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ALEX_R15iPhone 7 - PurchaseThank you for the prompt response)12.10.16, 20:19
- = LS = -iPhone 7 - PurchaseFor photo)12.10.16, 16:20
mishaneaAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?schizophrenia18.02.14, 15:16
xalikobAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?thank you for the program16.02.14, 17:02
Mein teilAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Thanks for the link. Configured. Now everything works!12.02.14, 22:11
lex talionisAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Excellent: D10.02.14, 17:40
mr.robatoAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?: rofl:10.02.14, 15:50
srs_blizAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?for the article06.02.14, 10:41
mishaneaAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?repairs01.02.14, 20:51
mishaneaAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?halvah :)))07.01.14, 12:25
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?I did everything right30.11.13, 10:34
oldyoung_menAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For the support.13.11.13, 09:49
AndreiLIn the profileGiven its prevalence, it is safe to say that there are no victims.20.10.13, 13:58
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?"many people want to read the myths and legends from Terik" That's for sure)12.10.13, 11:29
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?This is a fact))05.10.13, 17:35
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Nobody needs this shit: D02.10.13, 22:41
pheoneIn the profileI wonder what terion does with him: o16.09.13, 17:11
LuckywinAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?per Post # 1641131.08.13, 11:51
andruha7430Google Nexus 4 - Official firmwarethank06.08.13, 20:09
LumiazavrAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Well, in principle, the Naro-Fominsk region explains a lot! ; D05.08.13, 11:17
LumiazavrAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Oh, another fan has drawn, now there are two of them. : D24.07.13, 04:02
alveugIn the profilelaugh15.07.13, 15:10
AndreiLAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?"3% is an error":) Well, the hundredth +12.07.13, 14:04
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?: D12.07.13, 10:26
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?That's right09.07.13, 15:55
K.Smith1In the profile"Whether the documents are doing, or the road is repairing." - of course the road repairs: D06.07.13, 21:13
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Perfect06.07.13, 18:22
pheoneAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?You do not have static ip? so be it: D All real posons have already downloaded it from the marketplace.24.06.13, 18:14
mishaneaIn the profilepower button cannot be found23.06.13, 22:35
Freedom_xlIn the profilesince childhood accustomed to reciprocate =))13.06.13, 21:53
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?Picture in the subject))19.05.13, 15:22
konvasAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Nexys taxis19.05.13, 14:47
K.Smith1In the profileCongratulations on your purchase of the Nexus4 :)01.04.13, 22:33
EquadorAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?Naked android24.03.13, 08:42
roriAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?You find the right words, but it doesn't help much either, it seems :)10.03.13, 15:26
unsfalconLG Optimus G - Official firmware+08.03.13, 14:15
bodybuildingIn the profileI'll take everything now and I will not fool around !!!07.03.13, 17:31
roriAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?I sincerely thank you for peacemaking :) Alas, many are accustomed to seeing opponents as personal enemies.06.03.13, 13:04
K.Smith1In the profileThank you, the article is really interesting.02.03.13, 23:54
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?Exactly:))02.03.13, 10:17
_stigmat_In the profilefor answer28.02.13, 16:06
_stigmat_In the profilefor answer27.02.13, 16:27
_stigmat_In the profilefor answer27.02.13, 15:37
_stigmat_In the profileFor answer26.02.13, 23:12
_stigmat_In the profileFor ovet26.02.13, 16:31
_stigmat_In the profilefor answer25.02.13, 08:37
_stigmat_In the profilefor answer24.02.13, 17:06
_stigmat_In the profileFor answer24.02.13, 12:21
JlocbAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?thanks, laughed :)19.02.13, 08:19
nickniceAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?smiled15.02.13, 12:46
K.Smith1In the profileThat's for sure.07.02.13, 07:03
DioxidizerHTC One (M7) - Discussion: D06.02.13, 22:09
K.Smith1In the profileFor an interesting article.04.02.13, 22:39
IP_slavaIn the profile+02.02.13, 15:54
IP_slavaIn the profileinteresting article21.01.13, 21:49
A.R.SIn the profile+21.01.13, 19:12
} {uMuKIn the profileFor the article :)21.01.13, 16:54
k4hamerAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For AntiTroll Protection on the first pages of the topic20.01.13, 23:11
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?For the "smart" home system, it’s for if not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, for sure, and of course "why should I buy a promising OS if there are already completed ones?"20.01.13, 14:52
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?For the truth:)19.01.13, 22:11
IP_slavaIn the profile+16.01.13, 13:16
Andropov Desire STegra vs PowerVR vs Adreno vs MaliTegra 4 Announcement.07.01.13, 12:19
ZotenkaLG Optimus 2X - CyanogenMod 10-11 Firmware (OS 4.1-4.4)Thanks for the help!07.01.13, 00:19
luke88In the profileFor the link to the catalog with the filter 2sim Android devices05.01.13, 16:47
xxtoyxxLG Optimus 2X - CyanogenMod 10-11 Firmware (OS 4.1-4.4)Thanks for the enlightenment activity :)24.12.12, 19:29
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?For civil position :)15.12.12, 16:45
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?I agree.12.12.12, 21:24
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?I agree:)11.12.12, 21:10
AndreiLAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?"Like what? Everything!"11.12.12, 16:27
K.Smith1In the profileFor a good sense of humor :)24.11.12, 12:37
EquadorAndroid or Windows Mobile 10?For respect to the proletariat;)21.11.12, 15:41
DarkskivIn the profileWell said about the immature childish psyche!19.11.12, 12:36
sanya_faqLG Optimus 2X - CyanogenMod 10-11 Firmware (OS 4.1-4.4)Thanks for the answer .. it is fucking sure that there will be no new12.11.12, 17:27
K.Smith1Android or Windows Mobile 10?Well said :)11.11.12, 15:02
konvasIn the profilefor the "slaughter" of their own posts07.11.12, 16:10
TakaiSaiseiIn the profile"Young friend"?17.10.12, 11:20
sotori_chiIn the profileCapably16.10.12, 15:23
robinsonIn the profile[quote name = 'spartanez06' date = '12 .10.2012, 16:34 'post = 16225062] as it fits your style: I’m a seal, I’m wondering about trying something other than Windows [/ quote] This is five.12.10.12, 15:40
iPod!In the profile+24.07.12, 01:27
nabiyllinLG Optimus 2X - CyanogenMod 7 Firmware (OS 2.3)They are soft and warm and comfortable to sleep in them, friend! :))16.06.12, 20:06
EquadorIn the profilecompare them proving that the accounts are cool, look how they slide, this is really a diagnosis16.06.12, 19:08
Raven4812LG Optimus 2X - MIUI Firmwarethank30.05.12, 15:58
uric2LG Optimus 2X - CyanogenMod 7 Firmware (OS 2.3)THX20.05.12, 20:28
SumashedshiiIn the profileMinus is when the program does not work as I want15.05.12, 15:48
kolya-6600LG Optimus 2X - CyanogenMod 9 Firmware (OS 4.0)thank14.05.12, 13:54
vayruzIn the profileok thanks for the advice12.05.12, 16:24
suenLG Optimus 2X - CyanogenMod 7 Firmware (OS 2.3)THX!10.05.12, 14:28
Anton1007In the profile+ from EvotecH05.05.12, 18:23
rareARROWIn the profileChoose the words, you are in a decent place.23.04.12, 21:51
lozaLG Optimus 2X - MIUI Firmware+ from Slet21.04.12, 13:33
nabiyllinLG Optimus 2X - MIUI FirmwareThanks for the answer!20.04.12, 18:53
suenLG Optimus 2X - DiscussionTHX16.04.12, 20:04
StasmarLG Optimus L7 - Discussion"and the screen in such a device is important" and I think so ..04.04.12, 11:41
pavel2084LG Optimus 2X - MIUI Firmware"Found one option, while everything seems to be normal, 0218 v10b for Europe." Thank you, we will test.26.03.12, 22:59
werwolf696In the profileFor info on shops26.03.12, 06:05
nabiyllinLG Optimus 2X - MIUI FirmwareFor help!22.03.12, 17:32
werwolf696In the profileI agree with the opinion19.03.12, 11:44
pawelekLG Optimus 2X - CyanogenMod 7 Firmware (OS 2.3)Helped with firmware and cores13.03.12, 12:36
ultras08In the profilethank03.03.12, 14:34
koordinatorIn the profile+1 from ultras0802.03.12, 08:55
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