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Andrewnice1My phone shoots better!+++11.08.19, 22:02
hidusMy phone shoots better!Norm quality on wide22.04.19, 09:44
ledmitryMy phone shoots better!Izmailovsky Park, +20.04.19, 15:16
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Photos +20.04.19, 15:12
cool.dolphin1My phone shoots better!A photo20.04.19, 15:05
Tor68My phone shoots better!A photo20.04.19, 14:58
GdenashiMy phone shoots better!there are very nice photos. While the people are surrendering, there are people who take off and stuff their hand, which is good news :)18.04.19, 12:12
hidusMy phone shoots better!Width with gkam18.04.19, 08:30
Tor68My phone shoots better!For comparison17.04.19, 17:38
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!For pictures, although on a wide trash15.04.19, 03:39
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!Use with pleasure) By the way, I see you like shirik .. this version also supports it and it works with me.14.04.19, 22:34
Iron_kidMy phone shoots better!Already better)14.04.19, 12:15
AS4UMy phone shoots better!Original13.04.19, 19:18
Fahren-heitIn the profileFor the camera.13.04.19, 16:41
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!Geometry, Architecture13.04.19, 16:00
SergykmMy phone shoots better!without crop you can watch)12.04.19, 23:34
cool.dolphin1My phone shoots better!Good!12.04.19, 21:12
YaleyaIn the profilehappy holiday!)12.04.19, 13:16
Iron_kidMy phone shoots better!For sure! +12.04.19, 11:19
art0123My phone shoots better!thank11.04.19, 21:43
kypa123My phone shoots better!The first is good! +
Zenfon steers :))
11.04.19, 00:51
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Thing!09.04.19, 21:58
AS4UMy phone shoots better!The penultimate norm came out.09.04.19, 21:15
hidusMy phone shoots better!Googling started :) Congratulations on your purchase08.04.19, 10:40
YaleyaMy phone shoots better!I listened to the woman and did the opposite)) congratulations on joining the sect)07.04.19, 17:23
<Coordinator>My phone shoots better!With the update !!)07.04.19, 16:47
cool.dolphin1My phone shoots better!With the update!07.04.19, 15:45
ChitroxMy phone shoots better!Congratulations on your purchase! Good shots !!!07.04.19, 14:59
men polMy phone shoots better!This is the level! +07.04.19, 14:48
overtonMy phone shoots better!With a purchase! We are waiting for impressions :)07.04.19, 14:42
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Uhh04.04.19, 17:39
DVN1976My phone shoots better!Handbrake04.04.19, 17:18
AS4UMy phone shoots better!Link04.04.19, 14:45
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!classroom31.03.19, 21:08
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Nightly31.03.19, 21:05
maf1abotan1qMy phone shoots better!Cool photos31.03.19, 21:01
AS4UMy phone shoots better!1101000010010011110100001011111011010001100000001101000010111110110100001011010031.03.19, 20:37
Tor68My phone shoots better!Class)31.03.19, 20:33
Borisovich500Take it off immediately!For the "war of the worlds." Very atmospheric: good:30.03.19, 22:06
Sergei_FTake it off immediately!Class30.03.19, 01:03
ledmitryMy phone shoots better!Miscellaneous, +28.03.19, 19:44
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!plus. I’ll change my pants and put the second ... well, his nafik ...........28.03.19, 19:19
-DIM @ -My phone shoots better!Oh, I'm afraid. )))28.03.19, 19:12
RomansteinMy phone shoots better!For cool photos28.03.19, 17:47
JIexa9MkIn the profileOh, I'm afraid)
28.03.19, 16:23
GdenashiMy phone shoots better!cool all really. While the people are surrendering, there are people who REMOVE :)28.03.19, 16:04
Tor68My phone shoots better!Photo +28.03.19, 15:00
<Coordinator>My phone shoots better!almost similar: D28.03.19, 14:26
SergykmMy phone shoots better!thank.27.03.19, 20:03
mikurkovTake it off immediately!Angle +27.03.19, 17:41
DVN1976Take it off immediately!view27.03.19, 15:50
ledmitryMy phone shoots better!Tanchiki and airplanes, +25.03.19, 20:29
switch.caseIn the profileNorm camera23.03.19, 11:13
cool.dolphin1My phone shoots better!A photo22.03.19, 20:59
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!For photos22.03.19, 14:14
Tor68My phone shoots better!For the technique)22.03.19, 14:00
SergykmMy phone shoots better!as always, something interesting) and the handbrake on hua steers!22.03.19, 13:48
ledmitryMy phone shoots better!House Museum, +21.03.19, 21:05
spartaMy phone shoots better!Curious +21.03.19, 20:29
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics21.03.19, 20:29
Tor68My phone shoots better!At least someone regularly uploads normal pictures)20.03.19, 19:12
OtherRomchikDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProA photo!!!20.03.19, 12:56
AS4UMy phone shoots better!Well done.

Poor and jealous do not listen. Their lot is to blame on unnatural bullshit, while declaring that they do not tolerate oil paintings.

Double standards..

And further. Do not make excuses to them! A lot of honor ..
16.03.19, 09:05
switch.caseMy phone shoots better!Zoom3x however12.03.19, 14:21
mv_sMy phone shoots better!Respect!11.03.19, 15:55
men polMy phone shoots better!Indeed it was! +10.03.19, 20:17
AS4UMy phone shoots better!Skeptics spite)09.03.19, 23:29
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Yes, good pictures))09.03.19, 22:10
egor_vlzMy phone shoots better!Nice shots09.03.19, 22:00
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!normal photo!09.03.19, 21:59
Tor68My phone shoots better!Pancake week)09.03.19, 21:45
DVN1976My phone shoots better!Handbrake09.03.19, 21:40
ledmitryMy phone shoots better!ENEA Ch2, +09.03.19, 12:29
AS4UMy phone shoots better!Not true08.03.19, 16:58
ledmitryMy phone shoots better!ENEA, +07.03.19, 19:50
Iron_kidMy phone shoots better!VDNH07.03.19, 09:17
Pavelpp2007My phone shoots better!Photo +07.03.19, 06:45
GdenashiMy phone shoots better!Wear more07.03.19, 06:30
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!Cosmossss))07.03.19, 03:55
Borisovich500Take it off immediately!Alter ego.07.03.19, 01:52
YaleyaTake it off immediately!But will they give 50 pieces? And then I'll find it !!)05.03.19, 23:41
Lip048In the profileThank you: thank_you: for congratulations!05.03.19, 22:11
switch.caseIn the profileRavchiki +04.03.19, 23:47
cool.dolphin1My phone shoots better!Happy Birthday!04.03.19, 10:26
art0123In the profileHappy Birthday, comrade!)03.03.19, 23:23
Lip048In the profileJust found out! From the bottom of my heart, happy birthday! Goodness, happiness, health and all the best! From the heart! : drinks:03.03.19, 22:49
zvezdkinMy phone shoots better!+ Happy Birthday!)03.03.19, 22:09
ChitroxMy phone shoots better!Happy Birthday!!! All the best!!!03.03.19, 20:30
men polMy phone shoots better!Happy Birthday!03.03.19, 20:22
<Coordinator>My phone shoots better!Happy Birthday!!))03.03.19, 20:21
GdenashiMy phone shoots better!Happy chtol03.03.19, 20:16
-DIM @ -In the profileHappy Birthday! All the best. )))03.03.19, 20:16
VideosliderMy phone shoots better!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!03.03.19, 20:13
AS4UMy phone shoots better!Health!03.03.19, 20:05
system991My phone shoots better!consistently good photos! +01.03.19, 22:07
Artik6630In the profileKuskovo01.03.19, 15:34
Tor68My phone shoots better!For all 100 I agree28.02.19, 13:01
OtherRomchikDiscussion camera Huawei P20 ProA photo!28.02.19, 06:30
GdenashiMy phone shoots better!The second from above and the fifth from the end27.02.19, 16:40
mikurkovMy phone shoots better!For the pictures. Like27.02.19, 15:36
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