xinformatsiya not correspond to reality30.05.12, 17:13
RoninnqSamsung Galaxy S IIIokay26.05.12, 14:10
Olegos777In the profilenonsense wrote. and is not the topic22.05.12, 13:42
WakakaSamsung Galaxy S IIIyou are smart)))12.05.12, 16:10
slateristIn the profileThanks for the list, just going to take the GHS 3)12.05.12, 15:54
shgeoSamsung Galaxy S IIIYes09.05.12, 07:41
mega-shatuniPad 3 (2012) - Discussion+ 100% about android04.05.12, 16:04
MirorrzerIn the profileFor reasoned position03.05.12, 18:43
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